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Kenan And Kel: The long dusty road to comedy
sheenultralord28 April 2005
I believe that the 4 seasons did Nick a lot of good. I will never forget the movie "Two Heads Are Better Than None". It was single handedly the best made for TV movie - ever! I grew up with Kenan and Kel, both on "Kenan and Kel" and on "All That", which I might say has all but gone down the drain (the reason why I say this is because Josh and Lori Beth are now writers for the tenth season of All That - or so rumor has it.) Back to my comment, Kenan and Kel shaped the picture of comedy that we all get when we think of Nick or even kid's shows in general. In a word, Kenan and Kel are...what am I saying! There isn't a word or more than one for that reason that can describe the show. The closest I can come to is Wicked-Awesome.

Come back to us Kenan and Kel!
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Nickelodeon's last good series
Jasoco22 May 2003
Yes. This was Nickelodeon's last actually watchable show. Well, aside from SpongeBob which I hated at first but actually liked once I got a job at a Toy Store.

Either way, this show had so many great moments. It was ALWAYS entertaining and until Nick decided to go all "Extreme" and start canceling the good shows and putting nothing but pureed s**t on the air, I would watch this every Saturday Night during "Snick". Is "Snick" even still on? Not that it matters. I'm 23 now and I still get a kick out of Kenan and Kel.

The convenience store owner (Who also starred in Head of the Class in 1986-1991) was one of the best characters. Always having problems.

Kenan's sisters crush on Kel was perfect.

Kel's love of Orange Soda and his tendency to always piss Kenan's Dad off in every episode was perfect.

Kenan's schemes were golden. And at the end when he would come up with another plan and tell Kel to grab "A Tricycle, a Bowling Ball and a tube of glue and meet me at the Resivoir." or stuff like that I would always crack up.

Now. The Amanda Show. God that is horrible. Sometimes I wish they would cancel Nickelodeon. If only you could cancel a TV Network. It had a good run. Now it's time to pack up and leave.

Same with the Disney Channel. It was good until it became all Extreme and hip. And when they added commercials.
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This was a great show.
dootuss16 January 2002
I liked this show. It was really funny, and the characters were quite memorable. Kenan usually got himself and Kel into the situations they got into in each episode, and Kel was pulling off his idiot role: a kid who LOOOOVED orange soda (which i think was pretty cool, and funny!), and acted like a moron. I laughed every time Kenan's dad said "KENAN" in that deep voice. Kenan and Kel is a great show through, and through.
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This is funny
dangeros6511 June 2004
I cannot remember ever watching a show that has made me laugh so much. This show is extremely humorous. I saw a rerun the other day and I was still laughing. It is just fun to see someone acting so childish and unbelievably dumb. Kenan, who was the smart one out of the two, always came up with ostensibly practical schemes, which never worked out, mainly because Kel would mess it up. Note that Kel is usually always the one who got them in the mess in the first place. I would give this show a 5 out of 5. I believe that everyone would enjoy this show equally. This is not like other situation comedies, where it gets serious at times. This is strictly comedic. For once there is no need to satirize anything for a show to have people rolling on the floor laughing.
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A Nickelodeon Classic!
Twinklestar_x5 January 2006
Kenan & Kel Has GOT to be one of the best TV Shows On Nickelodeon, Right to this very day in 2006. The Stories Were Good, The Acting Was Great and Unlike the cheesy and over-the-top shows aired on nickelodeon these days, It was Absolutely HILARIOUS in a fun, family way. Its a total classic, Right up there in the top Nickelodeon Stakes with Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and Rugrats. If Only all the other shows on Nickelodeon Right now weren't as Trashy and Too far as This One-off sitcom. The best Character is Probably Kel, He made me laugh the most. Although, No matter what they star in Seperatly, or no matter how many cheesy programmes Nickelodeon Seme To Come up with, NOTHING Beats this One-off Entertainment Genius!
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That Ole Slapstick Does It Every Time
paul sloan8 August 2000
This show is genuinely funny.There are a whole load of similar American kids TV shows but where this one scores is that it goes for laughs all the time. Other shows sometimes have serious episodes and moralise from time to time but Kenan & Kel go for laughs from start to finish in each episode.The character of Kel is probably the most dumb in TV history but he is the constant source of laughs in this show.Kenan is his long-suffering friend who usually tries to clear up the messes that Kel creates.However,Kenan usually makes things worse etc.Basically, the show appeals to kids but Kenan & Kel is good fun TV for folks of all ages.
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A really good show on the hands of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.
Joseph Anthony Sobora31 July 2003
In the moment of many classic team duos with Laurel and Hardy and Abbott &

Costello, it makes a great team as Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were in

fame together. During the time Kenan first appeared in D2: The Mighty Ducks

and Heavyweights, he then joined in the original cast of All That with the helping of Kel. The sketches they have done were original and fresh that all of a sudden, they became famous as Nickelodeon decided to have a series of their own as a

spinoff and that's Kenan & Kel.

