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12 Oct. 1996
Dream House/UFO Encounter
Apparitions in an unfinished dream house may be a warning from a parallel dimension. Two Iowan boys claim to be the victims of an alien abduction but something doesn't add up.
5 Oct. 1996
Possession/Man Out of Time
A terrified family man starts seeing demons and soon so does his wife. A desperate Englishman who seemingly appeared out of nowhere claims to be a farmer from the 17th century.
12 Oct. 1996
Reptilian Revenge/Ghostly Voices
In a small town, pet snakes seek revenge. After she experiences what seems to be poltergeist activity, an old rich grieving widow becomes convinced that her dead loving husband is trying to contact her.
19 Oct. 1996
The Creeping Darkness/Power
A mysterious field of darkness inexplicably appears in the home of an Argentinian family and starts to slowly expand. A single mother begins to lose control over her psychokinetic power and asks the O.S.I.R. team for help.
26 Oct. 1996
The Freefall/Presence
A skydiver somehow lands safely without a parachute. A small boy is being terrorized by an entity that may or may not be real whenever he enters the kitchen.
2 Nov. 1996
Infestation, The/Human Apportation
Something is slaughtering NASA scientists and National Guardsmen sent to investigate a fallen meteor in a forest. The team's other case involves a family that's apparently become the victim of random apportation or teleportation.
9 Nov. 1996
The Underneath/Phantom Limb
Some kind of giant reptile is slaughtering people in Lyon, France. A farmer that lost his hand in an accident develops psychokinetic abilities but refuses to accept this fact.
16 Nov. 1996
Transient, The/Two Lost Old Men
A rabbi tries to exorcise a dybbuk, or demon in Jewish mythology, from a possessed Jewish woman. Three young ecologists locate a strange dead zone in the middle of a forest, that somehow causes rapid aging.
23 Nov. 1996
UFO Duplication/Clara's Friend
On a stormy night, a single mother discovers in shock the exact duplicates of all three of her pets and even her young son in their house. A little girl befriends what seems to be the ghost of a girl from the 1920s.
30 Nov. 1996
The Hunter, The/Healer
A farmer claims that a werewolf has slaughtered his cattle. A young man's miraculous healing gift comes with a grave price for him.

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