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Season 3

17 Oct. 1998
Skunkator vs. Mothman
There's a big comic book convention in town and Kenan and Kel are dying to go. Too bad Kenan has to train Rigby's new employee, Sharla, that day. The guys decide to go anyway and things go downhill from there.
10 Oct. 1998
Fenced In
Nickelodeon's classic buddy comedy stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell as two friends dauntlessly chasing after things most teenagers dream about, but few dare to pursue.
24 Oct. 1998
The Raffle
The RockmoreÃ+s get a brand new television set. Kel breaks the new TV that Chris was planning on raffling off at RigbyÃ+s, so Kenan pulls the old switcheroo. What are Kenan and Kel to do? Fix the raffle, of course!
7 Nov. 1998
To Catch a Thief
Kenan believes that his new next-door neighbor, Marc Carm, has stolen his watch! He and Kel set up an elaborate trap to catch Marc in the act of thievery...but will they learn something else instead?
21 Nov. 1998
Happy B-Day Marc
Marc Cram is having a birthday bash and everyone's invited---except Kenan. Kenan is determined to attend the party, one way or another.
28 Nov. 1998
I.Q. Can Do Better
When Kenan, Kel, and Marc take an IQ test, Kel outscores Kenan! When Kenan takes Kel to the principal's office to protest, Kel accidentally leaves some incriminating evidence behind...look out!
28 Nov. 1998
Attack of the Bugman
While Kenan & Kel are busy playing a game in Kenan's room, the Rockmores' house is robbed by the mysterious Bugman.
12 Dec. 1998
Surprise, Surprise
Roger is planning a surprise anniversary party for Sheryl. Too bad Kenan and Kel are in charge of picking up the cake and SherylÃ+s gift.
19 Dec. 1998
You Dirty Rat
There's a rat loose in Rigby's. It's up to Kenan and Kel to capture it before the exterminator gets to the rat.
16 Jan. 1999
Present Tense
Kenan's surprise Birthday gift accidentally breaks after opening up the present ahead of time. He and Kel search to replace the gift before his parents find out.
23 Jan. 1999
When Chris goes away for a week to visit his mother, he ask Kenan and Kel to watch his house while he's gone. but things get out of shape when Kenan forgets to watch his house and forgets to water his plants which leads to Kenan and Kel to replace his damaged and dead items in one day before he comes home.
30 Jan. 1999
I'm Gonna Get You Kenan
Kenan foils a robbery attempt at RigbyÃ+s. Too bad the guy escapes from prison and has vowed revenge on Kenan.
30 Jan. 1999
The Limo
To impress a wealthy girl, Kenan pretends that he too is wealthy. All goes well until Kel wrecks the limo Kenan has rented for the evening.
6 Feb. 1999
The Contest
A local radio station is sponsoring a contest. The grand-prize--two courtside seats to a Chicago Bulls game. All Kenan and Kel have to do is perform a stunt crazier, wackier and more dangerous than all the other entrants.
2 Jun. 1999
Picture Imperfect
When Kel accidentally destroys half of the school's yearbook photos, it's up to him and Kenan to help Marc Cram rectify the situation. In a rare stroke of luck, Bill Bellamy happens to be in town that week, and Kenan, Kel, and Marc hatch a plan to make things right.
13 Feb. 1999
He Got Job
Kel takes on a job at a donut shop. ItÃ+s not long before heÃ+s created a sensational new donut and not long after that, he ruins the store.
20 Feb. 1999
Clothes Encounters
Kenan and Kel take a trip to the mall and manage to get themselves locked out of their dressing rooms. One minor problem, Kenan is dressed only in his underwear and a tee-shirt.
27 Feb. 1999
We Are Chimpions
Kenan and Kel adopt a chimpanzee through the zooÃ+s adopt-a-critter program. After the guys are informed that their pet is being transferred, Kel decides that heÃ+s going to kidnap the monkey. Too bad he loses the monkey shortly thereafter
24 Apr. 1999
Poem Sweet Poem
Kenan writes a lovely poem, inspired by Sharla, for class assignment. Unfortunately, Kel leads a female classmate, Alison, to believe that Kenan wrote the poem for her. When she breaks up with her boyfriend, Kenan and Kel try and make things right.

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