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12 Aug. 1996
Grandma's Chair
Thomas is obsessed by his Grand-Mother's old rocking chair when the house is sold with all the furniture in in. A show calling on the true things we should ever hold on to.
New Kid in Town
Cousin Alex comes to live with the Thompson Family. Thomas' initial excitement dulls quickly when Alex's competitive spirit makes Thomas feel inadequate.
Aug. 1996
Brother's Keeper
Older brother Dennis is now about to leave home for university. He gets a new car from Dad, and Thomas surprises him drinking with friends. Concerned for his safety, he decides to steal his car.
Magic Hour
Thomas' interest in magic leads him to promise a magic show to the local hospital. Tracy wants to play along, but she is such a pain. Or is she, really?
20 Sep. 1996
Simon's Lottery
Simon is tired of working for his dad and wants a job of his own. With good will, Thomas pushes him into a adventure with surprising consequences for everyone.
4 Oct. 1996
Politics and Promises
Thomas is talked into running for President of the Student Council. Swept by the attention the limelight offers, he realizes that one needs more than ideas to really make a difference. Eddie proves to be a solid ally, and Thomas has bigger plans for him.
12 Oct. 1996
Uncle's Birthday
Simon has invited Thomas for an NHL hockey game, but his mother has planned a birthday party for his uncle George on the very same day! Why now? Well, perhaps later won't do for this time around. Here comes a big reality check.
12 Oct. 1996
Three's a Crowd
Thomas develops a crush on Susan, the prettiest and most popular girl in school. Against their best judgment, Lisa and Simon try to help. Is Susan leading Thomas to nothing? Why do fools fall in love?
15 Nov. 1996
No Place Like Home
Adventureworld, here we come! Who needs the milk festival with such a plan? One can get out of Maplewood, but can one leave Maplewood behind just like that? After all,there's no place like home!
19 Oct. 1996
Midnight Bowling
Lisa develops a crush on Brad, the captain of the football team and eagerly wants to attend the high school dance in the hope to win his heart. Her parents say she is too young but she schemes a plan and goes anyway, setting herself to learn a valuable lesson.
24 Oct. 1996
Life's Lessons
Life Rescue classes are being offered at school and all students are expected to attend. Thomas doesn't take it seriously. Little does he know about what's coming his way.
5 Dec. 1996
Haunted Poetry
An heritage project leads Thomas and his friends to explore the mysterious story of the local "haunted house" and the two old ladies who lived there in isolation. Will truth finally have get the final word?
12 Dec. 1996
Simon's Run
Simon feels left out as he hasn't identified things he really likes yet. He finally achieves a sense of belonging when he excels at track and makes the team. Will the meaning of friendship as our friends know it live through these changes?

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