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Something so very Right
MovieMilhouse2119 January 2003
This is a great show. I first started watching it in syndication on the USA channel. I was immediately hooked to it. All the characters are very funny especially Jack (Jere Burns). And Nicole (Marne Patterson) is extremely hot. I was very disappointed when they stopped playing this show but I would still recomend this show to anyone.
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I'm watching it the second time around
Hermit C-228 November 1999
I didn't pay much attention to this series during its initial short run on network TV, but since it has been rerun on the USA cable network I've taken a closer look. For some reason, when a series is "devalued" by going off first-run TV and is played weekdays on syndication, I'm much more forgiving of any flaws it may have.

This could be an example of a "guilty pleasure." Even though it's never a bad show, too often it's mediocre, using generic jokes to cover up the script's thinness. What it does have going for it is its cast. Mel Harris, formerly of 'thirtysomething,' is very likeable in one of the leads and Jere Burns proves he can play another character besides his obnoxious one from the show 'Dear John.' The children (Marne Patterson, who has got to be the cutest teenager ever on TV, Billy L. Sullivan and Emily Ann Lloyd) all do fine jobs as well. Plus Christine Dunford as Burns' ex-wife is frequently hilarious in her role that sees her as a heroine of a TV fantasy-action series. But the inconsistency of the writing makes you wish you could like the show better than you do.
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Surprised who was in it
Timos16 January 2002
I've just seen this this for the first time and surprised to see Leslie Bibb (Popular) and Sean W Scott (Stiffler) in it. Looking at the cast list on IMDB it looks like there not in it every week though. shame!

The show is quite funny and perfectly watchable but considering it's on here at 9am don't expect it to be in the Friends league. I'm just hoping Leslie Bibb's in the next episode...
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Something so (Insert Corny Word Here)
Hobbit-224 December 1998
I saw the show just a couple of times when it was on prime-time and I had the same idea as the "Something So Wrong" reviewer. The show is now on "USA Network" and I never miss it. It is one of those pure entertainment shows. It doesn't bog you down with morals all the time. Jere Burns (Jack) has finally stopped playing a lech and I think it works for him. Mel Harris (Carly) is a beautiful woman and I hope to see her in something in the future. The kids need a little more air time though. The cast seems to have good chemistry. I think the show just suffered from a bad time slot. I'm just glad "USA Network" picked it up.
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Something So Stupid
NotoriousNate16 July 2001
I remember seeing a few episodes of this show and then realized: "These things are terrible." Rather than your normal sitcom which has a few different plots going on at once to keep you interested, just about every episode has one small plot dragging on and the next episode is a slight change from the previous one. Jack is just annoying as an stress, overworked, and overprotective father and Carly's even worse, I mean how many good jokes can you get out of having three marriages?(They even recycle a few) None of the kids add much to the show, except Nicole whose around mostly as "eye candy", and the exes provide most of the comedy relief to the main characters who just aren't very funny. Includes a really bad "Xena" parody played by Jack's ex-wife, Stephanie. I do not recommend this trash in the least, but that hasn't stopped people from discovering the disaster that was "Something So Right."
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Something so Wrong
nevefan9 December 1998
This show is so corny The jokes are cheap and are not even funny and the plots are so boring. Don't waste you time with this one
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