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Season 1

22 Sep. 1996
Episode #1.1
Twenty years have passed since the collapse of Perrins and Reggie is dead. People have their doubts as to the veracity of this fact given the past but he was indeed killed by a falling advertising billboard.Solicitor Geraldine Hackstraw summons friends and family to her office for the reading of the will. Joan has left Tony and her new partner is Hank,an American who is 'in futures'.Linda and Tom have split but reconciled for the occasion. Reggie made a lot of money from his projects,which grew with investment,and each will be given a million pounds if they perform an...
29 Sep. 1996
Episode #1.2
Each member of the group tries to come up with a suitably absurd act with which to deserve the million pounds such as cross-dressing and proposing marriage to total strangers whom they meet in the street, but these are not considered outlandish enough. They decide they will pool their resources to come up with a corporate idea and this will be to mobilize people to march on Whitehall on behalf of the elderly and redundant.
6 Oct. 1996
Episode #1.3
Joan and Hank come up with the idea of forming the Bloodless Revolution of Senior Citizens and the Occupationally Rejected - or BROSCOR for short, encouraging the elderly and those made redundant to seize power from a society which has turned its back on them. They tour old peoples' residential homes and gentlemen's clubs to drum up support,but in vain. Meanwhile some of the male would-be heirs wine and dine Geraldine to try and curry favour with her.
13 Oct. 1996
Episode #1.4
Only Elizabeth has any good ideas for BROSCOR's manifesto,such as age culture instead of youth culture and the notion of wrinkles and baldness as being beautiful. She splits the group into two committees,a think tank and a policy tank,with Jimmy,who has pinched her ideas,being in both. Other ideas are forthcoming such as age,instead of youth,hostels and face-drops for face-lifts.Arguments arise as to who thought of what,leading to Linda and Tom forming an alliance and deciding to re-marry. C.J.is in an unusually good mood,which gives cause for alarm. It is decided he ...
20 Oct. 1996
Episode #1.5
C.J. is followed and seen to be talking to a journalist,Morton Radstock,who gets hit by a lorry and put in a coma. C.J. then approaches another reporter,Welton Ormsby,who seems sympathetic to the cause.Jimmy manages to recruit a number of new members as well as getting cosy with Geraldine. Tom and Linda re-marry and Joan marries Hank. At the reception David gets drunk and starts mouthing off about the revolution to Tom and Linda's son Adam.
27 Oct. 1996
Episode #1.6
Adam joins the cause and helps in the recruitment drive - over a hundred and sixty thousand people have now signed up to BROSCOR and Jimmy,in addition to drilling elderly residents of care homes for the march on Whitehall,has booked every coach in the land to take them. He has also ended up in bed with Geraldine to the annoyance of C.J. Whilst the group are planning who will take on which cabinet post after their coup Morton Radstock wakes from his coma.
31 Oct. 1996
Episode #1.7
The day dawns for the glorious revolution as thousands of pensioners converge on London and Jimmy ousts Angela Rippon on the television news to appeal for support for BROSCOR.However,Morton Radstock has remembered his conversation with C.J. and tips off the authorities,who use armed marksmen to turn back the protesters from Whitehall. Sadly they have failed. Sadly,too,they have a failed to win the money because their plan was just too brilliant and well-organized to be termed absurd. Geraldine asks them all to return when they can think of something more ridiculous.

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