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8 Jan. 1997
I am What I Scam
Jamie gets jealous when Fancy's rich ex-boyfriend shows up at the hotel with a diamond ring and a proposal.
22 Jan. 1997
I Do, I Didn't
Jamie wakes up with a sexy woman--who is marrying someone else that day.
29 Jan. 1997
Little Red Corvette
Jamie buys a fancy sports car from a disreputable character and regrets it.
5 Feb. 1997
Act Like You Love Me
A movie actress friend of Helen's comes on to Jamie while she is in town teaching an acting seminar. Janet Hubert-Whitten guest stars.
12 Feb. 1997
Jamie finds it hard to follow Junior and Helen's rule to have no wild parties when they leave to go on vacation and the Westside Connection (Ice Cube, Mack10, and WC) comes to stay in the hotel.
19 Feb. 1997
The Young and the Meatless
Jamie may have to eat his words after he tells Fancy that he is a vegetarian and later is offered a job as spokesman for a hamburger restaurant.
26 Feb. 1997
Step Up to Get Beat Down
Jamie suspects that he is being blackmailed by a record company owner and decides to cause a little trouble of his own. Tony Cox guest stars.
30 Apr. 1997
Break Yourself, Fool
Jamie is held hostage in a bank robbery.
7 May 1997
I've Fallen and I Won't Get Up
When a guest fakes an injury so she can sue the hotel, Jamie must expose her lies.
14 May 1997
Save the Drama for Your Mama
Jamie's estranged mother returns--and so do Jamie's unresolved feelings. Singer GLADYS KNIGHT guest stars and performs.
7 Sep. 1997
Freezer Burn
The hotel is selected as the site of a televised pool party, but Jamie, Braxton and Fancy may not live to enjoy it. Radio personalities THE BAKA BOYZ guest star.
14 Sep. 1997
The Accused
Braxton becomes Jamie's prime suspect after a robbery at the hotel.
21 Sep. 1997
The Employee Formerly Known as Prince
An African prince wants to marry Fancy.
28 Sep. 1997
One Flew Over the County's Nest
After a mishap, Jamie ends up in the mental ward of a dubious hospital.
5 Oct. 1997
Is She Is, or Is She Ain't?
Jamie knows a secret about Braxton's girlfriend. Helen discovers Junior's newest vice.
12 Oct. 1997
Do the Write Thing
Jamie sells his TV script to a Hollywood agent. Anthony Michael Hall, Chris Parnell, and Steve White all guest star in this episode.
26 Oct. 1997
Misery Loves Company
On Halloween, a spooky hotel guest wants Jamie to be her eternal husband. Junior and Helen get more than they expected at a lovers' retreat. Halloween episode
2 Nov. 1997
Dog Pounded
Jamie gets into trouble while caring for a celebrity dog.
9 Nov. 1997
Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
After Jamie and the hotel staff split the winnings from a large lottery prize, each learns a lesson about greed.
16 Nov. 1997
Traffic School Daze
Jamie and Braxton go to traffic school. Mark Curry guest stars.
23 Nov. 1997
Too Much Soul Food
Jamie suspects that Junior is having health problems and convinces him to go to the hospital. Rondell Sheridan guest stars.
14 Dec. 1997
Super Face Off
Jamie's look-alike assumes his identity and hides at the hotel after robbing a jewelry store. Jamie Foxx plays a dual role.

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