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Year: 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

26 August 1996
As would-be tow truck driver Eddie struggles to come up with the cash to repair his ailing truck, Broncula, his roommate Malcolm readies an audition tape he hopes will land him a radio sportscasting job. Just as Malcolm is settling down to tape his play-by-play of a televised basketball game, Eddie notices a commercial featuring get-rich-quick pitchman Bill Fontaine. Certain that Fontaine is the answer to his prayers, Eddie is determined to attend his seminar. However, as Malcolm insists he has no interest in Fontaine, Eddie's attempt to improve their own television ends in disaster. Left without a TV to complete his audition tape, Malcolm heads for Kelly's Bar and Restaurant in hopes of seeing the game there. But when he's denied the chance to watch the game because Tim, a burly regular patron, doesn't want his studying to be disturbed, Malcolm is left with nothing to do. So after unsuccessfully trying to get a date with Kelly's lovely new waitress, Holly, he agrees to join Eddie at the seminar, hoping to win the new TV being offered as a door prize. Once they've arrived, it doesn't take long for Eddie to realize that nothing is free when it comes to Fontaine and his racket. However, Malcolm isn't in any mood to leave once he's gotten a look at Fontaine's voluptuous assistant. Making it clear to everyone that the seminar is a rip-off, Eddie incites the crowd to a near-riot, one that ends with him and Malcolm being given a TV just so they will leave. Finally, even though the new set isn't quite what he imagined, Eddie settles in to watch as Malcolm tries to finish his tape.

Season 1, Episode 2: Eddie by Moonlight

2 September 1996
With his tow truck Broncula in the shop, Eddie needs another $600 to get it back on the road. Unable to loan him the cash, Malcolm suggests he find another job. So, to get the money he needs to fix his truck, Eddie begs Kelly to let him work at the restaurant. Meanwhile, excited over an invitation to join his boss at a big charity dinner, Malcolm asks Holly to be his date. When things go badly at the restaurant, Eddie finds a job delivering pizzas. But there's just one catch -- he needs to borrow Malcolm's car. Fresh on the heels of rejection by Holly, Malcolm insists he needs the car to attend the dinner as he asks Rhonda to join him. But, after Eddie interrupts with a demonstration of the vacuum cleaner he's going to sell, and then uses the apartment to teach aerobics to overweight woman, Malcolm decides to let him use the car...but only after Eddie promises to have it back for his date. Claiming he was chased by dogs, Eddie returns home late, stranding Malcolm and Rhonda. While Malcolm is left without a way to dinner or a date, Eddie has no time to listen because of the celebrity wake-up calls he's been hired to make. Realizing that getting Broncula back is the only way to get Eddie back to work, Malcolm agrees to let him use the radio station's phones to make his calls. And while pitching in to help his roommate, Malcolm is grateful when Eddie deftly covers for his absence at the big dinner and puts him back in his boss's good graces.

Season 1, Episode 3: On the Radio

9 September 1996
During a day on which he seems particularly unflappable, Malcolm announce that he's finally being given his chance as a substitute disc jockey on the station's all-night show. And though the extra money and the excitement have made him feel almost invincible, it isn't long before the combination of his day job and the night shift begin to take their toll. When Malcolm mentions missing his friends more than he does sleep, Eddie decides to throw him a surprise party. But, when he arrives home ready for a well deserved rest, Malcolm isn't at all happy to see all of his friends waiting for him. However, seeing Holly is there gives Malcolm a change of heart and he joins in the fun...until it's time to go back to work. Following the party, Malcolm still cannot get any sleep. So when Tim recommends an Oriental herbal remedy he uses to combat drowsiness, Eddie insists that Malcolm try it. When the root works even better than expected, Malcolm is unable to stay up all night to complete the show. However, after Eddie helps him make it through the night, Malcolm decides to ask his boss to find someone else to fill in so he can get some sleep.

Season 1, Episode 4: Partnership of Fools

16 September 1996
Though upset over a change in the numbers they agreed on, Malcolm's reservations vanish when Eddie's last minute picks win the lottery. While expecting to be millionaires, Malcolm and Eddie discover the prize is being split among thirteen winners. Then, after getting a state-of-the-art television, Eddie tries using his newfound wealth to impress a new neighbor, only to learn that Bridget is already dating NBA Rookie of the Year, Damon Stoudamire. While celebrating their good fortune with friends, Malcolm and Eddie learn that Kelly is moving to Hawaii and putting the bar up for sale. And when she suggests he buy it from her, Malcolm would love to, though not with Eddie as a partner. However, after refusing Eddie's offer of the cash he needs, Malcolm is forced to accept to keep another buyer at bay. Meanwhile, Malcolm is sure that Bridget will be attracted to his power and wealth. However, what he discovers is that, as the new landlords, he and Eddie have repairs to make in their neighbor's apartment. In their first disagreement as partners, Eddie asks to spend their remaining cash on a new diagnostic machine for his garage, while Malcolm wants a new cappuccino machine for the bar. At Tim's suggestion, they agree to settle it over a game of chess. However, when he's distracted by Holly, Malcolm loses on a technicality. Though the trick prompts him to offer to buy his partner out, Malcolm has second thoughts after Eddie's fast thinking keeps a liquor distributor from demanding they pay everything he's owed. Finally, Malcolm rewards Eddie's ingenuity by buying the diagnostic machine, only to discover his roommate already bought one, too.

Season 1, Episode 5: Someday My TAFKAP Will Come

23 September 1996
Following a slow first day as the owners of Kelly's, Eddie suggests something he's sure will bring in a crowd -- an appearance by the pop music star formerly known as Prince. Although sure his partner is kidding, Malcolm is surprised when a fax confirms the singer for their grand re-opening party. Meanwhile, when Malcolm tries using the news to impress Bridget, he's surprised to learn that she once dated the singer. On the night of the big event, Kelly's is packed. As Malcolm cheerfully works the room and even gives Eddie the money to buy a new air compressor for the garage, a phone call reveals that the guest of honor's plane has been grounded, leaving them without their big attraction. And though Eddie tries to break the bad news, Malcolm's enthusiasm makes it impossible. When Malcolm and Bridget come upstairs to check on their musical guest, Nicolette and Eddie keep them from learning that Prince isn't there. Using the rock star's wardrobe and make-up, Eddie then tries to convince the crowd that he's the singer. But when his efforts come apart right in front of the audience, Malcolm learns the truth. However, as they are planning to break the news to the hostile crowd, the partners are saved when singer Montell Jordan arrives to take the place of his friend, the Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

Season 1, Episode 6: Little Sister

30 September 1996
While working the bar at Kelly's, Malcolm meets Julia, an attractive woman who is clearly interested in him. But back at home he's surprised to see her walking out of his roommate's bedroom. And realizing that Malcolm is courting his younger sister, Eddie forbids them from seeing each other. Meanwhile, Eddie buys a parrot hoping to cash in after teaching it to talk. And to make sure he has proof of its language skills, he sets up a video camera to record the bird while he's away. With Eddie determined to protect his sister, Malcolm promises to keep things friendly, and not romantic. Although still suspicious of his roommate's motives, Eddie will to go to work only after Julia agrees to keep the door locked. However, Malcolm is surprised when Julia gives him a big kiss. But, when he can't help but see Eddie's face in hers, Malcolm asks Julia to stop, unaware that the entire episode has been videotaped. When Julia arrives at the garage, Eddie immediately suspects something's up. After hurrying home for the tape, Eddie then heads for the bar where to challenge the unsuspecting Malcolm to a fight. Though Malcolm suggests viewing it would be unfair to Julia, Eddie is convinced that the tape will prove he broke his promise. But once she sees what he's done and accuses Eddie of violating her privacy, Julia shows the whole tape to exonerate Malcolm and force her brother to apologize.

Season 1, Episode 7: Big Brother Is Watching

14 October 1996
When Stephanie Clark brings her car for in repairs, Eddie decides to try and get a date. With encouragement from Malcolm, he heads down to her office at the Little Buddies Association. But, instead of coming away with a date, Eddie falls prey to Stephanie's charms and agrees to be a Big Buddy to ten-year-old Troy. Meanwhile, Bridget decides to use Kelly's as a location for her next TV show. Upon bringing him back to where he lives and works, Eddie prepares to show Troy a good time. And when Stephanie stops by to check on things, he convinces her to consider a date, even as Nicolette does her best to stop it. However, after a four-hour lunch with Stephanie causes Eddie and Malcolm to argue, Troy is convinced that he's not wanted around anymore. So he plots his revenge by agreeing to distribute some flyers to help Malcolm draw a big crowd for Bridget's show. While Eddie is planning on using the evening at Kelly's to woo Stephanie, Malcolm is surprised to discover that Troy passed out flyers advertising a square dance along with the televised prize fight he was planning. So, with Kelly's full of anxious fight fans, the square dancers arrive, too. And once Stephanie decides to take Troy home, Eddie and Malcolm are left to try and keep the dancers happy. Finally, after Eddie admits that he just isn't Big Buddy material, Stephanie decides it would be better to just be friends.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner ... Malcolm McGee

Eddie Griffin ... Edward Otis 'Eddie' Sherman
Jaime Cardriche ... Tim
Ritch Brinkley ... Dan

Angelle Brooks ... Holly

Enya Flack ... Bridget Goodwin

Brenden Jefferson ... Troy (as Brenden Richard Jefferson)
Omega Kayne ... Frankie (as Le'Mark Cruise)

Karen Malina White ... Nicolette Vandross

Vanessa Williams ... Stephanie

Season 1, Episode 8: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

28 October 1996
While Malcolm is excited about the Halloween festivities he's planned for the bar, his partner isn't. Pressed for a reason, Eddie admits that an old family curse has him worried about being attacked by a werewolf. However, when Nicolette offers to stay with him at home, Eddie decides to take his chances at the party after all. Meanwhile, though Malcolm promised his girlfriend Tina that she'd win the $1,000 prize for the best Halloween costume, he didn't expect the competition to be so stiff. Deciding to spend the night driving around to avoid the werewolf, Eddie retreats to the garage for his truck. However, upon hearing a suspicious growling noise, a bump on the head renders Eddie unconscious. And once he awakes, he's surprised to discover that he's become a werewolf. As Malcolm is doing everything he can to see that Tina wins, Eddie arrives and is quickly picked as the contest winner. However, after convincing him it isn't a costume, Eddie begs Malcolm to help find a cure. Once Nicolette offers to join him for an eternity together as werewolves, Eddie is more convinced that ever that he has to find the beast that attacked him in order to reverse the spell. Yet, after identifying the werewolf in a police lineup, Eddie immediately bolts, leaving Malcolm no other choice but to kill him in order to end the curse. But it's then that Eddie wakes to find that he's had a bad dream following a bump on the head. Finally, Eddie's attempt at getting revenge with a practical joke on Malcolm backfires.