Kenan Rockmore is a high school student and a grocery worker at Rigby's

Grocery Store in Chicago with his manager Chris Potter. His family The

Rockmores live in a fancy apartment with his mom Sheryl, his dad Roger, and

his younger sister Kyra. He hangs out with his friend Kel Kimble and they go out and do some scheming and other kind of stuff that pokes all the fun.

This show is so hillarious you can even tell is really funny with all the slapstick you ever want, plus there is many famous lines on the show that many sitcoms

ever do in a living like Kel saying his famous quote: "Who Loves Orange Soda?" and "Aw! Here It Goes!" and Kenan's quote: "WHYYYYY?"

Plus, every episodes is a classic like "The Taining of a Screw", "Doing Things The Hemingway", "Dial O for Oops", "A Star Is Peeved" as well as the holiday

episodes like "Merry Christmas, Kenan" and "Turkey Day".

This is truly one of the best All That spinoff ever to created, not only that it is really the kind of show Nickelodeon really have with its days. Try to catch many episodes if you can, and you will have a bound with laughter.

From Bass Entertainment, in association with Tolin-Robbins Productions and

Nickelodeon Productions.

Joe's Rating: 3 stars 1/2.
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Great show!
JWiss3 July 2002
I first started watching Kenan and Kel last year or the year before, but ever since then it has got me hooked! Kenan, who always comes up with schemes to get them rich or in some way benefit them and Kel, who is so stupid that somehow manages to wreck every plan they get themselves into.

Both Thompson and Mitchell are very talented actors, and Kel's 'stupid role' always brings in the laughs. I do think though that they should have made a few more episodes, as I have seen most of them and the ones put on air are usually re-runs. But, the repeats are still funny, if they do get a bit same old at times.

Overall, a fantastic and very amusing comedy. I would rate it about 8.5 out of 10.
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call me crazy but i love this show
jac33312 April 2000
technically, at 17, i think i'm outside the range of ages in the target audience for 'kenan and kel'... some of the humor, i'm told, is more suited for, say, a nine year old. but do i laugh? indeed i do. and perhaps too hard. but honestly for what it's worth, kenan and kel are the best stress reliever i have found.

i'm not saying they are fabulous actors, but i promise this show entertain you more than anything involving the olsen
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a unique & funny show!
gyrle5 October 2003
if you grew up watchin from the begining of All That, then you should have no problem with Kenan & Kel... i loved the show, it was always full of many laughs... i still watch the show (i have many episodes recoreded!)... anyone who doesn't like the show is either too young or too old for the show... it's just one of those shows you had to simply watch from the begining to understand and apreciate the humor...

i always did wonder why kenan just didn't dump kel as a friend but it's JUST a show! haha yeah, it's just one of those things.

oh yeah and i give mad props to Kenan Thompson for being SNL!!
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Was great, and still is
funnyscottishwords8 November 2003
I loved this show, I would watch it every week with a great eager-ness. And I thought Kel was the greatest thing since sliced bread!

And I still do. Even though I'm older now, and the jokes are most probably aimed at a younger audience, I still watch old reruns of this show with the same eager-ness.

I like everything about this show, I like how nothing ever goes right, I like the store Kenan works at, I like how Kenan's sister has a mad crush on Kel, and I LOVE Kel's crazy obsession with Orange Soda. To this very day, whenever I drink or even SEE Orange Soda, I love to shout out "Who loves orange soda? I love orange soda! Is it truuuuuuue? I do, I do, I do-oooooo!" And I'm not ashamed at all.
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One of the better "All That" spin-offs
flamingangel8822 January 2003
That horrendous sketch comedy show "All That" has had a few spin-offs. "The Amanda Show" was bad, but had some humorous moments, and "The Nick Cannon Show" was...well, I didn't even watch it because it was so bad-looking.

"Kenan & Kel" used to entertain me though. I thought that its humor was cheap and often flat, but the characters are so well-developed that I couldn't help but like them. How they always get into trouble without wanting to, and the way they each deal with it...and of course, Kel's odd love for orange soda. This show had its upsides, but the downsides outweigh the former.

Laugh track...bad laugh track. Stupid characters (Chris, most of Kenan's family). The obviously fake sets and props (walls, bats, whatever). I could go on for awhile. But this show can be good, except it often just falls into OK.
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A very great and funny show
NoaGanot4 June 2004
My eight-year-old daughter Noa loves the show, and this is her review, under my name (since you have to be at least 13 to register):

"Kenan & Kel" is a great show, and I love it because there are all kinds of funny characters, weird characters, and interesting characters.

