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Season 2

24 Sep. 1997
Paul Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Claudia has trust issues, and the press questions Paul's sanity, after his impulsive trip to Florida. Mike handles Randall's divorce and falls for the opposing lawyer. Carter spies on neighbors and is accused of heterophobia.
1 Oct. 1997
Porn in the U.S.A.
Randall is caught on camera while visiting an X-rated video store to research a crusade against porn on public access TV. Paul's visiting mother Abby turns out to be a hottie. Nikki bonds with Mike's new girlfriend Laurie.
8 Oct. 1997
Wonder Woman
Mike's new girlfriend Laurie wants no commitment. Janelle applies for a raise. Stuart and Carter try to find out what James' new hobby is.
15 Oct. 1997
The Goodbye Girl
Mike discourages Randall from pursuing a young woman two weeks after his divorce, for fear of a media frenzy. With Janelle's promotion to Randall's personal assistant, Mike needs a new one and Stacy Paterno applies for the job.
22 Oct. 1997
In the Heat of the Day
To plug Randall's fitness program, Carter goes jogging, but gets mistaken for a mugger and publicizes the arrest to soothe his outrage. Paul accidentally insults a Mexican councilman. Stacy and Nikki coach James on wooing the supply girl.
29 Oct. 1997
Radio Daze
Mike and Randall clash repeatedly with an obnoxious deejay. Paul tries to write an objective critique of Randall's autobiography. The female staffers fantasize about the handsome man who delivers bottled water to the building.
5 Nov. 1997
The Thirty Year Itch
Everyone struggles to figure out what to give Mike for his 30th birthday, as he prepares to meet with a high school girlfriend atop the Empire State Building. Meanwhile, the mayor asks Carter to find out whether the mayor's nephew Stephen is gay.
12 Nov. 1997
My Life Is a Soap Opera
Mike dates Lisa, a writer for "All My Children", then sees details of their romance played out on episodes of the show. A newspaper photo's caption names Stuart as Carter's boyfriend, so Stuart uses the ruse to get dates.
19 Nov. 1997
Family Affair
Winston is accused of paying a call girl, and Mike sets out to prove it false. But Winston was with Mike's visiting mother at the time. Nikki dates a shy ventriloquist. A panicky security guard shoots Paul by mistake.
26 Nov. 1997
Family Affair: Part 2
Mike's mom can save Randall from scandal by revealing their tryst. Carter's planned trip to the Bahamas goes awry when co-workers want to join him. Paul hires Stacy to represent him when he faces off against Hank on The People's Court.
10 Dec. 1997
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
James is asked to chaperon Randall's visiting free-spirited daughter Meg, who disrupts an animal rights rally. Paul corresponds with a pen pal.
17 Dec. 1997
Miracle Near 34th Street
Randall accidentally tells the public that there is no Santa Claus, and sets off a chain of mishaps during the Christmas season.
7 Jan. 1998
Same Time Next Year
Randall hosts a New Year's party, where Nikki's boyfriend dumps her for the catering girl, Carter helps Stuart grieve over a deceased house pet, everyone suggests resolutions for each other, and several people drink way too much alcohol.
21 Jan. 1998
The Paul Lassiter Story
Randall has a tight deadline for writing a book but can expect no help from close-mouthed Mike, whose recent doctor visit hints that he may have cancer. And several staffers try to obtain new office chairs from a snooty supply technician.
28 Jan. 1998
Gentleman's Agreement
Mike tries to talk Mayor Winston out of joining a private club that prohibits women, but his efforts lead to both of them and several other staffers being trapped in the club steam room by a muckraking reporter. Meanwhile, Stuart tries to join the women's book club at the office and Paul tries to help when James is swindled by a local card shark.
25 Feb. 1998
Deaf Man Walking
Randall has hearing problems; Stuart gets a new office upstairs; Stacey wants to move out of the family household, so her grandmother blames Mike and puts a curse on him.
4 Mar. 1998
The Marrying Men
Paul chooses an engagement ring for Claudia, but Mike pays for it and keeps it until Paul can reimburse him. When Laurie finds the ring in Mike's pocket, she thinks Mike is proposing to her. Meanwhile, Stuart and Stacy go on a date.
11 Mar. 1998
One Wedding and a Funeral
Mike and Laurie plan their wedding with Randall as best man; Paul gets cold feet about marrying Claudia; Nikki is the first to fantasize about what it would be like being married to Mike.
18 Mar. 1998
A River Runs Through Me
As a preemptive strike against illegal drug use, Mike mandates that the staff will undergo mandatory drug testing, then accidentally ingests peyote during a visit with Native American constituents.
1 Apr. 1998
The Pope of Gracie Mansion
The Pope's visit to New York City inspires Randall to mix politics with religion; Paul's pet turtle goes missing; Nikki and Stacy both date Carter's friend Daniel; and Mike and Stuart work to avert an MTA strike.
29 Apr. 1998
Bye, Bye, Birdie
The staffers throw prenuptial parties for Paul and Claudia, but Stuart plays a prank on the women by changing the planned entertainment for Claudia's party; an offensive statue turns up on display in City Hall.
6 May 1998
The Lady or the Tiger
Mike's clingy girlfriend Kaari is a magician who doesn't take kindly to his rejection; Stuart and Carter open their own bar; James loans money to Randall and then tries to get reimbursed.
6 May 1998
Single White Male
Stuart wants to become Carter's new roommate so that both of them can have lower rent; animal lover James objects when Paul brings his cat to kill the rat that's on the loose in Mike's office.
20 May 1998
The Paul Bearer
Paul and Claudia's wedding day is fraught with problems: Randall suddenly suffers from a speech impediment and best man Mike learns that the church is double-booked with a funeral.

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