Season 1, Episode 9: Dead Guy

4 November 1996
As Eddie is breaking in a new assistant, Malcolm worries about a wave of recent health department inspections. To make sure Kelly's passes, he cracks down on his staff and demands the utmost in cleanliness and courtesy. However, Malcolm's patience is tested when a difficult customer pretends to slip and fall. And after learning that Milton is suing them for $3 million, Malcolm and Eddie set out to prove he's a fake. Hoping to take over bar to settle his lawsuit, Milton arrives to inspect the premises. But after Malcolm unthinkingly threatens to kill him if he doesn't leave, Milton has a heart attack and dies in the kitchen, just as the health inspector arrives. Sending Nicolette to stall Mr. Bosco, Malcolm and Eddie remove the body to the garage. However, when Hector mistakes him for a drunk and returns him to the bar, they are forced to cover as Bosco carries on a conversation with Milton's corpse, unaware that he's dead. As he's being interviewed by the police, Malcolm learns that his threat has made him a suspect in Milton's death. And Eddie's attempt to get his partner off the hook by offering to hold a funeral only make things worse. So, once Bosco arrives at the memorial service, Malcolm and Eddie are forced to continue their ruse. But, even after the autopsy results finally get him off the hook with the police, Malcolm is still fined for having a corpse in the restaurant.

Season 1, Episode 10: Do the K.C. Hustle

11 November 1996
As he's honing his skills at the pool table with a game against Eddie, Malcolm is surprised when his old college friend and rival Preston Alexander arrives at Kelly's. Now a millionaire and one of the nation's most eligible bachelors, Preston is interested in avenging a loss at pool to Malcolm four years ago. When he suggests a $5,000 wager, Malcolm hesitates until Eddie offers to back him up with the cash. However, when Preston displays his amazing new skills at the table before leaving, Malcolm realizes he's been hustled. After learning that Eddie really doesn't have the money cover the bet, Malcolm is in real trouble. To help him out, Eddie offers the services of his Uncle Bucky, who suggests something unusual to take his mind off the game. And though Malcolm is skeptical, he finds that wearing women's underwear really works. To get Malcolm ready for his match, Eddie arranges for a massage from Tim. But Tim spills his oil and causes Malcolm to accidentally destroy the lucky underwear while trying to dry them in a microwave oven. As Malcolm's confidence in his game plummets, Eddie searches the bar for a replacement. But Uncle Bucky insists that their effect was all in Malcolm's head and he can play just as well without them. So, recalling his victory four years earlier, Malcolm finally finds the inspiration he needs to take Preston for $5,000 on the last shot of the game.

Season 1, Episode 11: It's the Bomb

18 November 1996
A rumor that the local football team is moving to Los Angeles has Eddie upset. But not as much as Tom, another obsessed fan who threatening to bomb the stadium during a Chiefs game. And when the police pursuit of the mad bomber leads to the bar, Malcolm and Eddie find themselves and their patrons being held hostage. Meanwhile, Malcolm's chance to use television coverage of the bomber to advertise the bar's new name is jeopardized when the signs he ordered arrive misspelled. With the police stationed outside, Nicolette is determined to save Eddie. So, as Bridget works to get an exclusive for her TV station, Nicolette sneaks into the bar's air vent in order to make her way inside. Although Malcolm is worried, Eddie and Tom find common ground in their mutual love for the Chiefs. And when Bridget arrives with her crew, the viewers see them relaxing over beers and cigars while enjoying the game on TV. Once Tom claims they are partners in his protest, Malcolm joins with Eddie in publicizing his demands, only to find that the police are in no mood to negotiate. Yet, once the team denies any rumors about the move, Tom declares victory and then accidentally triggers the bomb's timing device before trying to slip out unnoticed. However, Tom fails to fool the police and is arrested as Malcolm and Eddie rush outside with the bomb just in time to keep their place from blowing up. Finally, with the bar packed with customers following the drama, Nicolette appears from the ceiling and takes Eddie hostage once again.

Season 1, Episode 12: Sh-Boing-Boing

25 November 1996
Over drinks at the bar, Malcolm's Grandpa Wesley complains that his wife has been purposely interrupting his favorite television show. But after Malcolm encourages him to show Grandma Bernice who's the boss, Wesley returns after being thrown out of the house. Although Wesley is sure she won't last an hour without him, Malcolm and Eddie are taken aback when Bernice arrives with the rest of her husband's clothes and a firm invitation not to come back anytime soon. Meanwhile, Eddie sets out to woo Nicolette's attractive new roommate, Regina. Once Wesley makes himself at home and invites his jazz band to practice at their apartment, Eddie complains. While Malcolm is reluctant to throw his own grandfather out, Eddie insists, especially after Wesley ruins the dinner Regina was planning to cooking for him. With Thanksgiving approaching, Malcolm turns to Grandma Bernice, who mentions that her husband has also been a pest when it comes to her favorite TV show. Then, after she recalls how much fun they used to have on their dates at the Burgundy Room, Malcolm enlists Eddie in an effort to re-create the nightclub's atmosphere for them. Meanwhile, in her attempt to woo Eddie, Nicolette tries using Hector to make him jealous. After Malcolm invites her to see his re-creation of the Burgundy Room, Bernice is surprised when Wesley arrives. And while he's just as shocked to see her there, too, things between them begin to thaw, especially after Eddie starts in with his impression of singer Sammy Davis, Jr. And with help from Malcolm and Eddie, Bernice and Wesley head home together. Finally, after using Hector fails to get the desired results, Nicolette throws Regina out in order to have Eddie all to herself.

Season 1, Episode 13: Club Story

13 January 1997
When his girlfriend Lydia asks him to dinner with her wealthy father at their exclusive country club, Malcolm is reluctant to go since Saturday is the busiest night of the week at the bar. However, after nervously agreeing to let Eddie run the bar for just one night, Malcolm prepares to pitch his latest business idea to Mr. Larson. Meanwhile, convinced that working opposite shifts is the recipe their success as roommates, Nicolette and Chloe join with Eddie to host a Jamaican Island Night at the bar. Following a difficult encounter with the country club's maitre, Malcolm fills Mr. Larson in on his plans to franchise the bar. However, the entertainment Chloe lined up turns out to be exotic dancers from the bar where she works nights. And when the sheriff sends someone to close them down, Eddie hurries to find Malcolm at the country club. Meanwhile, as Mr. Larson suggests they drop Lydia at home before heading to examine the bar, Eddie tries bribery to keep it open. While Malcolm is stunned to see what's going on at the bar, Mr. Larson decides it isn't the kind of place he can invest in. However, his moral high ground is undermined when Chloe recognizes him as one of her best customers. And when a newspaper reporter is about to take a picture that would ruin his standing in the community, Malcolm and Eddie intervene. Finally, after convincing Lydia that the dancers were Eddie's idea, Malcolm gets Mr. Larson to agree to relax Lydia's curfew in exchange for silence about his extracurricular activities.

Season 1, Episode 14: Lockdown

20 January 1997
On the promise of a date with twin sisters Renee and Rosie, Eddie pays $400 for tickets to a concert by K-Ci and JoJo, stars of the popular singing group Jodeci. However, when the lovely twins arrive for their date, they announce that a change in plans has them attending with the concert's two stars instead, leaving Malcolm and Eddie holding the bag. And when they are unsuccessful in getting dates on such short notice, the boys try selling the spare tickets to a pair of beautiful women, only to be arrested for scalping when they turn out to be undercover cops. While awaiting their appearance before a judge, Malcolm and Eddie find that, because of Martin Luther King Day, they are going to have to spend two nights in jail first. After taunting a pair of convicted bank robbers on their way to prison, Eddie decides that he and Malcolm should adopt the two tough guy's identities to keep their fellow inmates at bay. However, when the real Nino and Zeus are returned after their prison bus breaks down, Eddie and Malcolm are exposed as frauds. When Nino and Zeus accuse him of turning his back on his heritage, Malcolm displays a knowledge of black history that humbles the two convicts. Invoking the memory of Dr. King, he then rallies the other inmates to defend him and Eddie against an attack. And they are spared any further threats when Nicolette uses her influence with the police to gain their release. Finally, at his Martin Luther King Day banquet, Malcolm treats his guests to a surprise appearance by JoJo and K-Ci.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner ... Malcolm McGee

Eddie Griffin ... Edward Otis 'Eddie' Sherman

Karen Malina White ... Nicolette Vandross
Jaime Cardriche ... Tim
Peter Iacangelo ... Sergeant O'Malley

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister ... Zeus (as Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Jr.)

Angelle Brooks ... Holly

David Pressman ... Nino
Lydell M. Cheshier ... Harvel (as Lydell Cheshier)

Gillian Iliana Waters ... Tammy
Renee Tenison ... Renee
Rosie Tenison ... Rosie

Denver Dowridge ... Whimpering Inmate
K-Ci Hailey ... Himself (as K-Ci)
Jo Jo Hailey ... Himself (as JoJo)

Season 1, Episode 15: Hai Karate

3 February 1997
While Malcolm wants to use his grocery store parking lot after hours, Mr. Gordon makes clear that he has no intention of attracting any more unsavory customers. Upon seeing someone causing a scene at the bar, Mr. Gordon notes that he's just the type who have been causing him trouble, too. And when Eddie steps in pretending to be a martial arts expert, he's challenged to fight at a local kung fu studio. Meanwhile, Nicolette claims to have found the perfect roommate in Holly. To prepare for his match against Rudy, Eddie calls on Man Li, a teacher of kung fu. While Eddie is asked to first find inner peace before resorting to violence, Malcolm is sure it's a prescription for disaster in his match. Then, as Malcolm decides to bribe Mr. Gordon with an autographed baseball bat, Rudy gets even madder when Eddie refuses to fight. Meanwhile, it doesn't take long for Nicolette to tire of Holly's neatness, and for Holly to grow weary of her roommate's non-stop talking. As she is nursing Eddie's damaged ribs, things between Nicolette and Holly finally boil over. And while Malcolm tries to mediate, his agreeableness only gets him into trouble with the two women. Meanwhile, as Eddie and Malcolm head to give Mr. Gordon the bat, Rudy arrives looking for a fight. And though trying to keep his cool, Eddie unloads and, after considerable damage to the market, takes Rudy out. Finally, after agreeing to pay for the damage and throw in an autographed baseball, too, Malcolm convinces Mr. Gordon to let him use the lot.

Season 1, Episode 16: Jugglin'

10 February 1997
When her parents come to visit, Holly asks Malcolm to pose as the successful boyfriend she's told them about. While courting a woman he's met in a computer on-line chat room, Eddie prepares for disappointment by sending her a picture of Malcolm. So, hoping to keep himself out of Eddie's deception, Malcolm agrees to Holly's plan... until Katrina the computer date turns out to be gorgeous and gives him second thoughts about leaving her to Eddie. Meanwhile, Nicolette's new roommate falls in love with Tim. As Malcolm tries to live up to the Brooks's high expectations, Holly's plan is set beck when one of his girlfriends arrives determined to spend some time alone. Assuring Mr. And Mrs. Brooks that he'll be right back, Malcolm heads upstairs with Dana. But when her parents don't seem to be buying into the ruse, Holly insists that Malcolm give her a sensuous and very public kiss. Meanwhile, after discovering that Katrina is a photographer for a racy women's magazine, Eddie agrees to pose for an upcoming issue. Following the kiss, Malcolm begins to have serious questions about going back to Dana. And when Eddie's posing gets her excited, Katrina decides that it's time for her to find Malcolm. When Dana won't take no for an answer, and Holly and her parents come looking for them, Malcolm has a lot of explaining to do. Then, after Eddie admits to being the one who has been courting her in the chat room, Katrina reveals her own dangerous and vindictive streak. Finally, as Dana bails out and Nicolette steps in to protect Eddie from Katrina's revenge, Malcolm finds that Holly is no more interested in him than before.