Kel often says at the end of the show "Awww, here it goes" because Kenan comes up with a crazy idea. Kenan's little sister, Kyra, always hugs Kel weirdly. Whenever Kel comes with her somewhere, she'll hug him and smile really really hard. Kenan's parents, Roger and Sheryl, always get mad at Kenan when he does something crazy. Kel loves orange soda, and he always makes a whole story about it when he drinks it. There is a character named Chris, and I really think he's funny. Kenan always makes a weird face when he comes up with another crazy idea, and Kel never likes it.

Anyways, I think you should watch the show every day. It's a very great and funny show.
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You have to be a kid for it to be funny!
Dale S.25 August 1999
If you are a kid or a teenager this show is one you need to see. Every second of the show is full of laughs! Even if Kel's character is a stupid, weird teen it still brings humor into the show
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"I loooooove Orange Soda!"
MovieAddict201612 February 2004
Decent kids show about two friends who like to bicker and find themselves in odd situations where they work at a convenience store. One of the two loves to drink Orange Soda, which started an odd Orange Soda craze during the late 90s for a short period of time during the show's short run on Nickelodeon--despite the fact that the show is virtually unheard of by most adults. (Watch out what your kids are viewing, folks!)
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austintam6 April 2001
I LOVE Kenan and Kel the show is so funny. I like both Kenan and Kel but Kel is more funnier. The way he says he loves orange soda is hilarious. Also in one episode when Kenan saves the Presidents life Kenan teases Kel about the things Kel is afraid of, which includes Butterflies, Pancakes, Brazil when Kel said he wasn't afraid of flying when he said he didn't want to go on an areoplane.
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Christy-1731 July 1999
As a big fan of All That and both Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, I decided to watch an epiosde of Kenan & Kel. I was not disappointed!!! This show is hilarious and ever since I started watching it, I became an even bigger fan of Kenan and Kel (The actors AND the show). Being a big fan of the guys and All That was the reason I watched Good Burger which has become one of my favorite movies! Good Burger has always been one of my favorite All That sketches anyway. I LOVE Kel's Ed when he goes, ""? Like a question. Anyway, the bottom line, Kenan & Kel is a hilarious show and I don't think ANYONE is funnier than Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell!
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Great show!!!!
Kelley-1019 April 1999
I think it is a great show, but they mostly open up the show with Rigby's. I wonder why? Oh well. I think Kenan is a better actor in ways because he is more serious. That makes him kewl. Kel is stupid. I don't mean it in a bad way, he just acts stupid. Everyone luvs Kel. You got to admit that he is pretty cute for a guy. I liked the episode this past week when he had to write a poem and it got all confusing and weird. I think they did a great job with the show and I would personally like to see them in more t.v. appearances.
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Very funny
David-17614 February 1999
When I first watched Kenan and Kel, I was very surprised at how funny I thought it was. I don't think that it is particularly good acting, or anything like that, but it is a very funny comedy, especially for children and teenagers. I have watched every single episode (I think) that has ever been on the television, and I would watch most of them another several times. I don't know if they are going to, but I would love for there to be another series made, I would certainly watch it. I have not seen any films with Kenan Thompson or Kel Mitchell in them, but I want to see Good Burger, even though I have been told it is quite average. I think Kenan and Kel was a great series, and I hope that there are more series to come.

A great comedy.
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Good show
I used to watch this show when I was growing up. I remember it pretty well. If you ask me, it was a good show. I also remember the opening sequence and theme song pretty well, too. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I don't think I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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Best show on nickelodeon.
husnain ali3 January 2006
This programme is great. I use to watch it when I was little and I still think its great.I loved watching the movie that Kenan and Kel came in which was called good burger. I like a lot of things about this show like the laughs Kenan and Kel get into,the way the show shows the obsession of Kel and orange soda,the characters, the episodes. This is probably the best show on nickelodeon because it is absolutely humorous. Kenan who is the smart one out of Kenan and Kel, comes up with a scheme that is fun but it never works out because of Kenan's best friend Kel who is hilarious out of the two. My favourite characters are Chris, Kean and obviously kel.
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Mel B22 October 2005
Kenan & Kel is definitely one of Nickelodeons best shows. Kenan, always coming up with plans to get him and his best friend Kel in trouble, and Kel being extremely dumb just making matters worse. The situations they get in are so unbelievable that only the two stupidest people on the planet could get themselves into that kind of trouble, but this is what makes the show so funny.

Every character on this show is very enjoyable to watch. There's Chris, the owner of Rigbys, who continuously goes on about his mom or his pewter cow collection. Then there's Kenan's dad Roger with his deep hatred for Kel and so on.

I rate this show 10/10, none of the episodes have disappointed me. Great show if you need a laugh.
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