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7 Jan. 2000
Super Ego
Series star JAMIE FOXX reunites with his fellow Any Given Sunday stars, professional football greats LAWRENCE TAYLOR and JAMIE WILLIAMS, along with football players CHARLES WOODSON, FRED WILLIAMSON and DARRELL RUSSELL (all playing themselves). When Fancy parties with the sports heroes, Jamie's ego gets him involved in a serious gridiron game against the professionals.
14 Jan. 2000
Family Business
Jamie gets into trouble when he demands payment for a jingle he wrote for the hotel.
28 Jan. 2000
Friendly Fire
Jamie is elated to be promoted at Jingles 2000--until he is ordered to terminate his friend.
4 Feb. 2000
Home Suite Home
Jamie's enthusiasm for his fancy new penthouse is dampened by Fancy's womanly decorating.
11 Feb. 2000
Behind the Jingle
Desperate Jamie steals his best friend's jingle--and suffers the consequences.
18 Feb. 2000
Partner fo' Life
A misunderstanding leads to Jamie being listed as his friend's "life partner" in hospital records.
25 Feb. 2000
Hot Coco on a Cold Night
When Fancy takes on a subservient persona, she discovers what Jamie really wants in a partner.
7 Apr. 2000
Rollin' in the Dough
Jamie wreaks havoc when he invades Braxton's investment club.
21 Apr. 2000
Musical Chairs
While replacing a missing accompanist, Jamie realizes that he wants to perform again--to Fancy's disappointment.
28 Apr. 2000
Jamie in the Middle
Rap stars METHOD MAN (himself) and REDMAN (himself) get Jamie into trouble when they both want to date Nicole.
5 May 2000
I Second That Demo-tion
When Jamie is terminated from his jingle-writing job, he makes a major career decision--to Fancy's chagrin.
12 May 2000
Roadtrip: Part 1
In Las Vegas, Jamie's career interferes with his and Fancy's relationship--especially after Nicole kisses him. Part one of a two-part episode.
19 May 2000
Roadtrip: Part 2
Jamie must decide whether to ask Fancy to marry him or accompany Nicole on a performance tour of Europe. Part two of a two-part episode.
8 Oct. 2000
On Bended Knee
Jamie makes a major decision involving his career and love life, but confusion ensues.
15 Oct. 2000
Double or Nothing
Jamie is upset over the end of his relationship with Fancy. He vows to begin dating again to prove that he has no lingering feelings for her. Unfortunately, Jamie proves unable to charm women the way he used to--until a chance meeting with a beautiful woman, Nancy (GOLDEN BROOKS), reassures him. Later, however, Jamie is befuddled when he encounters both Fancy and Nancy in the hotel lobby. The others notice the resemblance between the two women and realize that Jamie is in denial.
22 Oct. 2000
Serve No Wine Before I Get Mine
Jamie is frustrated by his lack of success as a singer. He signs a lucrative deal with a major producer (ED LOVER - "Yo! MTV Raps"). However, Jamie discovers that the producer is only fooling him in order to steal Jamie's love song that he wrote for Fancy.
29 Oct. 2000
Shades of Gray
Jamie and Fancy try to be just friends--but that proves harder than it seems.
5 Nov. 2000
I'll Do It My
Jamie imagines that he is in a fantasy world like "The Matrix."
12 Nov. 2000
Candy Girl
Jamie is determined to produce his music video at the hotel. However, Helen objects to the immoral selling of sex that Jamie intends to do. Also, Jamie's diva star refuses to get naked and frolic in whipped cream. After trying to trick the actress into all sorts of lewd conduct, Jamie finally appeases everyone by directing a classier video for his music.
19 Nov. 2000
Shakin' and Fakin'
Jamie fakes illness to gain Fancy's sympathy--but she eventually gets revenge.
26 Nov. 2000
If the Shoe Fits...
Fancy plans to surprise Jamie for his birthday with a pair of autographed basketball shoes from professional basketball player Kevin M. Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves. But when Jamie sneaks into Fancy's apartment and finds the shoes under Fancy's bed, he thinks Fancy is having sex with Kevin. Jamie embarrasses Fancy at Kevin's press conference until he learns the truth.
10 Dec. 2000
Jamie asks Cupid (GARY COLEMAN) for help winning Fancy's love back.
17 Dec. 2000
Bachelor Party
Jamie and Fancy agree not to have prewedding parties--but they both plan them anyway. Series star JAMIE FOXX makes his directorial debut.

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