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18 Jan. 1997
Curse, The/Angel on a Plane
A team of archaeologists discovers a strange, sealed, Egyptian tomb and begins suffering from a mysterious illness. A passenger plane caught in the storm is saved from crashing by what some claim to be a mystery woman.
25 Jan. 1997
Anasazi Cave/Devil's Triangle
A team of archaeologists discovers a mysterious cave used by the lost Anasazi people, but whoever enters it immediately inexplicably drops dead. A boat with one man on board is lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
1 Feb. 1997
The Undead, The/Stalker
A homeless John Doe seemingly comes back from the dead. A popular film actress is being stalked by what seems to be the apparition of her jailed crazy fan.
8 Feb. 1997
Forbidden North, The/Reincarnation
In a forest in the state of Washington, a group of lumberjacks see what seems to be a Sasquatch. Under regressive hypnoses, a man somehow remembers the future of another man, who happens to still be alive, as his own past life.
15 Feb. 1997
The Greenhouse Effect/The Buzz
A group of deadly sentient plants attacks a family in their home. A little girl starts hearing a maddening buzzing sound and soon the entire town falls victim to it as well as the rat infestation that might have something to do with it.
22 Feb. 1997
The Light
Lead O.S.I.R. investigator Dr. Curtis Rollins is shot by a serial killer known as the White Crow, who's obsessed with life after death. This inexplicably brings into existence Rollins' exact double who assumes the identity of the killer.
12 Apr. 1997
The 13th Floor/The Believer
In a Manhattan penthouse, a demonically possessed woman attacks the lift boy and her abusive husband. A physics professor, and Peter's old mentor, receives a vision from his insane, alien-obsessed rival, who kidnapped his wife.
19 Apr. 1997
The Fog/House on Garden Street
New convict, a feared Russian hitman dubbed the Angel of Death, somehow causes strange hallucinogenic fog to appear in the high security prison he's in. Wife's frustration over her busy yuppie husband manifests itself as an apparition.
21 Apr. 1997
Second Sight/Chocolate Soldier
A woman that's recovering from a kidney transplant starts having visions of a woman in danger and a strange octagonal fiery symbol. A disturbed cult leader with a harem of female followers has the power to mesmerize any woman he wants.
3 May 1997
Fire Within/Fate
The simple case of a farmer turned victim of spontaneous human combustion uncovers a potential conspiracy. Bullied high school student with the powers of telepathy and precognition tries to change the tragic fate of his best friend.
10 May 1997
Death at Sunset/Collision
Peter's hometown of Bell Island is being plagued by a mysterious deadly illness tied to the local Norse legend of ten mystical stones. The mother of a little girl is killed in a car crash and her soul enters the businesswoman who hit her.
17 May 1997
A mysterious, deadly, ancient parasite that survived the Ice Age hidden in the frozen corpse of a mylodon or giant sloth wrecks havoc at a remote Russian scientific outpost. The O.S.I.R. team is sent to help their Russian counterpart.
29 Sep. 1997
Part of an unfinished building inexplicably and violently vanishes along with two construction workers. Lindsay is still dealing with Connor Doyle's tragic death. The O.S.I.R. gets a new lead investigator, Matt Prager.
6 Oct. 1997
Something is attacking the livestock in a small farming community. The team's new informant Michael Kelly implies that it may have something to do with the illegal cloning experiments conducted by a shady genetic research company.
6 Oct. 1997
Wish I May
In the bayou, a man is somehow brought back from the dead, but he's still decomposing. The locals accuse his family of witchcraft. The team tries to help, but Hendricks, who's showing unusually high interest in the case, becomes unhinged.
13 Oct. 1997
After being abducted by aliens, a traumatized scientist specialized in genetic research on plants discovers that he's been given strange power to read and control genetic material. Unable to cope with this, he becomes unhinged.
27 Oct. 1997
Frozen in Time
All members of a small remote aboriginal community as well as the nuns who were helping them there suddenly, inexplicably and simultaneously become victims of death-like state that resembles an extreme form of rigor mortis.
3 Nov. 1997
A hospitalized elderly female convict is suffering from bizarre violent explosions that somehow rejuvenate her. The team starts their investigation with her nurse, who belongs to the vampire fetishists within the local goth community.
10 Nov. 1997
The Warrior
The statue of a headless soldier from the Terracotta Army given to a museum as a gift by the Chinese consulate comes to life and starts decapitating people.
17 Nov. 1997
The Grey Men
Matt is abducted by what may or may not be aliens and analyzed by a psychologist who looks like Kelly. The team questions a creepy trucker and a strange cook, who both show signs of anhedonia or the inability to feel joy, about the case.
24 Nov. 1997
Man of War
A soldier vanishes in the woods after discovering a mysterious light in the sky. The team's job is made difficult by a military exercise in the area. Elsinger's psychic assistant Kate joins the case despite Matt's protests.
1 Dec. 1997
The Damned
Something is drowning the members of a rich family of land developers headed by a ruthless greedy old patriarch and plagued by a psychotic gangster with a thing for power drills, who thinks Matt is behind the killings.

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