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Reet good...

Author: ( from Yorkshire, England
2 February 2004

Thats Yorkshire for right good, and it was, l have all the episodes on tape and l watch them over and over again, given more time this would have been a classic sit com, as it is it`s a really good one.

Holland, Shane, & Pollard try and suceed, as does the rest of the cast, l love the way May in the Buffet always said how nice Mr Parkin was-l would think! was funny...pity if finished...but l enjoy the episodes that were made...


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Oh Auntie, What have you done?

Author: stewednose from United Kingdom
2 February 2006

This was yet another gem from the writing and performing team behind "Hi-de-Hi" and "You rang M'Lord?". It was on on a Sunday night at 6.30 and it was absolutely fantastic. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Jeffrey Holland. He is a very sexy man and an incredible actor. Seeing him play a miserable man after watching him as funny man Spike Dixon is a delight. Paul Shane is a bit hit and miss. I have never rated him as an actor, but I like his delivery of funny lines. He is a comedian, not an actor. Su Pollard is a delight as always, she is a very funny actress and her eye rolls are brilliant. Stephen Lewis is good but not used as much as I would like. He has made a career from playing the same character in nearly every show he is in. Pay special attention to the actor who plays Wilfred, he is so funny, even when he doesn't have a line. It's a shame that this series wasn't given as much backing as other shows on the Beeb. It is fascinating watching the characters deal with the possibility of losing their station. This is a series that should have been allowed to mature, it is a gentle comedy, not having to rely on horrible characters (apart from the obvious- "Doctor Beeching")or bad language It was set during the 1960's and the characters were waiting for Doctor Beeching to decide whether or not he was closing down the railways. Sometimes the acting was a bit hit-or-miss, or the jokes were b it vague, but n the whole it was a fantastic show. It's only a shame it isn't repeated as much as Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em or Only Fools and Horses. In life today we need a gentle comedy like this to remind us that we can ave a laugh and enjoy ourselves. I'm only glad that both series have been released to buy, I have just rushed out and bought them. Come on, everyone knows the theme tune, sung by the cast: "Oh Doctor Beeching, What have you done? There were once lots of trains to catch, But soon there will be none. I'll have to buy a bike Cuz I can't afford a car, Oh Doctor Beeching, What a naughty man you are!" Come On BBC, give us more, PLEASE!!!!

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Wonderful Slapstick Fun!

Author: LuisaGallo ( from London, England
24 January 2007

This is a very underrated show, I really don't know why as it's so much fun! Many people think it's less funny than David Croft's other work such as Hidehi and You Rang M'lord, but I would hasten to disagree. The first few episodes are a little slow to get going, but after that it becomes hilarious! Series 2 is even better than Series 1, and I feel that if it had been allowed a 3rd series, it could have become a huge hit! The sunny setting is great and the characters are all wonderful - the Skinner family run Hatley station & take care of all the other staff - potty Ethel & her equally potty son Wilfred; predatory Vera Plumtree whose husband ("he was an engine driver you know") is now deceased, and therefore she now goes for anything in trousers! May Skinner is also a bit of a flirt, especially when new Station Master Cecil Parkin arrives and she realises that he is in fact her old flame - and possibly the father of her teenage daughter Gloria!!! Harry Lambert is a hilarious character, especially in episodes such as "Action Stations" where the staff all have to do role plays to prepare for the visit of Dr Beeching himself! A great series, full of slapstick fun!

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Good British humour

Author: docterryc from Alberta, Canada
29 June 2012

This is a fine example of fine British humour. Every character is clearly defined, and each one adds something to the whole.

I suspect that many Americans would not enjoy it. They seem to prefer more slapstick comedy, whereas this sitcom is funny because the characters work off one another.

Indeed, British humour has changed so much recently, that I'm sure many younger viewers would find it difficult to relate to the subtle humour of this story.

However, if you do like this series, then you must check out "You Rang M'Lord" It's a totally different story, but many of the same actors.

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''What a naughty man you are!''

Author: RaspberryLucozade from Wallyford, East Lothian, Scotland
19 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

'Oh, Doctor Beeching' was the last sitcom to be written by David Croft ( in collaboration with Richard Splendlove among many others ). It featured the usual motley crew who usually appear in David Croft sitcoms, such as Su Pollard as ticket office clerk Ethel Schuman, Paul Shane as station porter Jack Skinner and Jeffrey Holland as the stationmaster Cecil Parkin ( all of whom appeared in 'Hi-De-Hi' and 'You Rang M'Lord' ).

As was common with David Croft sitcoms, 'Oh, Doctor Beeching' is set in the past, 1963 to be precise. The crew of Hatley Station are horrified to learn that 2000 stations are under the threat of closure from what was known at that time as 'The Beeching Axe' and that their station may be one of them.

Other characters included Jack's sexy wife May ( Sherrie Hewson in the pilot and Julia Deakin in the series ), who once had a fling with Cecil, then there's the grumpy signal master Harry Lambert ( Stephen Lewis, who sadly passed away last week ), station dogsbody Wilfrid ( Paul Aspden ) who is also Ethel's son, clumsy train operators Thomas ( Ivor Roberts ) and Ralph ( Perry Benson ), busybody Vera Plumtree ( Barbara New ) and May's lovely daughter Gloria ( Lindsay Grimshaw ) who is believed to be Cecil's illegitimate daughter.

It was a typical offering from the cast and crew of the likes of 'Hi-De-Hi' and 'You Rang M'Lord', not excellent but amusing and pleasant to watch nonetheless. The cast were faultless, particularly Paul Shane and Julia Deakin. Stephen Lewis played Harry in much the same way as he played Blakey in Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney's wonderful 'On The Buses'. Even his uniform was identical to that of Blakey's. Windsor Davies made a guest appearance in the final episode as the Mayor of Clumberfield. Hugh Lloyd also made an appearance as Ernie the bus driver.

One episode was entitled 'The Train Now Standing' which ironically was the very same name for a now forgotten ITV sitcom starring Bill Fraser as the porter for a failing railway station.

Only two series were ever made. The final episode ended with unanswered questions. Was the station closed down or did it manage to survive 'The Beeching Axe'? Perhaps it was left open ended as the cast and crew hoped it would return for a third series, but sadly it was not to be. Both series are out on DVD and makes enjoyable viewing for those of us who like inoffensive care-free comedies.

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What's going off?

Author: Paul Evans from Swansea, United Kingdom
23 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh Doctor Beeching ranks as one of my favourite comedies of all time, a wonderfully sweet and innocent, humour of a bygone era. Delightful characters each and every one, all bringing plenty of laughs, with exquisite comedy timing. I'm an adoring fan of Su Pollard, and she is wonderfully funny and scatty as Ethel, and yet she manages to tinge her with sadness. It's very evident that many members of the cast had worked together on previous occasions, the relationships are genuine and very easy. Barbara New's timing as Vera was fantastic, she delivered her lines with so much humour, that line 'My late husband was an engine driver you know.' The show is timeless, it deserved a much greater run then it had, Sunday evenings were a perfect slot for a comedy like this, surely there is still a place for this brand of light and breezy slapstick humour? A show I will always love.

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