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Season 10

16 Jul. 2006
Cargo: Part 1
When a boat carrying illegal passengers is found crashed in the Thames, the team investigate.
17 Jul. 2006
Cargo: Part 2
The team follows the trail of the people traffickers, and has to find any remaining survivors before a highly contagious disease breaks.
23 Jul. 2006
Terminus: Part 1
Harry investigates a case of hit and run where the victim was a 16 year old boy from the nearby housing estate. Working with Sgt. Susan Fenn, they attempt learn if this was an accident or intentional. Harry takes quite a liking to Susan and is shocked by a sudden turn of event. Leo examines a death resulting from a house fire where the lady of the house died. He is puzzled at why she was unable to leave and the police immediately suspect the husband, who was in a nearby park with the children, of murder. Nikki looks into the case of a young woman who collapses at her ...
24 Jul. 2006
Terminus: Part 2
The pathologists busy week continues with a variety of cases. Nikki examines a death in a telemarketing office. Several workers were vying for promotion and the police suspect foul play. Harry deals with the case of a professional footballer who committed suicide. He realizes there is a link to another case he is working on. Leo deals with the case of a drunk who died on a bus. There is little information about the man and the case becomes more of a puzzle when the autopsy reveals that he wasn't drunk at all.
30 Jul. 2006
Body of Work: Part 1
Harry is shocked when his former university girlfriend, Penny Harris, is brought in dead. She drove her car into a tree and the police initially suspect suicide but the autopsy reveals that the medication in her system was ground rather than in pill form, so they conclude she was likely murdered. Her husband tells the police that he thought his wife was having an affair and her parents react strangely to the news. Leo assists the police in the death of Jimmy Triangle, a conceptual artist whose latest work dealt with the death of conceptual art - and includes his own ...
31 Jul. 2006
Body of Work: Part 2
Nikki and Harry continue to investigate the death of Penny Harris. Harry is shocked to learn that she had apparently at some point in her life had a child but her husband denies any knowledge of such. Another death in the Harris family allows them to narrow the suspects and identify the killer. Leo continues to look for clues and the police think they have solved the case through fingerprint evidence, but Leo is able to prove that the suspect has been framed. The victims penchant for videotaping his activities provides a vital clue.
6 Aug. 2006
Supernova: Part 1
Alison Garland is a 14 year old schoolgirl found dead on the school grounds just after lunch. She appears to have slit her wrists and committed suicide, but there is also evidence that she had sexual relations just earlier that day. As Leo Dalton looks into the case he learns that Alison was also a school bully and was a very unhappy young woman. Harry assists the police in the stabbing death of a car dealer. The evidence suggests that he was stabbed in his garage and his body then dumped. The case takes a radical twist when they find that the knife found by Alison's ...
7 Aug. 2006
Supernova: Part 2
A third murder is discovered on school grounds and Leo realises the killings are connected to a sinister teenage pact. Meanwhile, Nikki proves her elderly victim died of hypothermia - but there is still a guilty party to be caught.
13 Aug. 2006
Schism: Part 1
Harry and Nikki deal with the case of a young woman who is found dead in an animal shelter. Her dead body has obviously been posed and the autopsy reveals she may have been tortured before death. Information from police intelligence suggests that they may be dealing with a group of radical animal rights activists. It all becomes quite personal for Harry when Nikki is taken prisoner. It's also a difficult time for Leo who has been asked to appear before a medical council hearing and testify on the propriety of a close friend's medical research. Harry has been offered a...
14 Aug. 2006
Schism: Part 2
Harry and the police desperately search for Nikki as they continue to find more bodies. The animal rights activists' target is a well known pharmaceutical firm that is undertaking research on behalf of the government. Leo finally decides on a course of action in testifying at the medical council hearing.

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