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25 Jul. 2005
Ghosts: Part 1
The team is shocked when Leo Dalton's wife and daughter are killed when a fancy sports car careens out of control and smashes into a café. The police are puzzled by the cause of the crash but believe the driver may have been involved in a identity theft ring when they find several several passports and ID cards in the vehicle. Meanwhile, Nikki must perform urgent autopsies on two bodies found floating in the river. When she finds fingerprint evidence linking one of the bodies to the car accident, it becomes apparent that the two cases are linked and the police may ...
26 Jul. 2005
Ghosts: Part 2
Unsatisfied with the progress of the case, Leo Dalton takes matters into his own hands trying to get in contact with an identity theft ring. The information he gathers assists the police and they work together. The death of one of the gang members, and a vital clue, lead police to identify the their leader, but in the end, the solution brings little solace to Leo.
1 Aug. 2005
Choices: Part 1
The team investigates deaths and injuries resulting from a drive by shooting outside a club. The forensics team determines that the bullets were home-made and it would appear that someone in the crowd returned fire. The police want to solve this quickly before it escalates into a gang war. Curiously, the bullets fired by both sides were made using the same equipment. Nikki attempts to determine the cause of death for a badly decomposed body found in a crack house.Leo continues to have difficulties dealing with the recent death of his wife and daughter.
2 Aug. 2005
Choices: Part 2
With the murder of the club manager, the pathologists also determine that the club owner shot his own girlfriend, likely by accident. They also identify an unlikely suspect in the shooting of the club manager. Harry and Nikki confront Leo over his abusive and unprofessional behavior.
8 Aug. 2005
The Meaning of Death: Part 1
Harry investigates the death of a woman who drowned in a backyard pool. She was apparently struck on the side of the head and her husband claims that her expensive necklace is missing. Leo and Nikki investigate the death of Lucie Philips, a kidnap victim who was taken a week previously. The girl's father tried to pay the ransom but the money was never collected leading the police to believe that the kidnappers may have had other motives. They also investigate the murder of a pizza deliveryman that has similarities with the Philips crime scene. A third murder leads the...
9 Aug. 2005
The Meaning of Death: Part 2
Leo and Nikki find yet another victim who was apparently bound and buried alive. However, they continue to have difficulty finding a common link among all of the victims. The investigation focuses on the editor of a philosophical journal who had an intellectual disagreement with one of the victims but the case is more complex than first imagined. Harry discovers that his drowning victim was pregnant which may have indirectly contributed to her death. Nikki's father is released from prison and promptly disappears.
15 Aug. 2005
Mind and Body: Part 1
The team investigates two deaths, the first a suicide where someone jumped to their death and the second where a paranoid schizophrenic dressed as a vicar goes on a rampage stabbing innocent bystanders. Their suspicions are aroused when they learn that both men were receiving treatment at the same clinic, January House. Leo assists the police in their investigation of a building society employee who is forcibly taken from his house and subsequently found dead in his own car. Harry is asked to perform an autopsy and provide a second opinion in the death of a young ...
16 Aug. 2005
Mind and Body: Part 2
The Director of January House tries to take his own life on the clinic grounds and the pathologists suspect they may have a case of adulterated prescription medication. Harry's repeat autopsy reveals that the young woman was also under medicated, but she had no contact with the clinic. The police suspect the wife in the case of the building society employee and Leo sets out to disprove her time line.

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