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Season 4

24 Sep. 1999
No Place Like Home
Sabrina goes to live with her father in Paris.
1 Oct. 1999
Dream a Little Dreama Me
Sabrina learns that she has been instructed to mentor a witch student, and it turns out that her student is the new girl at school, Dreama. However, Dreama's clumsy spells arouse Harvey's friend Brad's suspicions, revealing his true nature.
8 Oct. 1999
Feeling lonely without Valerie around, Sabrina gradually becomes more and more jealous of Harvey and Brad's close friendship, and as her deep envy builds, she develops a serious condition called jealitosis.
15 Oct. 1999
Little Orphan Hilda
Much to Hilda and Zelda's displeasure, their mother pays the family a visit. It seems as though it will be as tense an affair as usual, until Sabrina discovers a set of papers which reveal a surprising family secret.
22 Oct. 1999
Spoiled Rotten
After being approved for her first credit card, Sabrina becomes obsessed with buying as many items as possible, and is soon at risk of developing getitis, a condition which makes the sufferer literally become spoiled rotten.
29 Oct. 1999
Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace
After a short job search, Sabrina is hired as a barista at the local coffee house. However, her decision to work on Halloween is not popular with her aunts, and their ominous prediction that Sabrina cannot escape from Halloween proves true.
5 Nov. 1999
Prelude to a Kiss
As her crush on Josh intensifies, Sabrina is torn between helping him study for an exam and watching Harvey's football game. Desperate, she enlists Dreama's help, while Hilda and Zilda's search for a housekeeper leads to a surprise reunion.
12 Nov. 1999
Aging, Not So Gracefully
In order to impress Josh, Sabrina begins using oil of old age, which makes her more mature. However, she does not use it sparingly, and it soon makes her turn older and older, while Hilda's magic clock produces Marie and Pierre Curie.
19 Nov. 1999
Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry
Sabrina is finding it difficult to deal with Harvey's romance with Colette, and despite Dreama's best efforts, they seem unlikely to reconcile. Meanwhile, Hilda and Zelda decide to make Thanksgiving dinner, and zap in two pilgrims to help.
21 Nov. 1999
Ice Station Sabrina
Harvey surprises Sabrina with a trip to the mountains for a ski weekend, however things become complicated, and potentially dangerous for Sabrina, when Brad offers to drive them.
10 Dec. 1999
Salem and Juliette
Sabrina and Mrs. Quick uncover a scandal at school involving Mr. Kraft and misappropriated funds. Meanwhile, Sabrina finds Salem a date for his high school reunion, but it seems he is much more interested in her than she is in him.
17 Dec. 1999
Sabrina, Nipping at Your Nose
Sabrina wins a trip to Jamaica, but can't get out of Boston due to a snowstorm. After magically changing the weather, Mother Nature shows up and turns her into a snow-lady.
7 Jan. 2000
Now You See Her, Now You Don't
Trying to lose weight to fit into a dress, Sabrina's Other Realm remedy makes her disappear.
21 Jan. 2000
Super Hero
Mr. Kraft quits his job as principal and starts working at the coffee shop with Sabrina.
11 Feb. 2000
Love in Bloom
A valentine from a secret admirer arrives at the Spellman's house and no one knows which Spellman it is for.
25 Feb. 2000
Welcome Back, Duke
Salem's old acquaintance Duke arrives after having finished his exile from witchdom. He wants to fit in, but his magic isn't what it used to be.
3 Mar. 2000
Salem's Daughter
Sabrina finds out that Salem's daughter is getting married in the Other Realm and Salem hasn't seen her in decades.
17 Mar. 2000
Dreama the Mouse
Sabrina has to fight a bad case of spring fever and deal with Dreama who has been turned into a mouse.
31 Mar. 2000
The Wild, Wild Witch
When upset with all the rules in her life, Sabrina is sent to an old west town that has no rules.
14 Apr. 2000
She's Baaaack!
Amanda shows up all of the sudden being Sabrina's best friend. Something has to be up with her.
28 Apr. 2000
The Four Faces of Sabrina
Four Sabrina's appear when she is indecisive about her college choice and is being pushed toward four different schools by her friends and her aunts.
5 May 2000
The End of an Era
Josh and Harvey are both fighting over Sabrina and they have to take a magical test. Afterwards Harvey announces that he knows that Sabrina is a witch.

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