Season 1, Episode 17: Everynight Fever

17 February 1997
After Nicolette uses her influence to get him a job repairing some parking enforcement scooters, Eddie puts together a 70's band for a theme night party at McGee's. However, before the band can take the stage, Malcolm must intervene to keep Nicolette and Eddie's new girlfriend Danielle from fighting. Meanwhile, as Tim and Denise carry out their own unique courtship at the bar, Holly reveals that she's been offered a better job at a rival establishment. Following their success at McGee's, things for Eddie's band really take off. But, as he's trying to capitalize on his newfound popularity, he avoids getting started on the scooters. Despite Malcolm's warning, Eddie assures him that he has it covered. However, when he isn't around when the scooters are supposed to be picked up, Malcolm masquerades as Eddie to buy some time and keep him from losing the contract. Meanwhile, as Tim and Denise's romance progresses, Malcolm decides there's no choice but to force Eddie to quit the band. To make Eddie see that his new musical venture is jeopardizing the garage, Malcolm assembles his friends to help. Before getting started, he first convinces Holly to stay at McGee's with a better job offer. Then, upon Eddie's arrival, he's made to see just how much his obsession with the band is costing. And while Nicolette is willing to let him continue pursuing a musical career, Eddie is convinced to give up the band altogether. Finally, after completing his work on the scooters just in the nick of time, an overworked Eddie falls fast asleep.

Season 1, Episode 18: The Commercial

24 February 1997
Because of a cross town competitor's success in luring customers, Malcolm and Eddie decide to produce a television ad for their businesses. To create the commercial, they hire noted director Johnny Beaumont. Only once he gets started, Malcolm and Eddie find that that Johnny doesn't want them in it. Meanwhile, as Nicolette takes on her sister Tamika as a roommate, Tim wants Danielle to move out, but cannot find the nerve to ask her. When Love Boat star Ted Lange and TV legend Ed McMahon are hired as spokesmen, Malcolm and Eddie express their reservations about not being allowed to appear, too. So when Johnny up and quits the project, Lange and McMahon aren't far behind. However, in their attempt to create an ad with broad appeal, Malcolm and Eddie attract a new clientele. And only after it's too late does Malcolm find that he's now the proprietor of a gay bar. Although he and Eddie struggle to find a away out of their predicament, the money they make convinces them that the change may be for the better. But when they try to take further advantage of their new situation by hiring Tim to perform in drag, the two discover that their notions about homosexuality are way off target. Finally, as the bar loses its gay clientele just as quickly as it found them, Tim tries putting off Danielle with his cross dressing, only to have her offer to find him some better clothes.

Season 1, Episode 19: Whole Lotta Love Seat

28 April 1997
After breaking the couch while bursting in on Malcolm and his date, Eddie is determined to make things right. And though there's little he can do to get Roxie to return, Eddie offers to buy a new couch at a furniture store, the owner he met while at work. Malcolm is convinced it costs too much. But Eddie is persuaded by the store's unscrupulous salesman, Miles, to use his share of their rent to make the purchase. While Malcolm is worried, Eddie assures him that he'll have more than enough money to cover his share of the rent. So when Kelly threatens them with eviction if it isn't paid, Malcolm insists she'll get her money on time. But when business doesn't pan out as expected, Eddie is left short and the roommates are given 24 hours to pay...or else. Although Malcolm uses the threat of bad publicity to get him to agree to a refund, Miles changes his mind after Eddie uses markers to deface the couch. Faced with imminent eviction, Eddie and Malcolm try one last ploy to get their refund. And while having Tim pose as their lawyer fails to intimidate Miles, the owner finds out what's been going on and fires his deceitful salesman before giving the boys their money back.

Season 1, Episode 20: Swappin

5 May 1997
As Eddie continues to avoid her, Malcolm suggests that Nicolette start looking elsewhere for a boyfriend. While reluctant to agree, Nicolette's mind is changed by Malcolm's kind words and the arrival of handsome wine distributor David Winay. And as Tim struggles to cope with his break up with Danielle, Eddie also encourages Nicolette to pursue a relationship with David. At a wine tasting David is sponsoring at McGee's, Nicolette arrives ready to woo him. But her sexy dress suggests to Eddie that she's after him instead. Then, after overhearing Nicolette giving advice to Malcolm, Tim decides to write Danielle a love letter. However, after the letter is accidentally passed from hand to hand, Eddie is sure that Holly is after him, while she thinks Eddie is pursuing her. And while Malcolm gets the impression that Nicolette is in love with him, she's convinced that Malcolm is attracted to her -- all at Tim and Danielle's expense. With no one around to clear up the misunderstanding, Nicolette suggests David look elsewhere for a girlfriend. So he sets his sights on Danielle, only to find that he must first deal with Tim. Then, as Eddie decides to innocently explore Holly's interest in him, Malcolm suggests that he and Nicolette go somewhere to talk. But when they see Holly helping Eddie with his aching back, Nicolette and Malcolm get the wrong impression. And only after fireworks erupt do the four of them finally realize their mistake. Finally, once Tim and Danielle arrive looking for the letter, they leave the others to ponder their fates together.

Season 1, Episode 21: Retreat and Surrender

12 May 1997
Following their first semi-annual employees meeting, Malcolm and Eddie take everyone on a company picnic and retreat. Shortly after arriving at their campsite, Eddie suggests pooling their profits to buy a new tow truck, but Malcolm has other ideas as to how to spend his money. Then, as tension between the partners grows, Nicolette arrives unannounced after making the 200 mile trip on her motor scooter. While continues to press Malcolm about the tow truck, Holly's attempts to intervene fail to keep an argument from bringing the retreat to a hasty end. However, when their van breaks down and leaves everyone stranded, Nicolette and Eddie take her scooter to find some help...only to run out of gas. As he and Nicolette seek refuge in a nearby cave, Eddie blames Malcolm for all that's gone wrong. And as Malcolm and the others await their rescue, he places the blame for the entire mess squarely on Eddie's shoulders. Scared by a bat into sharing her sleeping bag, Eddie is surprised by the resulting amorous activity with Nicolette. And once Tim heads off to forage for food, Malcolm and Holly agree to sleep together, but promise not to try anything. So, as Holly and Malcolm wake following a sound night's sleep, Eddie begs Nicolette not to tell anyone what happened between them. Upon returning to the campsite, Eddie tries to keep news of his affair with Nicolette a secret. But, as he and Eddie resolve their differences over the new tow truck, Malcolm's refusal to discuss his evening with Holly creates entirely the wrong impression. Finally, as Malcolm and Holly return home to set some ground rules for their new romance, Eddie can't keep himself from seeing Nicolette again.

Season 1, Episode 22: Jingle Fever

19 May 1997
With Eddie's towing business really taking off, Malcolm suggests he try radio ads to capitalize on the success. In fact, things are going so well that he is approached by local tow truck legend, Tow Tom, about merging with his fleet. However, after Eddie claims he'd rather continue working for himself, a series of unfortunate incidents suggest that Tow Tom is trying to drive him out of business. Following Malcolm's advice, Eddie prepares for a radio campaign that he hopes will revive his suddenly flagging business. But his plans are dashed when Tow Tom both steals his idea to sponsor the morning radio show and has his driver's license revoked. The loss of his customers, insurance and license to Tow Tom has Eddie depressed. To help him get back on his feet, Malcolm suggests that he accept Tow Tom's offer of a job, if only to get an inside look at a successful towing business. Seeing his roommate taken advantage of by the ruthless tow truck magnate angers Malcolm, who decides to help Eddie get even. So, when Tow Tom enlists him to help with a new commercial, Malcolm seizes the chance to sabotage the ad. When it's about to be aired, Eddie has Tow Tom just where he wants him. And, in exchange for Eddie getting his business back, Malcolm agrees to destroy the tape so the ad never sees the light of day. Finally, with his business restored, Eddie can't resist playing one last prank on Tow Tom.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Been There, Done That

25 August 1997
After beating Eddie at basketball and winning a pair of valuable concert tickets, Malcolm is sure that his luck has taken a turn for the better. And he couldn't be more convinced of his good fortune than when Adrian Collins, a very beautiful, very wealthy and very single woman drops by the bar. Stretching the truth about himself, Malcolm quickly snags a date for the concert with Adrian. However, while Malcolm is on a roll, Eddie's luck has turned sour. Meanwhile, as Nicolette learns she's passed the first test on the road to becoming a police officer, Malcolm must deal with his headstrong new bartender, Jason. As things continue getting better with Adrian, Malcolm is under pressure to keep building himself up as a wealthy, Princeton-educated businessman. Yet, even after Eddie's antics force him to tell the truth, Malcolm is surprised to find Adrian impressed with his honesty and more anxious than ever to carry on their relationship. But his own run of bad luck prompts Eddie to get back at his best friend by telling Malcolm that he has slept with Adrian, too. Stunned by the news, Malcolm suddenly finds Adrian much less appealing. When it doesn't take long for Adrian to learn of Eddie's claim, she insists she would never do such a thing, especially with him. As a result, Malcolm jumps to his best friend's defense. And after vowing to never let another woman come between them again, Eddie luck changes for the better just as Malcolm's takes a turn for the worse.

Season 2, Episode 2: Roofless People

1 September 1997
A rainstorm during a televised football game makes it clear that Malcolm and Eddie desperately need a new roof. Insisting that Eddie not attempt the repair himself, Malcolm calls the bank to borrow the $20,000 they will need. And when loan officer Mr. Bellamy demands that they hire his daughter Brooke in exchange for the money, her beauty prompts both Malcolm and Eddie to agree to the terms -- despite the fact that the job is sparing her a prison sentence for burning down her estranged husband's house. Meanwhile, as Eddie works to keep his romance with Nicolette a secret, Tim announces his promotion to nurse at the hospital where he works. On her first day of work at McGee's, Brooke inquires about an apartment and agrees to be Nicolette's new roommate. But before she can get a look at her new home, Brooke is surprised by her ex-husband John Blaze, a rap singer who happens to look like Malcolm, but without any hair. Although she intends to start her life over, Brooke must first fend off the unfaithful Blaze's attempts to get her to come back home. Meanwhile, after mistaking Blaze for a baldheaded Malcolm, Eddie thinks it's okay to repair the leaky roof himself. After Eddie accidentally falls through the roof into Nicolette's apartment, his mistake is revealed when both Malcolm and Blaze arrive on the scene. When Brooke still refuses to come home, Malcolm is forced to step in and stand up for her. But before Malcolm and the rapper can come to blows, Blaze is stunned when Tim comes crashing through the roof, too. Finally, with some encouragement from Malcolm, Brooke agrees to give her marriage a second chance.

