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Season 3

22 Sep. 1998
Dead Dog Talking
Mike takes credit when someone else saves a baby from falling into the zoo's sea lion tank. Paul uses crutches to obtain undeserved sick leave but Stacy knows he's faking. Carter brings home a 19-year-old dog named Rags.
29 Sep. 1998
There's Something About Heidi
Mike's dates with Heidi Klum are tabloid fodder. Randall laughs at inappropriate moments because his father told him that crying is a sign of weakness. Nikki has a sex dream about Mike and tells it to Carter, who blabs it to Stuart.
6 Oct. 1998
Gone with the Wind
The care package that James gets from home contains a dead pet and Mike's relationship with Heidi leaves no time to help. Since Carter and Paul have no air conditioning, Carter springs for a large fan but Paul won't pay his share.
13 Oct. 1998
The Deer Hunter
Mike goes hunting with campaign contributor Peter Noland, who makes killing deer a prerequisite for his contribution. Acting deputy mayor Stuart drives Stacy nuts until Janelle intervenes. James subs for Paul, who wants a raise.
20 Oct. 1998
It Happened One Night
Mike may adopt an abandoned baby; his former flames dish on him. Randall needs to go to therapy but gets nervous and briefs James to go in his place.
27 Oct. 1998
Three Men and a Little Lady
While trying to help Randall improve his image, Mike, Randall, and Paul are mugged by a young woman. Stuart starts dating Deidre West, who turns out to be just as loathsome as he is.
3 Nov. 1998
An Officer and a Gentleman
When an old friend of Mike's who's in the navy comes to town, he's happy to see him. Until he learns that he hooked up with Carter.
10 Nov. 1998
Quest for Fire
An Olympic torch-bearer from Nigeria gets lost in NYC, so workaholic Mike vacations at the office. Paul moves to Harlem and tries to assimilate by adopting black stereotypes. Nikki talks of a fictitious beau and Mike wants to meet him.
17 Nov. 1998
The Kidney's All Right
Randall accidentally volunteers to donate a kidney to a sick child; Paul avoids an aggressive reporter; Stacey stays with Carter and Stuart while her place is fumigated.
24 Nov. 1998
Gobble the Wonder Turkey Saves the Day
Randall's cranky father joins the staff for a live televised Thanksgiving dinner at the Mayor's mansion, where he and Randall argue, Carter and James stage a puppet show to promote family values, and Stuart tricks Stacey.
8 Dec. 1998
Local Hero
Mike plays matchmaker for Stacey and a timid city councilman, while everyone prepares to attend a Halloween costume party at which several staffers may perform.
15 Dec. 1998
Monkey Business
At Christmas time, Randall plays Santa Claus; Stuart and Carter meet an older gay couple who have moved into their building; and Mike tangles with an intelligent chimp named Bobo who was given to the Central Park Zoo as a gift.
5 Jan. 1999
Taxi Driver
Stacey dates a simpleton cab driver, while Randall & Mike negotiate with his labor union's temperamental representative. Stuart tricks Paul into dating while Claudia is out of town. Mike takes a drastic step to separate Arthur and Nikki.
12 Jan. 1999
The Nutty Deputy Mayor
Mike learns about weight discrimination when he dons a fat suit for a day, while James plans to beat him in a bachelor auction for charity. Stuart won't introduce his sister to the staff.
26 Jan. 1999
Not in the Line of Fire
After a false alarm shooting at a pier opening, paranoid Randall thinks Mike deserted him in a life-or-death situation, and then gives Mike the cold shoulder. Mike is obsessed with Nikki but can't have her because Arthur has proposed.
9 Feb. 1999
Internal Affairs
Nikki breaks up with Arthur and joins Mike for a hotel tryst, which goes awry when Mike wants to keep their relationship secret. Stacy plays a phone prank on Paul. Carter, James, and Stuart all go on a stakeout with Randall.
16 Feb. 1999
Dick Clark's Rockin' Make-Out Party '99
Stuart breaks up with Deidre, who files sexual harassment charges against him. Stacy's visiting aunt Marie hits on James. Randall starts a romance with a staff member.
23 Feb. 1999
Back to the Future IV - Judgment Day
Mike's political mentor comes to City Hall to help on the Millennium project, and displays a literal Messianic complex. Things heat up between Randall and Janelle. A mishap occurs when Paul dog-sits Rags as a favor to Carter.
2 Mar. 1999
Politically Incorrect
Randall says the wrong thing on a TV talk show. Paul is addicted to Stacy's meatball sandwiches. Carter dates closeted gay boxer Bennett Jones, who fights a match with Stuart.
16 Mar. 1999
That's Entertainment
The staffers try to finish work so they can watch the Academy Awards, and they pass the time by sharing their favorite movie moments.
6 Apr. 1999
The Last Temptation of Mike
Mike may help Paul and Claudia conceive a child. Doug, a City Hall tour guide, annoys the staffers, especially Stacey. James can't get peace and quiet in the office.
13 Apr. 1999
Carter & Stuart & Bennett & Deirdre
Stuart befriends Carter's ex-boyfriend Bennett, so Carter takes revenge by befriending Deidre. Subbing for absent Stacey, temp Gayle thinks Mike is coming on to her. James starts writing a City Hall newsletter.
4 May 1999
The Mayor with Two Brains
A magazine cover story about Mike winds up focusing on Carter instead. James learns of Mike's affair with Nikki and struggles to keep it a secret, with unfortunate results to his physical appearance.
11 May 1999
Wall Street
Mike and his stockbroker help James invest responsibly. Randall commissions an action figure that looks like him, in order to donate all the profits to charity.
18 May 1999
Klumageddon: Part 1
Randall asks Heidi Klum to help with an animal rights campaign, but she comes between Mike and ailing Nikki. James objects to Randall adding humor to his press conferences.
25 May 1999
Klumageddon: Part 2
Nikki thinks Mike is dumping her for Heidi Klum. Stuart gives Carter's dog to Heidi to elicit her sympathy. Paul and James compete to see who can give better massages to Stacey.

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