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Season 14

3 Jan. 2011
A Guilty Mind: Part 1
Pathologists investigate three deaths in one night in the same ward and suspect hospital staff of their murder.
4 Jan. 2011
A Guilty Mind: Part 2
In her efforts to help Naomi, Nikki believes that Silverlake was self-medicating with an untried depression cure though his widow denies it and a representative of the pill company, posing as a health inspector, tries to have Nikki taken off the case. After she is arrested for shop-lifting and feels perpetually tired, Nikki is referred to a psychiatrist who diagnoses depression. Naomi is highly supportive throughout but, at the hospital, the police make a frightening discovery which questions Naomi's motivation. Even after the real murderer is punished another death ...
10 Jan. 2011
Lost: Part 1
Nikki's archaeologist friend Patrick is excited when a woman's body,apparently a thousand years old,is unearthed on a Yorkshire moor. However dental records show she is a more recent murder victim and Leo,who once worked in the area,believes she is Jodie Fisher,who went missing in 1985. Three other girls were murdered and the killer,Karl Bentley,caught and jailed. Leo,unsuccessful in his efforts with Janet to make a baby and applying to adopt,reencounters Jodie's mother,old flame Carol,before visiting Bentley,who creepily says that his actions were 'out of love'. Then...
11 Jan. 2011
Lost: Part 2
Janet travels to Yorkshire with Leo where she identifies the murder of the fresh victim,Kelly Summers,as being a copycat of the Bentley killings,suggesting that Bentley had an accomplice still at large. This is confirmed when Sonia Hardwick,the investigating officer,finds a letter to Bentley from a boyfriend in the original file. A television crew visits the Fosters' farm house,where Carol's husband Bill snaps,attacking a journalist. He is arrested and interviewed by Sonia regarding his relationship with Karl Bentley. Between them Sonia and Leo deduce that Bentley had...
17 Jan. 2011
First Casualty: Part 1
At Hillsdon Army base,a training camp for soldiers fighting in Afghanistan,young soldier Mark Blakefield is still recovering from the death in action of his friend Danny Ferris and argues with Lieutenant Lockfield,who was having an affair with Danny's girl-friend 'Cats' Felton,a fact which Lockfield's wife Claire has also discovered. Cats' body is pulled from the river some time after she was talking to the lieutenant and Nikki suspects foul play. Then Lockfield is shot,an apparent suicide,but Harry,accompanying Inspector Suzy Harte to the base,finds from the post ...
18 Jan. 2011
First Casualty: Part 2
Nikki links Cats to the Lockfords via her phone and,at her flat,sees photos of her with her boy-friend Danny,whose father identifies her corpse. The police catch a man skulking at her flat,Dennis Croft,a former soldier cashiered for drug peddling who says there was a cover-up over Danny's death. At the request of Danny's parents a further post mortem is carried out,ultimately proving that he was killed by 'friendly fire'.Consequently it transpires that Lockford was not seeing Cats for sex but seeing her right financially. CCTV evidence shows that Cats' death was due ...
24 Jan. 2011
Bloodlines: Part 1
Harry is in Budapest with Anna Sandor, a lawyer committed to women's rights who wants him to perform a second autopsy on Sofi, a pregnant Romanian prostitute drowned in the Danube. Anna disbelieves the official version that Sofi killed herself but the body is quickly cremated and Anna is murdered. Harry is pursued by the gangsters who killed her, hiding out with street dweller Janos, who tells him not to trust the police. Leo answers Harry's distress call and flies out but Anna's doctor father believes Harry murdered her and detective Orban tells Leo Anna was pregnant...
25 Jan. 2011
Bloodlines: Part 2
Nikki flies to Budapest and is called to a secret meeting with Leo to avoid Orban. Harry appears, having faked his death to pursue his enquiries. From another prostitute Marina he learns that the gang use the girls to produce babies for influential people who, for various reasons, cannot have children of their own. If the girls are HIV positive like Sofi, they are killed, a fact that Anna had uncovered. Harry approaches Anna's father who says he knew what was happening but wanted to shield Anna from it, before dropping another bombshell. With the British ambassador ...
31 Jan. 2011
The Prodigal: Part 1
Nikki and Harry are called to the Dutch Embassy in the wake of a gunman killing three people,including police constable Barlow and the brother of ambassador Van Buren,though the latter officially died three years earlier. Van Buren's son Jacob went missing fifteen years earlier and now his grandson Jack is missing, Jack's mother Klara and young policeman Whitehead being among the wounded. Curiously the CCTV cameras were switched off at the time of the shooting but,recovering in hospital,Klara claims the murderer was Jacob. The news coverage has a strange effect on ...
1 Feb. 2011
The Prodigal: Part 2
Mary Olivant turns out to have been the Van Buren's nanny at the time of Jacob's disappearance and a body unearthed near to where her corpse was found is identified as that of the little boy. Diederick Van Buren had been paying her thousands for years but she had recently seen Klara and told her the true fate of her brother. The so-called bodyguard was actually Diederick,allegedly working for MI6,and the pathologist who pronounced him dead three years earlier was Sabiston,working with Superintendant Mansfield in a cover-up on behalf of the embassy. Harry finds Jack,...

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