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3 Jan. 1997
Wide Open
Frank tries to catch a killer who is targeting families with expensive security systems. Catherine tries to help the traumatized little daughter of two of his victims.
10 Jan. 1997
The Wild and the Innocent
Frank tries to find a girl and her murderous boyfriend who are looking for a baby that the girl's father forced her to give away.
24 Jan. 1997
Frank investigates a series of abductions in a small designed neighborhood. The abductor is forcing his victims to pay for the sins of their fathers.
31 Jan. 1997
Loin Like a Hunting Flame
A pharmacist drugs unsuspecting couples and forces them to enact his sexual fantasies.
7 Feb. 1997
Force Majeure
The Group investigates the suicides of identical twin girls born seven years apart in different families. Dennis Hoffman, a noisy man obsessed with the apocalyptic planetary alignment prophesied to occur in 2000, helps Frank on the case.
14 Feb. 1997
The Thin White Line
Frank links two seemingly unrelated murders to the modus operandi of a psychopathic serial killer caught twenty years before while trying to kill Frank, and who's still in prison serving his life sentence.
21 Feb. 1997
When his sister-in-law is kidnapped at her child's baptism, Frank must calm his brother and find the kidnapper before it is too late. For the first time, Frank's daughter shows signs that she has inherited some of Frank's strange gift.
21 Mar. 1997
Frank is asked to develop a psychological profile on a sheriff who confessed to murdering his entire family.
28 Mar. 1997
After waking up in an alley with blood oh his hands and no memory of the last few days, Frank has the bad feeling that someone has been murdered. Watts helps him retrace his steps back to a clinic specialized for clinical trials.
18 Apr. 1997
While assisting the FBI in the hunt for an escaped serial killer, a mad doctor he put in prison, Frank unknowingly meets his demonic, inhuman nemesis and the mastermind of unspeakable evil who claims the life of someone close to him.
25 Apr. 1997
Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions
Told in flashback, the story follows Frank and the Millennium Group who become pawns in the otherworldly battle between the devilish lawyer of a schizoid satanic serial killer and a mysterious young man.
2 May 1997
Broken World
Frank hunts down a serial-killer-in-the-making who takes pleasure in slaughtering horses.
9 May 1997
Frank and Peter try to catch a Russian murderer with links to Chernobyl. In their search they discover chilling information with apocalyptic ramifications.
16 May 1997
Paper Dove
Frank is asked to clear the name of a man who may have been mistakenly convicted of murdering his wife. His investigation leads to a serial killer who's just claimed his latest victim. Meanwhile, Frank's stalker comes for Catherine.
19 Sep. 1997
The Beginning and the End
In his frantic search for Catherine, Frank tries to beat her abductor at his own twisted mind game before it's too late. Meanwhile, a comet that the abductor believes to be the harbinger of the apocalypse is making its way through space.
26 Sep. 1997
Beware of the Dog
The Group asks Frank to investigate the brutal death of an old couple killed by a pack of vicious dogs in an odd small town in Montana. A hermit who represents the Group there explains to Frank how the pact between Heaven and Hell works.
3 Oct. 1997
Sense and Antisense
Frank, who has a new stalker, helps the Group locate a raving lunatic on the run who might be infected with a pathogen. He reveals a conspiracy involving the Human Genome Project, experiments on the homeless and the genocide in Rwanda.
17 Oct. 1997
With the assistance of Lara Means, a colleague from the Millennium Group that shares his gift, Frank investigates the owner of a daycare center accused of committing child abuse - only to end up being accused of the same thing.
24 Oct. 1997
A Single Blade of Grass
A Native American doomsday cult targets Frank after he joins forces with a female archaeologist to investigate the ritualistic murder of a Native American man whose body was found at an archaeological site in New York City.
31 Oct. 1997
The Curse of Frank Black
On Halloween night, when demons come calling, Frank is haunted by the ghosts of memories past including that of a soldier he met as a child. He offers Frank a way to pull out of his downward spiral - by making a deal with the Devil.
7 Nov. 1997
Lara joins Frank and Watts in their search for a busload of missing children abducted by a disturbed young man obsessed with fulfilling a biblical prophecy.
14 Nov. 1997
The Hand of Saint Sebastian
Obsessed Watts asks Frank to travel with him to Germany where a legendary holy relic tied to the very origin of the thousand-year-old Millennium Group may have been found. But, mysterious traitors within the Group stand in their way.
21 Nov. 1997
Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense'
In this funny satire with a grim twist, quirky novelist Jose Chung, first seen in an X-Files episode, authors a short story critical of a millennial self-help movement similar to Scientology and becomes the target of one of its followers.
19 Dec. 1997
Midnight of the Century
As Christmas approaches, Frank is contacted by his estranged father, which brings back a childhood memory. However, Jordan is contacted by the spirit of her dead grandmother who also had Frank's gift, so Frank turns to Lara for advice.

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