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Not as bad as everyone is claiming

Author: John Langbein (medrjel) from Dixie, USA
25 February 2002

The problem with parodies is that if the point is missed, then there is nothing to like. This show was full of silly plots and great cameos. It didn't take itself seriously. I mean, George Jefferson opening a Dry Cleaner in space? "Pippin", played by ex "Scotty" James Doohan? This is just silliness, people.

And to the person who said this was a rip-off of Red Dwarf, if I were Grant or Naylor, I would be offended, since this show, other than being sci-fi comedy, has NO similarities to Red Dwarf. Don't forget Quark, the sci-fi comedy BEFORE Red Dwarf if you want to use the "originator" angle.

Still, Homeboys may have been trash, but it was fun.

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Not classic, but certainly not as bad as the reviews make out

Author: ( from Corpus Christi, TX
16 April 2004

"Home Boys From Outer Space". What can we say here except that it was as over the top as the Jeffersons (now almost revered in the world of T.V.) and writing and plot development and depth was just as deep (or shallow, depending on how you look at it). So why is "The Jeffersons" Lionized by the media and "Home Boys" vilified? Got me. Put the neurons on 'standby' and relax. I thought it was funny and wish it was available on DVD as well, as I would buy it. I also found Paulette Braxton in her latex catsuit alluring as well. The characters were fun to watch, the jokes were obvious but still as funny as most of the stuff on television and I wish it were still on.

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So funny, I laughed myself sick

Author: OmegaWolf747 from Michigan, United States
9 August 2005

I thought this show was one of the funniest I've ever seen. It was a great lampoon of black culture and of Star Trek. Hell, it even had James Doohan in it playing the roll of a Scottish engineer. Now where did they get that idea from? These two black guys fly around in the space hooptie, which is controlled by this mouthy computer named Loquasia. She's always popping out some sexual innuendo or something. And the stuff these guys ran into was beyond great. It's been too long since I've seen any episodes, but some of the adventures were just so hilarious.

It's too bad this show was only on for one season because I thought it was brilliant. Maybe it'll come on DVD and then I can get it.

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Almost good..

Author: william_t ( from Near Toronto, Canada
25 January 2000

This show was quite funny, but only usually the episodes with James Doohan (Scotty of Star Trek fame) as the guy at the bar. I mean, its been 3 or 4 years since its been on, so I forget if the bar was just where he was, or what, but anyway.

The point is that it was a funny show, because it was stupid.

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I think you're wrong

Author: Frank Zappa from Not Outerspace
15 July 2002

Unfortunately I was unaware of this brilliant piece of work until well after it was canceled. From what I have read about it, this show seems like it could easily fall right into place in my top TV favorites. I mean they named an episode "G Marks the Spot", it doesn't get better than that. Also people have been trashing The Secret Diaries of Desmond Pfeiffer, which also is a great show. I think if you stopped watching your Hardball and News Hour for a few minutes you might appreciate this masterpiece, rather ingeniously titled Homeboys in Outer Space.

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Pathetically stupid

Author: raysond from Chapel Hill, North Carolina
18 April 2002

I can't believe that BET brought this series back on the air in repeats. No wonder UPN(when it first started out) ditch this show during the first year on the air. And it shows. Don't get me wrong, I love my black sitcoms here,but as far as these sitcoms go,this one was the worst ever. Second to Desmond Pfeiffer,its pathetic.

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The show was funny, oversensitive people got it canned

Author: Rayvyn from Oakland, CA USA
19 August 2002

Homeboys in Outer Space was funny. It parodied many Science Fiction favorites like Lost in Space, the club was called `The Jupiter 2'. Ty Walker had a pet called a `smoogie' and it was like a tribble form Star Trek. I especially liked Loquatia, the computer that was in love with Morris Clay, the pilot of the `space hooptie'. The show made fun of racial stereotypes and that why the NAACP got it canceled. It was political correctness that killed this very funny show. The show had some cheesy sets and bad costumes but these shortfalls were minor.

The writers were very creative. Anyone who can come up with a planet populated with blonde haired, blue eyed white folk with afros who built their whole civilization around the popular sitcom `The Jeffersons', is a genius! I especially like the gold statue of George Jefferson holding up a piece of pie to be a nice touch. The show was just as good as `Red Dwarf' in my opinion. Another great character was the stuck up android, Lloyd Wellington III. He could have been the funniest guy on the show. I guess genius is seldom recognized in it's time. This show is sure to be a cult classic and who knows maybe 1000 years from now this show will be considered a great work of art. Or maybe it will just make someone laugh.

They should put this out on DVD.

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A waste of talent & beauty...

Author: Zoot580 from Columbus, Ohio
30 June 2001

Being an avid supporter of black sitcoms, which so desperately need support, I was extremely disappointed in this series. It had its funny moments, though they were few and far between. Not even the comedic strength of Flex could save the show. They tried in the beginning with James Doohan's cameo spots, but the show never had it.

The only saving grace to were the expertly selected actresses. From Playboy's PMOY Shannon Tweed, to up and coming talents such as Rhona Bennett, Paulette Braxton, Gretchen Palmer, etc.

I appreciate UPN setting up a platform for rising stars, but to compromise the standards of the network by wasting a good half-hour of airtime is just unacceptable and inexcusable...

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Author: Rosie-9
15 November 2001

This crummy load of Yank rubbish is just a bad ripoff of the cult British comedy 'Red Dwarf'. While the adventures of Rimmer, Lister, the Cat and Kryten have kept millions laughing for over a decade, the only laughs this show could provide would be directed at the morons who created this show and who actually believed someone might enjoy it. Save yourself the bother and watch the real thing!

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Total Garbage

Author: Molotov from PA, USA
31 May 1999

This show is total garbage. A 1 hour special on the history of grass would be more interesting. The show is one of the worst shows that UPN's 7 year old producers have developed.

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