Season 2, Episode 3: Casino Evil

8 September 1997
If his food, drink and music weren't bad enough, fellow bar owner and competitor Mike McGinley has resorted to dirty tricks in order to steal business away from Malcolm. Searching for an idea to turn things around, Eddie suggests turning McGee's into a casino. Only they must first divert the Missouri River, which is 40 blocks away, in order to put McGee's on the river front and qualify it for a gaming license. With help from Hector and their position downhill from the river, Eddie makes sure that the Missouri River just touches McGee's. And once Malcolm bribes their supplier, he has the gambling equipment needed to be approved for a license to open a casino. As a result, McGee's is once again a flourishing -- at McGinley's expense. However, when McGinley arrives with hidden cards and loaded dice, his ill-gotten winnings threaten to ruin Malcolm's business once again. With help from Eddie and his bartender Jason, Malcolm decides to out-cheat the greedy McGinley. But when the cheating spirals beyond his control, Malcolm loses the bar to his rival. Yet, when a gaming commission agent points out the bar's small river channel has run dry and he's in violation of the law, McGinley insists he doesn't really own the bar after all -- unaware that it was all a hoax designed by Jason to keep Malcolm from losing his business. Finally, when their river access really does evaporate, Malcolm finds himself the owner of just a plain old bar and grill once again.

Season 2, Episode 4: Sibling Rivalry

15 September 1997
After hiring Brenda as his new waitress, Malcolm prepares for a visit by his sister, Maura. And upon finding out that Maura is gay, Eddie worries that being a lesbian is a fad that's catching on. Meanwhile, as he's caring for his young nephews, Tim is asked to teach them the facts of life, too. While he's trying his best to get a date with Brenda, Malcolm is surprised when Maura claims that his new waitress is gay. Although Malcolm refuses to believe it, Maura says that Brenda is interested in her and not him. Meanwhile, as Eddie tries reining in Tim's nephews, he must also keep them away from Nicolette. Yet once the two youngsters manage to get dates, Eddie is enlisted to teach them all about sex. Without unequivocal proof that Brenda isn't gay and worried that Maura could be right, Malcolm turns to Eddie for help and encouragement. But after Brenda arrives to have dinner with Malcolm and his sister, Eddie can't stand the suspense and comes right out and asks about her sexual preference. And much to Malcolm and Maura's surprise, Brenda decides she's most attracted to Eddie. Finally, after they have such a good time with him, Tim is again asked to take care of his nephews.

Season 2, Episode 5: A Police Officer and a Gentleman

22 September 1997
Although Malcolm is aware of his romance with Nicolette, Eddie is still intent on keeping it a secret. And even after discovering that everyone else knows, too, Eddie still isn't ready to be seen with her in public. So when Lieutenant Stanley Proctor asks her to be his date at a police department dance, Nicolette must give it serious consideration. Meanwhile, Malcolm's new cook Simone quickly makes it clear that she's interested in him. After giving Eddie a chance to reconsider, Nicolette agrees to be Stanley's date. As Eddie's protests to Nicolette go unheeded, Malcolm buys some questionable lobsters from neighborhood con man Free Willy. And when the caterer for the police department dance suddenly backs out, he arranges for Simone and the lobsters to fill in. Meanwhile, to keep an eye on Nicolette and her date, Eddie arranges to help Malcolm at the dance. After Eddie tries to cut in for a dance of his own, Nicolette is impressed, until she learns he has no intention of changing his secretive approach to their relationship. While Malcolm sees Simone taking her affection towards him just a little too seriously, Eddie tries to divert Lt. Proctor's attention away from Nicolette by announcing that the lobster being served at the dance was stolen. As the Lieutenant prepares to escort Malcolm to jail for questioning, Eddie makes his move on Nicolette. But the plan backfires when Nicolette still demands a commitment. Finally, after seeing Simone waiting for him outside, Malcolm reconsiders being let out of jail.

Season 2, Episode 6: The Courtship of Eddie's Mother

29 September 1997
Following her divorce, Eddie's mother arrives in Kansas City. Convinced that his parents should have tried harder to stay together, Eddie has a hard time adjusting to her seeing other men. And while he's glad to have his parents living far, far away, Malcolm is surprised when his own father drops by unexpectedly. Meanwhile, after promising a football game ticket to Eddie, Malcolm is forced to rescind the offer when his father wants to go. When his dad needs a place to stay, Malcolm offers him his room. With his mother visiting, too, Eddie is forced to share the living room with Malcolm, especially after Nicolette refuse to let him stay with her. However, both boys worry about what's next when they catch Mrs. Sherman and Mr. McGee kissing. And to keep them from getting involved, they must guard the doors to their respective parents rooms. Upset with Malcolm's wanting to keep them apart, Mr. McGee gets a hotel room and then invites Mrs. Sherman for dinner. After bribing a hotel bellman for access, they are actually sent to a room being used by a pair of bank robbers and then forced to escape via the 14th floor ledge. And while Malcolm convinces his father to respect Mrs. Sherman, Eddie finally comes to grips with the fact that his parents are divorced and that his mom is going to be dating men, including Mr. McGee.

Season 2, Episode 7: Trading Spaces

13 October 1997
After filling in for a few minutes at the bar, Eddie is convinced that he can do Malcolm's job without missing a beat. And when told he could never replace Eddie at the garage, Malcolm bets his half of their tax refund that he can. So while Malcolm installs a gift shop and coffee bar while supervising Hector's work, Eddie offers cheap drinks to lure new customers to the bar. As Malcolm begins having problems meeting commitments he's made to the garage's customers, Eddie gets NBA star Matt Pelton to autograph his new book at McGee's. However, the deal with Pelton quickly begins to collapse when he doesn't get all that was promised in his contract. To get on Pelton's good side, Malcolm then offers to tune up his Ferrari while he's at McGee's. But after Hector suddenly quits and leaves him short-handed, an accident damages Pelton's valuable sports car. When Pelton refuses to sign any autographs until his contract is fulfilled, Eddie is in big trouble. As Eddie looks for a way to deal with the increasingly unruly crowd at McGee's, Malcolm admits he needs help repairing the basketball star's Ferrari. So after Eddie persuades Hector to come back to work, Malcolm's threats succeed in getting Pelton to sign autographs. And upon realizing they are each in over their heads, Malcolm and Eddie concede the difficulties of the other's job as they try and return things to normal.

Season 2, Episode 8: Like Water for Chocolate Cookies

27 October 1997
In order to keep Simone from going to work for a competitor, Malcolm agrees to re-do McGee's menu. Upon discovering that translating it into to French allows him to raise the prices and his profits, Malcolm couldn't be happier. So when Simone bakes some extraordinary cookies that have exactly the same effect as sex, Malcolm and Eddie propose selling them. However, before she'll agree to participate, Simone wants a romantic partnership, something that Malcolm is simply unwilling to do. After learning that Eddie has already sold shares in the cookie venture to Tim and Nicolette, Malcolm decides to use the leftover dough to make more, hoping the profits will persuade Simone to change her mind about going into business together. But when Simone finds out that Malcolm went behind her back to make and sell her cookies without permission, she stuns everyone by quitting and going to work for Mick McGinley. Meanwhile, as business suffers without Simone, Malcolm tries to head off a lawsuit brought by Tim and Nicolette. In hopes of duplicating the recipe, Malcolm has Nicolette try and figure it out by tasting the cookies. After failing to get it right, Malcolm then invites Simone for a romantic dinner at his apartment in hopes of wooing her back. But when Simone insists on discussing the deal in bed, Malcolm cannot bring himself to do it and she bolts. However, when McGinley can no longer keep up with Simone's demands, he begs Malcolm to take her back.

Season 2, Episode 9: Dream Racer

3 November 1997
In preparation for the upcoming Kansas City 500, Eddie is helping his old friend and champion stock car racer Rusty Shaeffer get ready. With Eddie in his corner, Rusty is certain he can beat rival Trevor Davis and take home his first ever national championship. And impressed with Eddie and Rusty's confidence, Malcolm then asks Tim to hook him up with a bookmaker so he can place a $100 bet on the race. Meanwhile, a strange dream about Eddie driving a race car has Nicolette convinced that it's a premonition of bad things to come. When a case of double vision forces Rusty to look for another driver, Eddie claims it would fulfill a lifelong dream and persuades his friend to give him a try. To show his faith in his partner, Malcolm decides to let his $100 bet on Rusty's team stand. Yet, despite Eddie's fast qualifying time, Nicolette warns him that all the things she saw in her dream are falling into place. But as Eddie tries to reassure Nicolette while he's fielding Trevor's merciless taunts, Malcolm learns that a misunderstanding has resulted in him betting $5,000 on Eddie's car. With Eddie in third place, Nicolette turns to Rusty with another warning about the race. And when she uses a pit stop to make her case one more time, even Eddie begins to wonder if Nicolette's premonition might just be right. However, as Malcolm makes a futile attempt to get out of his bet, Eddie heads back onto the track where he finally manages to hold on and win the race -- much to the relief of Nicolette and Malcolm.

Season 2, Episode 10: Hoop Schemes

10 November 1997
When Malcolm asks him to step in and coach his youth basketball team while he's away, Eddie complains about the team's losing record and turns him down. However, when Nicolette stops by to make arrangements for a party at McGee's, Lt. Stanley Proctor mentions that it's for his team to celebrate their certain victory over team Malcolm's Li'l Dribblers. So a jealous Eddie offers to substitute for Malcolm in order to beat Proctor, only to learn that he's just needed for the game before. Meanwhile, Malcolm and rival Mick McGinley agree to save money by purchasing their restaurant supplies together. When McGinley complains that his son hasn't been getting enough playing time, Malcolm makes it clear that Mickey Jr. is better suited to sitting on the bench. As a result of the slight, McGinley leaves Malcolm stranded in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, when Eddie's maneuvering causes a forfeit that is the Li'l Dribblers first win, the team wants him to coach them against Proctor's Termites. After giving them lessons in foul play, Eddie then hopes for some favoritism by asking Malcolm to referee. And while Malcolm agrees, it's only to set an example of good sportsmanship for the boys. When Eddie tries to sneak an older player into the game, both Proctor and Nicolette see through his devious tactics. And once McGinley arrives to complain, Malcolm agrees Mickey Jr. should play, even though he doesn't want to. However, bad sportsmanship derails the game before it can get started as Eddie challenges Proctor to game of their own. And while Eddie manages to pull out a victory, Nicolette isn't impressed and leaves as Mickey Jr. enlists Malcolm and Eddie to intervene with his dad.

