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3 Jan. 1998
Collateral Damage
Jarod helps clear the name of a soldier accused of selling information to the enemy during the Vietnam War, and Miss Parker finally opens the present her mother gave her on the day she died.
10 Jan. 1998
A man tries to kill himself in front of Jarod. Jarod learns he is a chemical engineer and that there are violations at the plant where he works which are being ignored. And Sydney runs into a man from his past at the Centre.
17 Jan. 1998
Jarod takes a job as a special effects coordinator while Miss Parker begins an investigation after receiving a videotape in which her mother is searching for Jarod and a boy named Timmy.
31 Jan. 1998
Indy Show
As Jarod unravels the mystery behind a crash at the racetrack, Sydney receives word that his comatose brother, whom Mr. Raines had ordered killed, has regained consciousness.
7 Feb. 1998
Gigolo Jarod
While working at the "Heart's Desire Escort Service," Jarod uncovers a plot to destroy a low-income housing project in favor of an ultra-modern high rise.
17 Mar. 1998
Toy Surprise
Jarod tries to help a boy whose best friend was killed in a car accident and then tries to prevent another death after discovering someone ordered the assassination of Miss Parker's father.
14 Mar. 1998
A Stand-Up Guy
While trying to find a cop killer, Jarod tells Miss Parker that Mr. Lyle is still alive, leading to the discovery that the ex-operative stole sensitive information that could jeopardize the Centre.
21 Mar. 1998
While Jarod suffers from amnesia, Brigitte interrogates Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots about their inability to capture Jarod and then suggests that one of them may be helping the fugitive.
28 Mar. 1998
Jarod joins a SWAT team after one of its members is killed in the line of duty, and Sydney is stunned to find out that a woman who used to work at the Centre is the mother of his child.
4 Apr. 1998
Jarod impersonates an FBI agent to help a young boy who stopped talking after witnessing the murder of a DEA agent, and Mr. Raines reveals that the Centre has him under review.
11 Apr. 1998
Jarod sends Parker and Sydney an invitation to join him at a school reunion. But on route Jarod meets a young man who wants to go home to make a special occasion so Jarod gives him his seat on the plane. Later the plane crashes and the man is killed. So he assumes the guise of a inspector to find out what happened. And upon arriving another inspector assumes that the pilot may have been at fault. But Jarod doesn't think so.
2 May 1998
Jarod assumes the identity of a man whose son was kidnapped. And he tries to deal with the kidnappers. Later the man's head of security joins Jarod. While waiting for the kidnappers to call, Jarodtries to find out how the boy was kidnapped.
2 May 1998
Red Rock Jarod
When Jarod gets a message from Sydney, to meet him at a small town. But when he arrives and asks for him, everyone in town acts strange. Eventually he is arrested by the Sheriff who then turns him over to Mr. Lyle who plans to turn him over to the Centre. Jarod learns that Lyle kidnapped the Sheriff's wife and placed her somewhere where she has limited life support. And just when Lyle was about to cut off one of Jarod's fingers, he is saved by his brother, Kyle. And they set out to find the Sheriff's wife.
9 May 1998
When Jarod helps arrange a meeting between Miss Parker and a man who knew her mother, he discovers that this is the same man who stole him from his parents' house.
16 May 1998
Bloodlines: Part 1
While Miss Parker is shocked to learn that she has a twin brother, Jarod is outraged to learn that the Centre intends to create another Pretender...although not if Sydney can help it.
23 May 1998
Bloodlines: Part 2
While Miss Parker is shocked to learn that she has a twin brother, Jarod is outraged to learn that the Centre intends to create another Pretender...although not if Sydney can help it.
17 Oct. 1998
Everyone survives the bomb blast that ended the season 2 finale. There is no rational explanation given as to how everyone survived. Sydney is temporarily blind as a result of the explosion. Gar's body is planted in the rubble so he ends up being blamed for the blast instead of Sydney. Jarod fakes psychosis to gain admission to a psych hospital where he tries to solve a murder. The Triumvirate sends someone to assist in Jarod's capture. Miss Parker learns the identity of her twin brother.
24 Oct. 1998
Hope & Prey
Jarod is contacted by a Native American with information to help him in his search for his father, but soon finds himself in a race to find him before a gang of bounty hunters track him down, and then help him resolve a case of local land corruption. Miss Parker's attention also shifts to searching for Jarod's father, but for a less benevolent reason. Sydney's sight begins to return.
31 Oct. 1998
Once in a Blue Moon
Jarod recognises the MO of a new kidnap case from one he worked on years ago at The Centre. He becomes a criminal behaviourist from the justice department and enlists the assistance of the convicted psychopathic killer from the earlier case to help rescue the kidnapped girl before she is killed by the copycat killer. Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots continue to peruse Jarod under the continued interference from Mr Raines.
7 Nov. 1998
Someone to Trust
Jarod falls for a wealthy restaurant owner who shows compassion for an out-of-work family, but their paths cross again when the corrupt business man he is there to expose turns out to be her husband. Things become even more complicated when the business man is killed in a house fire. Meanwhile, Jarod sends a clue to Miss Parker at The Centre leading to a new discovery about Mr Lyle's past.
14 Nov. 1998
When Broots is sent to The Centre Data Annex to investigate an information leak The Annex is attacked by a masked gunman who kills all the staff. Broots manages to escapes but soon becomes a hunted man as Mr Lyle takes steps to seal the leak - no matter who it really is. Jarod races to protect Broots from The Centre and from the gunman "Damon", who has a history of stealing Centre secrets for evil use.
21 Nov. 1998
Jarod is pretending to be an ex-convict to find out what happened to another parolee. And it might involve a parole officer who makes his charges commit crimes. Sydney also learns that the husband of the mother of his son is dying and goes there for support.
12 Dec. 1998
Jarod takes on the identity of an arms dealer to help a mother get her children back from her gangster ex-husband.

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