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7 Oct. 1996
Downtown as Fruits/Eugene's Bike
Arnold and Gerald decide to take the bus a bit too far and miss the play that they are characters in, since Helga is in charge of it. Later, when Eugene's bicycle is ruined thanks to Arnold, he decides to take him out for a day of fun.
23 Oct. 1996
The Little Pink Book/Field Trip
Helga drops her journal full of love poems about Arnold into a pile of books./Arnold's class goes on a field trip to the aquarium where Arnold waits to see Lockjaw.
30 Oct. 1996
Arnold's Hat/Stoop Kid
Arnold can't bear to face the world bareheaded. Where can it be? Helga's not talking.
12 Nov. 1996
Helga's Makeover/Old Building
Lipstick, hairspray, nail polish-Rhonda's birthday party is an all-girl affair, and that's why Helga isn't invited. But she's plotting revenge, and it's gonna make 'em run like cheap mascara.
16 Nov. 1996
6th Grade Girls/The Baseball
Arnold's about to find out...because tonight, he just might get a kiss from a sixth-grade girl.
20 Nov. 1996
With fourteen beautiful inches of powdery snow, a blizzard has transformed Arnold's city into a winter play-land. But with the list of chores Grandpa has handed him, it could be July before he gets to play in it.
24 Nov. 1996
Operation Ruthless/The Vacant Lot
Arnold decides to get up the nerve to speak with the girl of his dreams, Ruth McDougal, at the annual cheese festival. Arnold and the gang clean up a vacant lot so that they can have a baseball field.
29 Nov. 1996
The List/Haunted Train
Arnold's best laid plans for the "ultimate Saturday" go up in smoke when he tries to complete all of his favorite things to do in one afternoon.On a boring summer night Grandpa tries to liven things up by telling a story about haunted Train Number 25.
4 Dec. 1996
Mugged/Roughin' It
Arnold learns the secrets of the martial arts from Grandma after getting held up for his bus pass.Grandpa takes Arnold and Gerald out to the woods to show them how to camp "the old fashioned way."
13 Dec. 1996
Door #16/Arnold as Cupid
The boarders are all suspicious of the mysterious Mr. Smith who lives behind door 16. Oscar Kokoshka moves in with Arnold when his wife, Susie, throws him out of their apartment following another fight.
20 Dec. 1996
Arnold's Christmas
Helga has Christmas all figured out. It's about cash and presents and getting what you wish no matter what. But Christmas Eve finds Arnold searching to find a gift for Mr. Hyunh-and it's one that no amount of money can buy. Mr. Hayunh's only wish is to be reunited with the daughter from whom he was separated by the misfortunes of war many years ago. She's somewhere out there in the snow-covered city. And it just might take a Christmas Angel to find her.
25 Dec. 1996
Benchwarmer/Cool Jerk
Arnold has trouble with the basketball coach and his favored son.Arnold becomes friend with "cool" Frankie G., but his new friend only succeeds in getting him into trouble.
30 Dec. 1996
Das Subway/Wheezin' Ed
Arnold and the gang have no choice but to take the subway home after dark.Arnold and the gang set out on a quest to find the hidden treasure of the mysterious "Wheezin' Ed" on Elk Island.

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