Season 2, Episode 11: Two Men and a Baby

17 November 1997
Needing someone to babysit her son while she goes to St. Louis for a job interview, Paige asks her cousin Eddie for help. And though Eddie agrees to keep an eye on little Bradley, he immediately shifts all the responsibility to Malcolm. As Malcolm tries to care for the baby and run the bar at the same time, Nicolette asks him to help out in case she needs to be bailed out of an uncomfortable roommate interview. But when Malcolm goes to the supermarket for baby supplies, he leaves Nicolette without anyone to help her get rid of a prospective roommate who has some real problems. While at the store, Malcolm meets Caroline, a beautiful woman who Malcolm leads to believe is Bradley's father. Complaining about Malcolm's using the baby to attract women, Eddie then gets word that Paige has been snowed in, leaving them with Bradley for the night. But thirty-six straight hours of Bradley being awake leaves Malcolm and Eddie at their wits end as Nicole steps in to get the baby to sleep. Meanwhile, after finding someone she's sure is the perfect roommate, Nicolette loses him after it appears that Bradley belongs to her and Eddie. When Caroline arrives for a date, Malcolm keeps from revealing the truth as he leaves the baby with Eddie. While Caroline is more than ready for a sensual evening, Malcolm cannot keep his mind off the baby. So, leaving her only minutes into their date, he returns home to check on Bradley. Meanwhile, Eddie has dozed off while reading to Bradley and doesn't hear Paige when she returns. So when he wakes to find Bradley is gone, Eddie panics and, when Malcolm returns, he confesses to losing the baby. After Paige comes back, Eddie tries hiding the fact that he doesn't know where Bradley is. But realizing Eddie's mistake, Paige reassures him and Malcolm that Bradley is fine. Finally, to keep Caroline interested, Malcolm pretends one last time to be Bradley's father.

Season 2, Episode 12: The Way We Weren't

18 November 1997
When Simone complains about Eddie storing car parts in her refrigerator, Malcolm wants an explanation. As the discussion causes a rift between the two friends, Simone suggests Malcolm is just as much to blame for allowing Eddie's behavior to go unchecked. And when Eddie balks at the suggestion that their relationship isn't always as good as it could be, Malcolm reminds him of some past problems, including the time Eddie turned McGee's into a strip club. Though Eddie doesn't want to hear it, Malcolm suggests taking advantage of Simone's many years of psychoanalysis to help improve their friendship. And even though Nicolette agrees with Eddie, Malcolm insists that Simone may have something worthwhile to say. Meanwhile, when Nicolette reminds him how Eddie helped reunite his grandparents by pretending to be Dean Martin, Malcolm recalls the time he disguised himself to help Eddie out of a jam, too. Unable to agree on whether he and Eddie ever disagree, Malcolm recalls his best friend's many philosophical insights. And after agreeing that their friendship has carried them through thick and thin, Eddie suggests that he and Malcolm have their own theme song.

Season 2, Episode 13: It Almost Happened One Night

24 November 1997
As Nicolette prepares for her police department exam, Malcolm learns that his restaurant is about to be reviewed by an influential food critic. But as Malcolm prepares for the visit, a customer's complaint suggests that something is wrong in the kitchen. That's when Simone admits she's flustered by the upcoming prospective of Antoinette, a Culinary Institute classmate and rival who stole her boyfriend five years ago. And while Malcolm wants to get rid of her before there's any more damage in the kitchen, Eddie is determined to get a date with Antoinette. When Antoinette says she's engaged to her former boyfriend Frederic, Simone cannot resist claiming that she and Malcolm have been happily married for almost a year. Although Malcolm agrees to play along in order to salvage his chance at a good review, the idea of being married soon begins to wear on him. And when Eddie offers Antoinette their couch for the night, Malcolm must sleep with Simone in order to keep up appearances. Meanwhile, Nicolette panics when she forgets everything she's learned for the police exam. Forced to spend the night together, Malcolm and Simone find that they do have something in common. Yet, when they are suspected of being more than just friends, Eddie denies having done anything improper with Antoinette, who admits that her engagement to Frederic was a lie concocted to make Simone jealous. Then, despite Simone's refusal to reveal the truth about her and Malcolm, she and Antoinette make amends. And after Nicolette gets a little to zealous on the exam, Malcolm is delighted by a great review.

Season 2, Episode 14: Whose Room Is It Anyway?

9 December 1997
On the night he's having a new girlfriend over, Malcolm is upset to learn that Eddie hasn't made other arrangements for himself as promised. When Malcolm complains, it ignites an ongoing argument over who has the biggest room. While Malcolm isn't looking, Eddie enlists Hector to help him move Malcolm's things so he can have the bigger room for a change. Upon discovering Eddie's scheme, Malcolm then tries moving his things back, only to injure himself and land in the hospital. When Malcolm blames him for his hernia, Eddie claims it never would have happened had he relented on the room in the first place and the two roommates agree to split up. During a hospital visit by Nicolette, Malcolm explains the circumstances that led to him and Eddie breaking up. However, when Eddie is injured by a fall in the hallway, he and Malcolm are suddenly roommates once again. And when the hospital staff goes out of their way to make sure Eddie is comfortable so he won't sue, Malcolm is ignored. After dreaming of their life together as senior citizens, Malcolm tries making amends. But finding that Eddie is in no mood to meet him halfway, Malcolm decides to retaliate. However, when Eddie springs put of bed to stop him, the nurse sees that he isn't really hurt, forcing him to admit that he faked his injury so that he could look out for Malcolm. Finally, Malcolm and Eddie resolve their differences over the sizes of their bedrooms and agree to continue as roommates.

Season 2, Episode 15: Tough Love

12 January 1998
After learning he and Eddie are being audited by the IRS, Malcolm hopes that his sister Maura will offer them some free accounting advice during her upcoming visit. However, before he can even explain their problem, Malcolm discovers that not only has Maura recently lost her job, but that she's also been left by her girlfriend. And once Maura despondently settles in on her brother's couch, good news about Nicolette's job and boyfriend do nothing to buoy her sagging spirits. Needing something drastic to get Maura moving again, Eddie suggests that Malcolm hire her at the restaurant. But when she insists that the customers order healthier fare, Malcolm fires Maura and gets Eddie to hire her to do the books at his garage. However, her efforts to computerize his business and straighten out his outstanding accounts costs money and upsets some longtime customers, forcing Eddie to sack Maura, too. Having now been fired by both Malcolm and Eddie, Maura is in no mood to help them out with their audit. As a result, the partners are left to face a surly IRS agent by themselves. However, as Malcolm and Eddie are about to be assessed a hefty penalty, Maura arrives to save the day and their money with her accounting acumen.

Season 2, Episode 16: A Decent Proposal

19 January 1998
Though Nicolette is ready to accept, her boyfriend Lt. Stanley Proctor cannot bring himself to ask her to get married. Asked for their help, Malcolm and Eddie agree to speak with Stanley to boost his confidence. Yet, when he even has trouble with them, Malcolm and Eddie arrange for an attractive friend to convince Stanley that he's the most fascinating man in Kansas City. Still unaware that he was set up, Stanley gains renewed confidence in himself. However, instead of asking Nicolette to marry him, he decides that he's not ready to settle down just yet. And while Malcolm asks her to tell the truth about her interest in him, Cidnee admits it was all a ruse before claiming that she ended up finding Stanley attractive after all. When Nicolette asks for an opinion on what to wear when Stanley proposes, Eddie reveals that her boyfriend's newfound confidence has him wanting to date other women instead. In the wake of Nicolette's angry reaction, Malcolm and Eddie set out to change Stanley's mind. And to make Proctor jealous, Eddie poses as Nicolette's new suitor. However, while the ploy works in getting Stanley to propose, Nicolette surprises everyone when she refuses to accept.

Season 2, Episode 17: Bachelor Daze

16 February 1998
Prior to the wedding of their friend Nelson Carter, Malcolm and Eddie take responsibility for organizing a bachelor party. Upon learning that Eddie has asked a friend of Simone's to be his date at the wedding, Malcolm worries that her arrival will upset their bachelor party plans. However, Eddie assures him that he's arranged for everything to go off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Nicolette goes undercover as an elderly woman in order to nab a purse snatcher. As Tim anxiously awaits the arrival of the stripper they've hired for the bachelor party, Eddie's plans are upset when Antoinette arrives early. Once super-stripper Tiffany the Tigress finally does arrive, Eddie is persuaded to join Simone and Antoinette for dessert instead. And when challenged by Simone, Malcolm agrees to join them, too. Meanwhile, as Eddie works to keep his interest in Tiffany a secret from Antoinette, Malcolm is upset over being intimidated into missing the stripper's performance. Still, he can't keep from having romantic thoughts about Simone. Blaming their sudden change of heart on Nelson getting married, Malcolm and Eddie resolve to stand fast in the face of their women. Yet, after Eddie tries to impress her with his interest in opera, Simone sees through the ruse as Antoinette longs to have the old scheming Eddie back. And while Simone is certain he chose to miss out on the bachelor party because of her, Malcolm struggles to convince her -- and himself -- otherwise. Finally, after Tim shells out $600 for a chance to marry Tiffany for a half-hour, Nicolette's undercover assignment makes her a reluctant hero.

Season 2, Episode 18: Mixed Nuts

23 February 1998
In preparation for their father's surprise 60th birthday party, Malcolm and Maura arrange for Eddie's mom to cook. When Malcolm suggests inviting the Sherman family, both Eddie and his mom agree they would be far too much trouble. But after Sheila lets her sister Ruby know about the party and a Sherman family contingent arrives, it isn't long before Malcolm finds their presence a problem. After missing his dad's phone call because of Eddie's family, Malcolm sends Nicolette to pick him up at the airport. However, as Sheila and Maura square off in the kitchen and Eddie takes offense at his frustrated outburst, Malcolm leaves the apartment to the Shermans and moves his dad's party downstairs. When he and Nicolette arrive at McGee's, Marcus is expecting a big surprise party. And though Malcolm suggests a quiet family dinner at the restaurant, his dad heads upstairs to find Sheila and her family in command of the apartment. When the time comes for Marcus's gifts, Eddie's relatives sneak away. And once a mix up results in Maura and Malcolm each getting their dad a gift he's already bought for himself, an argument erupts over who's responsible for the disaster. Then, during the argument between the Shermans and the McGees, an apparent heart attack puts Marcus in the hospital. However, once the two families settle their differences out of concern for his health, Marcus reveals that he played up a stomach ache just to teach them a lesson.

