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2 Jan. 2014
Commodity: Part 1
As Leo's replacement Thomas Chamberlain arrives Nikki investigates the murders of Rachel Freedman, shot in the head, and her little autistic son Nathan, who was poisoned. Nikki rejects policewoman Anne Burchett's theory that Rachel killed them both but is perturbed when an impostor, claiming to be Rachel's sister, visits the morgue. At the same time the disfigured corpse of Eva Liron is discovered, killed with the same poison as Nathan. She had been the nanny to French hot shot footballer Isaac Dreyfus and was planning to blackmail him over a sex tape of them both. ...
3 Jan. 2014
Commodity: Part 2
Isaac is arrested but club bosses deny knowledge of the sex tape whilst Rachel's widower Adam tells the police that Eva Liron had been Nathan's nanny but had left suddenly. With Mousa shot by the same gun as Rachel ambitious Inspector Leighton assumes that he was delivering the blackmail hush money and was killed by Isaac, whom he wants to nail, though the pathologists will not assist in any stitch-up. Then Clarissa discovers that Adam and Isaac both donated money to Israel and the motive appears to be that they were targeted by anti-Zionist terrorists after Eva had ...
9 Jan. 2014
Coup De Grace: Part 1
Forensic evidence given by Nikki contributes to the release on appeal of disturbed ex-soldier David Bennetto, charged with murdering two gay boys, one of whom he had sex with. DI Rachel Klein is not convinced of David's innocence , especially when a rent boy calling himself Byron Lee is shot dead and David's car is caught on CCTV near the murder scene. The fact that Nikki is dating Bennetto's solicitor Greg Walker makes her partial in the inspector's eyes and she is removed from the case. On the night that yet another gay youngster Charlie Masham is also shot Greg, on...
10 Jan. 2014
Coup De Grace: Part 2
The police surround the flat but David hands the gun over to Greg, explaining that it was his father's gun, which he had found and wanted to get rid of. Nikki is verbally abused by Charlie's father and DI Klein wants her suspended but Clarissa and Jack discover that the gun found by David did not kill Charlie and nor could he have killed Byron Lee. The pathologists work out that the real serial killer had an alarming insight into David Bennetto's background and their motive was not sexual but obsessed with having power over others. Circumstances also end Nikki's ...
16 Jan. 2014
In a Lonely Place: Part 1
Following the discovery of a young woman's corpse in a forest Nikki and Jack travel to Scotland to assist DS Jason Ross, who mistrusts local pathologist Dr Jenkins. Prime suspect is hunter and gunsmith Niall Wallace but he is eliminated from enquiries. A clue leads to the Manhattan strip club, owned by Stella Nelson, who identifies the dead girl as Caitlin, who apparently gave no surname. Another dancer Amy tells Jack that Caitlin disappeared after getting into a car with a stranger but the local police, obnoxious DS MacNeil and DI Laing were not interested when she ...
17 Jan. 2014
In a Lonely Place: Part 2
Nikki and Jack , joined by the apparently decent Dr Jenkins, unearth more bodies, leading to Niall being rearrested. Steve Boyd reports girlfriend Sarah missing, revealing to Jack what she had told him about her previous ordeal, whilst Jason Ross admits to Nikki he called her in because he felt that in the past Jenkins had colluded with Mac Neil and Laing to falsify evidence. In fact Jenkins confesses to Nikki that he had been forced to lie because Laing spent most of his time covering for loose cannon MacNeil and needed his help. The pathologists return to the ...
23 Jan. 2014
Undertone: Part 1
Nikki and Jack assist DS Sally Kirchner in identifying teen-aged Alice Preston, who was murdered and her baby taken live from her womb. DNA identifies the father as married Simon Turner, who admits to a one night stand with Alice but claims he never saw her after giving her money for an abortion. Alice was a drug runner, sharing a flat with two other drug dealers, Mark Blakefield, who is also murdered, and Nuri Kavur, who turns out to be the informant for DI John Brooke of the drugs squad. Nuri believes his uncle, Turkish gangster Bekir Humadi, has slain the others ...
24 Jan. 2014
Undertone: Part 2
As Nikki tries to explain to Alice's father of her drug involvement Martin Carrisford, the witness to Alice's murder, is also slain. Humadi threatens Nuri to locate the missing drugs though he denies killing Alice. Nuri is shocked to find that Brooke and his wife have Alice's baby . Brooke assures Nuri he does not know where the drugs are but Nuri steals the baby, taking it to Humadi to use as bargaining power with Brooke for the drugs or their value. Having accidentally discovered the drugs Brooke goes to broker a deal with Humadi, sacrificing Nuri, who is killed. ...
30 Jan. 2014
Fraternity: Part 1
The body of teenager Katie Bowman is found dumped in an open grave. DI Carter suspects Ryan Kelvin, boyfriend of Lizzie Kennedy, whose daughter Hannah was Katie's best friend. He argued with the deceased girl the day she died and has no alibi. Ryan is also Jack's half-brother, whom he has not seen since he was forced to testify against him in a court case some years earlier. To avoid a clash of interests Thomas brings in pathologist Helen Ferguson, suspending Jack. Jack however does his own sleuthing. showing Carter that Katie had been to a club where she met Christy ...
31 Jan. 2014
Fraternity: Part 2
Things look bad for Ryan when Lizzie tells Carter that he rowed with Hannah a couple of hours before she died as a result of which he makes an unsuccessful suicide bid. Nikki is surprised at the lengths Jack will go to exonerate his brother until he tells her that was the assailant in the criminal case and Ryan took the blame to save his career. Jack pursues Christy, who admits to falling for Katie, unaware that she was a minor but some while afterwards Jack is the victim of a hit and run, which he survives. Ultimately the killer proves to be protecting a professional...

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