Season 2, Episode 19: The Slender Arm of the Law

2 March 1998
When Malcolm grows tired of quirky ex-race car driver Rusty Shaeffer hanging around the bar all day he asks Eddie for help. Owing his start in the car repair business to Rusty, Eddie agrees to give his old friend a job. But while Rusty quickly impresses Eddie with his hard work and commitment, Hector complains that it's making him look bad. Meanwhile, Nicolette frets over giving Malcolm a traffic ticket. Once the Kansas City Classic Car Club learns about Rusty, they move their meetings to McGee's in order to have him around. As Malcolm looks forward to making a lot of money off Rusty, Eddie's customers are demanding his services, too. However, when Nicolette uncovers the fact that Rusty once walked away from a mental hospital after burning it down twenty years ago, it jeopardizes their new source of income. And while trying to keep Rusty under wraps, Malcolm and Eddie begin to wonder if they are, in fact, hiding a dangerous psychopath. After he and Eddie ask Rusty to submit to a psychiatric examination administered by Tim, Malcolm tries to sneak him into the car club meeting without Nicolette noticing. But when Nicolette finds that he's charging customers $10 apiece to meet Rusty, she threatens Malcolm with arrest, too. Unwilling to give up, Nicolette presses on until she discovers Rusty in the bar's basement. But after she agrees to bring him in following his talk to the car club, Malcolm and Eddie soon regret giving Rusty the benefit of the doubt.

Season 2, Episode 20: A Few So-So Men

28 April 1998
When Malcolm decides to redesign McGee's, he gets a carpenter to build an exact replica of the bar at Kansas City's legendary Jelly Roll Club. However, there's a problem when Eddie finds that the man hired to build the bar is Harvey Squires, his old nemesis from their days in the Navy together. After Eddie explains how Squires got him blamed for dealing in stolen government property, Nicolette announces that she's bringing the entire police force in for a retirement party. So in order to reopen in time, Malcolm has no choice but to keep Squires on the job. When pressed by Malcolm, Eddie agrees to stop complaining provided that Squires apologize. Told of the demand, Squires insists that it's Eddie who should apologize. Recalling their Navy days together, goes on to paints a completely different picture of Eddie, who he says got him wrongly accused of gambling in their barracks. And when Eddie refuses to apologize, Squires quits, jeopardizing Malcolm's chances to reopen for the party. So Eddie steps in and builds a new bar himself -- one he fashions out of old car parts. When the new bar fails to work, Malcolm sees that the only way to reopen is to settle the disagreement between Eddie and Squires. Asking Nicolette to bring in a lie detector, he discovers that both Eddie and Squires appear to be telling the truth. And that's when the two sworn enemies realize that the person responsible for them being jailed was their barracks-mate, Zelman McBride. However, when Squires heads off to get revenge on McBride, Malcolm is still left without the new bar after the carpenter decides to reopen the old Jelly Roll Club himself.

Season 2, Episode 21: A Delicate Procedure

5 May 1998
After a wild night leaves him with a strange woman's named tattooed on his arm, Malcolm needs to find some way to make it a little less obvious. Instead of having the tattoo altered, Tim offers to get Malcolm some expensive laser surgery for free, provided he go on a date with his sister Claudine. Despite his strict policy against blind dates, Malcolm agrees, but only if his friends can come along. And that's when he and everyone else gets a dose of Claudine's bad attitude. When no one can interest Claudine in anything fun, Eddie suggests that nobody could seduce her. Rising to the challenge, Malcolm insists that Claudine could never resist him once he puts his mind to it. And just as he thought, she quickly falls prey to his romantic moves. But when Tim accuses him of seducing his sister, he warns Malcolm against breaking her heart or risk keeping his tattoo forever. Hoping to get rid of Claudine without hurting her feelings, Malcolm seeks Eddie's advice. But pretending to be a chain smoker and inviting her on a hunting trip doesn't work. With nowhere else to turn, he then tries putting off Claudine by making Simone jealous. But Simone doesn't take the bait, Malcolm finds that the only way he can rid himself of Claudine is to appear to be a selfish opportunist.

Season 2, Episode 22: Car Trouble

12 May 1998
When Malcolm's old car finally gives out, Nicolette suggests buying a new one at an upcoming police auction. To make sure he gets a good deal, Eddie offers to go along. But when Malcolm sets his sights on a 1961 Corvette Stingray, Eddie is called on for more than mechanical expertise when his partner needs a loan to buy the classic car. As he's cleaning up on Malcolm's new car, Eddie unexpectedly finds $22,000 hidden inside. While Eddie feels entitled to keep the cash for himself, Malcolm warns that it could have criminal origins and calls Nicolette for advice. And though happy that the previous owner has been sent away for a long stay in prison, he and Eddie worry upon learning that the convicted criminal's brother is still on the loose. When the man he outbid for the car at the auction comes looking for him, Malcolm is sure that it's the owner's brother looking for the cash. Although Malcolm soon discovers that Anthony is just a classic car buff wanting to buy the car, Eddie assumes he's a killer and offers to make a deal to forget about the car -- especially since he's already spent the money he found. When the jailed owner's brother finally does arrive and Eddie realizes his mistake, he offers him all the merchandise he bought with the missing money. And when Gino is only interested in the cash, Eddie gets out of the jam with a call to an organized crime boss who owes him a favor.

Season 2, Episode 23: Kansas City Split

19 May 1998
A harrowing experience on an airplane flight back from a big car show that's left Eddie feeling full of life has Malcolm depressed. To help lift his flagging spirits, Simone offers him a tape of spiritual guru, Dr. Mira Shakra. As a result, Malcolm suspects his destiny lies somewhere beyond McGee's. And when Mira coincidentally shows up at the bar during her lecture tour, he's ready to change his life. Meanwhile, Eddie gets lucrative a job offer in Pittsburgh. As a result of Malcolm's meeting Mira and Eddie's new job, they call their friends together to announce they've decided to sell their business. Though no one takes them seriously at first, Mira suddenly returns to Kansas City during the middle of her tour and makes it clear that she wants something different in her life, too. Meanwhile, as they prepare to move, Malcolm and Eddie are reminded of their good times together. As Malcolm and Eddie are getting ready to say good-bye, Mira arrives at the bar with some disturbing news. Even though Malcolm has sold everything in order to start a new life together, she in love with someone else. And while not telling Eddie, he ponders what to do next.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: My New Friend's Wedding

5 October 1998
As Malcolm laments selling the bar and losing his girlfriend, Eddie's job at a Pittsburgh scrap yard has turned out to be far less than advertised. Tired of his boss's profligate spending at his expense, Eddie takes matters into his own hands. And after crushing Steve's new truck, he arrives in Kansas City where he is surprised at Malcolm's sorry state. At the site of the old McGee's, Malcolm and Eddie now find an oxygen bar catering to an entirely different clientele. Upon deciding to give its new fare a try, Malcolm complains about having been dumped by a woman for the first time in his life. In an attempt to console him, Eddie recalls how they first met. And in hopes of cheering him up, he recounts being left at the altar by Malcolm's cousin. Recalling the fateful wedding day, Eddie remembers how Malcolm consoled him and then helped with the embarrassment of having to tell everyone. Making it clear that he cannot go back to his job in Pittsburgh, Eddie suggests teaming up again. And that's when the two old friends agree to start a new jazz club they call The Fifty-Fifty Club.

Season 3, Episode 2: Back in Business

12 October 1998
It's only after Eddie moves back in that Malcolm discovers his former partner frivolously spent all the money he made from their sale of their old building. While Eddie has plenty of toys to occupy their time, he and Malcolm are $20,000 short of what they need to open their jazz club. At the office of T.R. Hawkins, the man who bought their building, Malcolm and Eddie learn he now wants much more for it than what he paid them. And while Eddie promises to provide the inspiration, he relies on Malcolm to come up with a plan to launch their new venture. At the oxygen bar that occupies the former McGee's, business isn't booming. Hoping to take advantage of the current tenant's woes, they offer to rent the building from Hawkins instead. However, when he wants much more than what the oxygen bar is paying, the boys are back to square one. At the bar, Malcolm and Eddie try to get its owner, Leonard Rickets, to admit his business is a failure and throw in the towel. However, without the bar, Leonard not only doesn't have a job, but he doesn't have a place to live either. So, when Malcolm and Eddie agree to sublet the bar and give Leonard a job, all for far less money than Hawkins wanted, they beat the owner at his own game and set out to open the Fifty-Fifty Club.

Season 3, Episode 3: Silenced Partner

19 October 1998
As they are preparing for the grand opening of the Fifty-Fifty Club, Malcolm seeks Eddie's advice on everything from beer glasses to the menu. But, when Eddie prefers to concentrate on the club's musical entertainment, leaving the other decisions to him, Malcolm suspects his best friend feels guilty over not putting up any money to get their club off the ground. Meanwhile, when Nicolette quits the police force, Malcolm hires her to be a waitress at the club. As Malcolm continues to ask his advice and then just as quickly ignores it, Eddie orders T-shirts to give away at the opening. When Malcolm complains about not be consulted first, Eddie decides that his partner should make all the decisions from now on. But once Malcolm is forced to deal with the consequences, he regrets having offended Eddie. Meanwhile, as Leonard hires his cousin to be the club's new bartender, Nicolette balks at Malcolm's choice of waitress uniforms. Wanting to be a financial contributor, too, Eddie turns to their landlord, T.R. Hawkins. While Hawkins doesn't want to loan him the $20,000, he is willing to make an investment in the club in exchange for a stake in the business. Then, after Eddie comes up with enough money to make their opening a big success, Malcolm learns that he's started to work on restoring Hawkins's collection of classic cars in order to get the money. Finally, Malcolm and Eddie are forced to take Leonard aside and remind him that, in spite of what he told his cousin Doug, they are the owners of the club.

Season 3, Episode 4: Twisted Sisters

26 October 1998
At the Fifty-Fifty Club's first Halloween party, Eddie is electrocuted after accidentally spilling a drink on his microphone. However, as Malcolm, Nicolette and Doug come to his aid, Eddie reveals that it was yet another in a series of Halloween pranks he's played on his partner over the years. And once they recall many of Eddie's past efforts, he and Malcolm head to an out of town party to celebrate Halloween. After running out of gas on the way back home, Malcolm and Eddie check into a nearby motel for the night. Although their evening gets off to a rocky start, a beautiful guest soon invites them to join her and her sister for a drink. However, as Malcolm is getting to know Veronica, Eddie discovers that Jody isn't nearly as attractive. And though Malcolm encourages him to tough it out, Eddie balks until Jody decides she wants to spend the night with Malcolm instead. As Eddie tries to get some time alone with Veronica, Malcolm claims that he can't bring himself to stay with Jody. Overhearing the sisters arguing violently next door, Eddie finds them both lying dead in a pool of blood. But, after getting Malcolm and returning to the girl's room, Eddie is surprised to find that they've both disappeared. Told by the manager that he saw the ghosts of two sisters, who stabbed each other to death at the motel on Halloween ten years ago, Eddie decides he's going home. However, he's nearly scared to death one more time by Jody and Veronica before learning it was all an elaborate practical joke staged by Malcolm.

Season 3, Episode 5: Dream Girl

2 November 1998
After impressing the lovely and interested Tracy Burke, Malcolm finds himself three weeks into what is shaping up to be a serious relationship. As Malcolm is certain that he's found the woman of his dreams, Eddie is besieged by obscene phone calls from an admirer. And once Eddie starts dating her, he's also found the perfect mate, unaware that it's Tracy. Only after their respective infatuations causes them to lose interest in other women do Malcolm and Eddie realize there's a problem. Comparing notes, they discover that, while their girlfriends are quite different, the are both the same woman. However, upon finding Tracy at her apartment, Malcolm and Eddie's protests are cut short when another boyfriend arrives for a romantic evening. Embarrassed at being beaten at their own game, Malcolm and Eddie return to the club to lick their wounds. As a result, each of them pledges to take a break from dating in order to heal. But it doesn't take long for the guys to get back into the swing of things.

Season 3, Episode 6: Menace II Theology

2 November 1998
While at church with her friends, Nicolette volunteers to deliver meals to the congregation's elderly members. However, just as Reverend Hughes is looking for someone to teach Sunday school, Leonard's spilled coffee startles Malcolm and Eddie. And when the Reverend mistakes leaping to their feet as an eagerness to teach, Malcolm and Eddie find themselves offering to share the teaching duties. After Nicolette refuses to let him and Eddie out of their responsibility to the class, Malcolm arrives at Sunday school prepared to teach the story of Moses. However, his detailed historical analysis only stupefies his young charges. But, if Malcolm's lesson bored the youngsters to tears, Eddie's permissive approach the following week only created chaos. As word of their respective disasters reaches the congregation, Malcolm and Eddie are ready to resign. Admonishing them not to give up so easily, Nicolette encourages her friends to find a creative solution to the problem. So, after enlisting Leonard in the effort, they recreate ancient Egypt for their class during a very special dramatic rendition of the story of Moses and Pharaoh.

Season 3, Episode 7: Love Thy Neighbor

9 November 1998
Because of their success, Malcolm and Eddie decide that now might be the time for the Fifty-Fifty Club to expand. After drawing up plans to take over Eddie's old repair shop, he and Malcolm invite their landlord to hear their proposal. And that's when they learn that Hawkins has already rented the old garage to dance teacher Laura Morales. After dropping by Laura's new studio, Malcolm and Eddie both hit it off with their new neighbor. But when Malcolm offers $50 to help her find another location, Laura will hear nothing of it. Then, following a problem that leaves the entire building without any electricity, and some early morning noise coming from the studio, Malcolm calms an irate Eddie before going to see Laura himself. While prepared to get tough, Malcolm is surprised to find that Laura has already dealt with all their problems. And once she offers to pay for having his car towed out of her parking space, too, Malcolm is impressed with her efforts to be a good neighbor. Realizing that his partner has been seduced by Laura's charms, Eddie claims he can get her to move. But after he ends up dancing with Laura, Eddie also agrees that she should stay.

Season 3, Episode 8: Teed Off

9 November 1998
On the eve of closing a big real estate deal with wealthy developer J.P. Montgomery, Malcolm and Eddie's landlord, T.J. Hawkins arrives at the Fifty-Fifty Club to celebrate. To seal their deal, Hawkins has invited Montgomery to play golf at his club. But, when the others in the foursome cancel, Malcolm and Eddie offer to fill in. After striking a deal with Hawkins for a few rounds of golf at his exclusive country club, Malcolm and Eddie arrive for the match. Although both Malcolm and Hawkins balk at making a wager, Eddie accepts Montgomery's offer of a $100 a hole. Owing Eddie $500 after 13 holes, the real estate tycoon then suggests increasing their bet. But after he agrees and Montgomery suddenly turns up the heat, it's clear that Eddie's been taken for a ride. With one hole left to play and Eddie down $1,000, Malcolm points out that if Montgomery can cheat at golf, he wouldn't think twice about cheating on their deal, too. And once a phone call proves that Montgomery is playing him against another potential investor, Hawkins challenges him to a contest -- one which will give the winner a $4 million advantage on their deal. Finally, after Hawkins agrees to cover his losses and give him and Malcolm access to his collection of classic cars, Eddie takes on Montgomery - and wins!

Season 3, Episode 9: Requiem for a Lightweight

16 November 1998
While onstage at the club, Eddie finds himself being relentlessly heckled by Jo Jo Johnson. After he returns the insults, Eddie is challenged to a fight. Despite Malcolm's warning, he agrees to square off with Jo Jo at Knuckles' Gym. But as he goes into training with Malcolm, Eddie has second thoughts once Nicolette reveals that Jo Jo was a boxing champion in prison. In an effort to save Eddie from a brutal beating, Malcolm suggests that his friend take a dive. Determined to take Malcolm's advice to heart, he arrives at the gym for his match with Jo Jo. But after getting in a few good licks, Eddie reconsiders his plans to lose. And once Jo Jo delivers another insult along with a flurry of damaging punches, Eddie is determined to fight to the finish. Although he worries about his best friend, Malcolm gives Eddie all the encouragement he can muster. As Jo Jo continues to land some solid punches, Eddie holds his own as the fight goes on. And even though he takes a beating he'll never forget, Eddie finally wins.

Season 3, Episode 10: Bowl-a-Drama

16 November 1998
When Malcolm's older brother drops in unexpectedly, Nicolette makes it clear that she's more than a little interested in him. As the competitiveness that has always existed between the McGee brothers bubbles to the surface, Nicolette is disappointed to learn Trey is married. And when she suggests they come to the bowling alley where she's about to start working, Malcolm asks Leonard to come along and keep the competition from ruining the evening. At the bowling alley, Leonard quickly sees that keeping Malcolm and Trey from fighting is a lot of work. Despite his efforts, the two brothers are soon arguing over everything from technique to keeping score. Meanwhile, Nicolette doesn't appreciate how her customers are treating her. And following a run in with the boss's wife, she quits. After a disagreement over the score, Malcolm starts to walk away until an insult hurled by Trey brings him running back. After breaking up their fight, Leonard insists that Trey apologize. Left to settle their differences alone, Malcolm reveals how disappointed he was that Trey left home following their parent's divorce. Confessing to have always regretted leaving like he did, Trey then admits how proud he is of Malcolm. And after Trey announces that he's about to become a father, he and Malcolm finally make amends.

Season 3, Episode 11: That's What Friends Aren't For

23 November 1998
After agreeing to stay late and help out at the club, Nicolette is surprised when Malcolm complains about her missing a weekly staff meeting. Already feeling put upon after Malcolm orders her to work on Thanksgiving, Nicolette is harassed by an unreasonable customer. And when Malcolm refuses to back her up in a showdown with Mick Steinmetz, she quits. Meanwhile, despite Malcolm's advice, Leonard gets tongue tied while asking a beautiful customer for a date. In Nicolette's absence, the Fifty-Fifty Club is woefully understaffed. Despite Eddie's protests, Malcolm won't apologize, insisting that it be up to Nicolette to ask for her job back. However, when he has to face Mick's harsh criticism, Malcolm suddenly revises his policy about the customer always being right and throws the unruly Steinmetz out. Meanwhile, Leonard's unsuccessful efforts to woo Shannon with a poetry reading catch the attention of another female customer. Swallowing his pride, Malcolm goes to Nicolette's to make amends. Although he can't bring himself to accept responsibility for her leaving, he does place a call to the psychic hot line Nicolette is working for to apologize. And already tired of her new job, Nicolette agrees to return to work. Finally, Malcolm uses Leonard and Allison's attraction for one another to clear out the club at closing time.

Season 3, Episode 12: Father of the Bribe

23 November 1998
When she arrives at the bar for the first time, Malcolm is smitten with Ashley's beauty and charm -- until he discovers she's the daughter of his landlord, T.R. Hawkins. Despite the potential for problems, Ashley invites Malcolm to join her at a cocktail party -- an idea that T.R. immediately tries to squelch. However, when Ashley refuses to rescind the invitation, Hawkins warns Malcolm to behave himself when he's out with his daughter. Falling in love with Ashley does wonders for Malcolm's disposition. And though Malcolm could not be happier, his landlord isn't. In an effort to stem the romance, Hawkins offers the tight-fisted Malcolm a very generous lease renewal on the condition that he never sees Ashley again. And to insure that Malcolm knows he's serious, Hawkins threatens to throw him out if he doesn't accept. While Nicolette encourages Malcolm to follow his heart and not let Hawkins dictate such harsh terms, Leonard recommends accepting the new lease and finding another girlfriend. Hoping to distract his daughter away from Malcolm, Hawkins gives her an expensive new car as a present for passing the bar exam. But when Ashley invites him out for a ride, Malcolm must reveal that her dad is coercing him. Ignoring the potential financial fallout, he agrees to join Ashley in defiance of her father. Finally, after Ashley offers to represent Malcolm in court, Hawkins has no choice but to back down.

Season 3, Episode 13: Paint Misbehavin'

19 January 1999
When pressed by Nicolette, landlord T.R. Hawkins reluctantly agrees to have her apartment painted. Once Leonard and Doug sign on for the job, Nicolette must move out until they are done. And though they didn't plan on it, Malcolm and Eddie suddenly find themselves agreeing to be Nicolette's hosts and to helping her move. Once Nicolette has settled in, she quickly begins taking over Malcolm and Eddie's apartment. Although they suddenly find their place too messy, too hot and with too little food, the guys have little recourse but to grin and bear it. But after Nicolette's unexpected return interrupts his date with Ashley, Malcolm finally has had enough. And after Eddie cannot get some time alone in the bathroom, both he and Malcolm realize that they must do something fast. Tracking her down in the nearly repainted apartment, Malcolm and Eddie try telling Nicolette just how hard she is to live with. But when she counters with a complaint about them, Leonard steps in to settle the dispute. Once Nicolette admits to taking advantage of their hospitality, she prepares to move back home as Eddie helps finish the last bit of painting. But when Eddie's accident with the paint sprayer ruins all of Leonard and Doug's hard work, Nicolette must stay with her neighbors just a little longer.

Season 3, Episode 14: Insemination Without Representation

9 February 1999
At her surprise 30th birthday party, Nicolette reacts badly and bolts from the club. Coming back later to apologize, she confesses to feeling unfulfilled by turning 30 childless. To make sure another unsatisfying birthday doesn't come and go, Nicolette announces that she's going to be artificially inseminated. And for moral support, she asks Malcolm to join her at the sperm bank. After a humorless interview with her insemination counselor, Nicolette has second thoughts about using an anonymous donor. As a result, she asks Malcolm to be the father of her child, and to do it without using artificial insemination. And while he's flattered to be asked, Malcolm wants to think about it first. Once he's had a chance to mull it over, Malcolm agrees to help Nicolette out. During their first attempt at conception, both parties are nervous. However, once they have a chance to discuss the details, they find that there's little they agree upon when it comes to raising a child. As a result, Malcolm and Nicolette both agree to wait.

Season 3, Episode 15: The Mad Hatter

16 February 1999
As a favor, Malcolm agrees to take some of Eddie's prized hat collection to be cleaned. However, while Malcolm and Leonard are making a quick stop at a convenience store, a thief steals Eddie's hats. After learning that his partner neglected to lock the car, Eddie demands that Malcolm include $1,000 for his hats on an insurance claim. But after finding that Malcolm isn't covered for theft, Eddie decides to sue. When the case is accepted for TV's "Citizen's Court," Malcolm and Eddie arrive to present their respective arguments before Judge Joseph Wapner. When called to the stand, Eddie accuses Malcolm of negligence. In his own defense, Malcolm claims that the theft was an act of God. And though Malcolm calls him as a witness, Leonard cannot help but try to please both of his bosses. So, after hearing the case, Judge Wapner dismisses Leonard as an unreliable witness before retiring to make his decision. Back in the courtroom, Judge Wapner makes it clear that Malcolm acted negligently by leaving the car unlocked. However, after getting a look at pictures provided by Eddie, he declares the hats are worth only $40. And after ordering Malcolm to pay, the judge reprimands both parties for letting the case threaten their friendship. Following the TV trial, Malcolm offers to pay Eddie the $1,000 he wanted. And once Malcolm gives him the check, Eddie promptly tears it up in order to restore their friendship. Finally, in response to a reward offered by Malcolm, Eddie gets his hats back for a mere $5.

Season 3, Episode 16: Devil's Advocate

23 February 1999
While watching "The Jerry Stein Show" on television, Malcolm and Eddie learn of the all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl being offered to whoever can convince his audience that they are the world's biggest football fans. Certain that their devotion to the Kansas City Chiefs will guarantee a win, Eddie asks Malcolm to try out. And while Malcolm worries about being humiliated by Stein's tough audience, the value of the tickets persuades him to go along with the plan. Through a cousin who works on Stein's show, Leonard gets Malcolm and Eddie a chance to appear and vie for the Super Bowl tickets. But when his cousin sees them take the stage, he tells Leonard that they've shown up at the wrong time. As a result, instead of being interviewed as football fanatics, Malcolm and Eddie are mistakenly identified as devil worshippers. After they are introduced to the unruly and hostile audience, Malcolm and Eddie's lifelong obsession with the Chiefs is misconstrued as a fanatic devotion to Satan. In an effort to remedy the misunderstanding, they take on the show's other guests, much to the delight of Stein and the crowd. And because their brawl with the Satan worshippers was such a hit, Stein encourages them to stay for the show they originally came for.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner ... Malcolm McGee

Eddie Griffin ... Edward Otis 'Eddie' Sherman

Karen Malina White ... Nicolette Vandross

Christopher Daniel Barnes ... Leonard Rickets

Kim Floyd ... Female Panelist

Andray Johnson ... Irate Audience Member

Scott King ... Jerry Springer's Bouncer

John Maynard ... Construction Worker
Ron Pearson ... Doug Rickets
Smalls ... Chester (as Rick Strickland)

Jerry Springer ... Jerry Stein

Season 3, Episode 17: Badfellas

2 March 1999
On instructions from his boss, Mr. O, Spencer Campbell offers Malcolm and Eddie protection from anything untoward happening to the Fifty-Fifty Club. Realizing that it's a shakedown, the two partners beef up their own security after sending Spencer away. Bringing along another business owner who suffered losses from an unexplained fire after refusing a similar deal, Mr. O gives the boys a chance to reconsider. But, after turning down him down again, Malcolm and Eddie are forced to conduct their own round-the-clock surveillance of the club. In need of some sleep, Malcolm and Eddie let Leonard and Doug watch the club for one night. Yet, the following morning, they find that Mr. O's goons trashed the place after tying up Leonard and Doug. With their business a shambles, Malcolm and Eddie turn to the Kansas City Police Department for help. And even though everyone knows that Mr. O and his gang are responsible, the detectives assigned to the case can do nothing without proof. So, to see that justice is done, Eddie and Malcolm go undercover to catch Mr. O red-handed. At the barbershop that serves as Mr. O's headquarters, Malcolm and Eddie arrive disguised as a pair of police detectives. In an effort to get even, they try to shake him down for a piece of his racket. But after the mobster exposes their ruse, he sets out to make an example of the boys. However, before Mr. O can do any damage, the detective who has the operation under surveillance bursts in. And while Mr. O is certain that they have nothing on him, Malcolm proves otherwise with a confession he secretly recorded.

Season 3, Episode 18: The Fool Monty

27 April 1999
In an effort to improve the Fifty-Fifty Club's finances, Nicolette suggests a Ladies Night complete with some handsome male strippers. Although both Malcolm and Eddie worry about what strippers might do to the club's image, after learning how profitable it is, they readily agree. Meanwhile, Leonard persuades Malcolm and Eddie to promote him to Food and Beverage Director. While Leonard negotiates a deal for some cut-rate clams, Nicolette and Laura hire four handsome young men to perform at the club. Once the crowd arrives, it's clear that they are ready for action. However, when Leonard's clams turn out to be bad and all four dancers come down with a bad case of food poisoning, Malcolm and his partner are left without any entertainment to calm the raucous crowd. With a club full of unruly women who expect to be entertained, Malcolm and Eddie must act fast. When Nicolette threatens to do something drastic if they cancel, Leonard and Doug take the stage. And following their success, it's up to Malcolm and Eddie to take their clothes off for the wild crowd, too. Finally, despite his mistake with the clams, Leonard is given another chance to prove himself, this time under Nicolette's watchful eye.

Season 3, Episode 19: Daddio

4 May 1999
With plans to expand their business, Malcolm and Eddie go to see Troy Jensen, a contractor who's bid on the construction of a new Fifty-Fifty Club in Chicago. With his wife called into work at the hospital where she's a nurse, Troy is left to care for their three children -- seven-year-old Rome, ten-year-old Cairo and twelve-year-old Geneva. And while Troy's brothers warn against doing business with them, Malcolm and Eddie watch Rome get his head stuck in the staircase banister posts while pretending to be a superhero, as Geneva arrives home with a disastrous haircut courtesy of a friend. After ordering Cairo to walk their family dog, Bill goes to comfort the distraught Geneva. As Troy convinces his daughter to embrace her new look regardless of how hideous it may seem, Malcolm and Eddie help Rome extricate himself from the staircase. Meanwhile, after giving the dog away to some loving neighbors, Cairo has a change of heart when his dad suggests that the family might be better off if he were in military school. While happy with the work Troy has proposed, Malcolm and Eddie try to get him to cut the price. But Troy refuses to budge and even persuades them that he's worth the extra expense. Finally, after leaving the Jensen family in Chicago, Malcolm and Eddie return to Kansas City where they left their club in the hands of a loyal, though not always capable, staff.

Season 3, Episode 20: As You Strike It

11 May 1999
With things going well at the club, the staff asks to share in the good fortune and Eddie agrees to approach Malcolm on their behalf. While Malcolm agrees to a small raise, he refuses any health benefits, paid vacations or profit sharing. As a result, Nicolette leads the employees out on strike. When left to run the club on their own, it doesn't take long for Malcolm and Eddie to realize that, without an end to the strike, they'll need to hire a new staff. In an effort to help out, Eddie's visually challenged cousin applies for a job. But it's only after he's hired that Malcolm learns about Dexter's recent stay in a mental institution. After an accident breaks the eyeglasses he needs to look normal, Dexter's patience is tested by a customer's cruel taunts. Although Malcolm tries to keep things under control, a fight quickly erupts. And after the strikers wade into the middle of the brawl to help out, Malcolm offers their jobs back after Nicolette negotiates an acceptable raise.

Season 3, Episode 21: The Sweet Hell of Success

18 May 1999
After the club makes $50,000 in just three months, Malcolm quickly invests his share of the profits in the stock market. Eddie, on the other hand, takes his earning to the racetrack. While Malcolm accuses his partner of being irresponsible, Eddie counters by saying that he's cheap. As a result, Malcolm calls on his financial advisor to set Eddie straight. But instead of taking Olive's advice, Eddie buys a racehorse. As Eddie settles in to watch his horse win $100,000 in its first race, a stock market nosedive costs Malcolm plenty. As the horse continues winning, Eddie becomes richer by the race, allowing him to get all the things Malcolm is too cheap to buy. But, after seeing Eddie's new entourage of hangers-on, Malcolm is worried about his partner wasting all of his money. To talk some sense into Eddie, Malcolm asks actor Emmanuel Lewis to give him a lecture on fiscal responsibility. Noting how newfound wealth once attracted a host of new friends eager to cash in for themselves, Emmanuel warns Eddie about being too free with his cash. And though Eddie is grateful for Malcolm's concern, they finally agree not to try and tell each other what to do.

Season 3, Episode 22: B.S. I Love You

25 May 1999
After preparing a romantic dinner for two, Malcolm is disappointed when an urgent business meeting takes Ashley out of town at the last minute. Although he remains committed to Ashley, Malcolm cannot resist when Olivia, a singer in the club's new band, expresses an interest in him. However, after overhearing Olivia talking with a friend, Eddie discovers that she's being paid by T.R. Hawkins to come between his daughter, Ashley, and Malcolm. Meanwhile, Eddie's latest admirer is their voyeuristic neighbor, Tonya. On the news that he bought Olivia a new car in exchange for her cooperation, Eddie confronts Hawkins. And even though Hawkins tries to bribe him into cooperating, too, Eddie refuses and tells Malcolm the truth. But when Malcolm asks her about the plan, Olivia admits to having some feelings for him and begs for another chance. Upon returning from her business trip, Ashley insists that her father bring her straight to the club to see Malcolm. Seizing the moment, Malcolm takes the stage to recite a poem in which he proposes marriage. Though Ashley defies her father and agrees to marry Malcolm, she's upset after seeing Olivia give him a kiss. As a result, Malcolm must choose between two women who both say they are in love with him. Finally Eddie is stunned when he gets a look at Peeping Tonya.

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Hanging by a Dred

6 September 1999

Season 4, Episode 2: Ship Outta Luck

13 September 1999

Season 4, Episode 3: Hot Pants

20 September 1999

Season 4, Episode 4: Clubbed

27 September 1999

Season 4, Episode 5: Worst Impressions

4 October 1999

Season 4, Episode 6: The Tapawingo Witch Project

18 October 1999

Season 4, Episode 7: Won't Power

1 November 1999

Season 4, Episode 8: The Wrongest Yard

8 November 1999

Season 4, Episode 9: Fairly Decent Proposal

15 November 1999

Season 4, Episode 10: A Fowl and Stormy Night

22 November 1999

Season 4, Episode 11: Sneaky, Thieving, Double-Crossing Dates from Hell

6 December 1999

Season 4, Episode 12: Your Number's Up

3 January 2000

Season 4, Episode 13: Designing Woman

24 January 2000

Season 4, Episode 14: Bullets Over Kansas City

7 February 2000

Season 4, Episode 15: The Best Men

14 February 2000

Season 4, Episode 16: Swooped

21 February 2000

Season 4, Episode 17: Radio Daze

20 March 2000

Season 4, Episode 18: Buddy's Ashes

10 April 2000

Season 4, Episode 19: Moving Violations

1 May 2000

Season 4, Episode 20: Double Play

8 May 2000

Season 4, Episode 21: Mid-Wife Crisis

15 May 2000

Season 4, Episode 22: Three of Club

22 May 2000

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