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Defenders of the Lite

Author: Spider-Lou from Bristol, CT
17 March 2004

Many were saddened when the phenomenal "Gargoyles" ended, but in fact the tale was continued in "The Goliath Chronicles." Picking up from where Hunter's Moon left off, it dealt with the ramifications of the now publicized Gargoyles. The 13 episodes, produced by Nelvana and aired by ABC, were indeed inferior to the original in animation and scripts, but ultimately it was really not bad.

The faults of "G:TGC" were not only the weak animation but also the lack of the original's sweeping, fantastic, and compelling elements. "Gargoyles" co-creator Greg Weisman had expressed regret in not continuing supervision after penning the first ep The Journey. Maybe his vision was what this show missed.

It introduced a new anti-Gargoyle enemy, the Quarrymen. It also could have developed the potential romantic relationship between Detective Elisa Maza and Goliath. However, those plot points were not explored very much, for there were but 13 episodes, of which a significant percentage were isolated stories. As a result, when the Gargoyles were accepted in the final episode Angels in the Night, it was a too abrupt resolution/conclusion! Goliath's narratives were a good concept, but lots of them hadn't matched the plot.

At least the entire mega-talented voice cast returned for this show, most notably Keith David as Goliath. Also, it did stay in continuity with the original. And the best animated episode was Seeing Isn't Believing. I found "G:TGC" to be a quite entertaining companion/continuation of the original, and at least we had our favorite characters on screen for a little while longer.

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Unworthy of its parent series.

Author: Victor Field from London, England
22 April 2001

In this followup, the existence of Goliath and his clan is no longer a secret, and not everyone is happy with this. Not least me.

Not because of the setup, but because of how it's treated - as well as a noticeable toning-down of the stories (no room for such truly chilling moments as the scene in the first series where various Gargoyles were smashed to pieces while in their stone state), the animation was much inferior thanks to it being farmed out to Nelvana (yep, the people that gave us "The Care Bears" and "Flying Rhino Junior High"). Even Carl Johnson's stirring theme music sounded like a victim of weakness in its new version.

I did like the concept of the Quarrymen (and the line where the leader of the Quarrymen tells an underling called Maxwell "Remind me to give you a silver hammer" was pretty good for those who got the joke), but all told this is, as Wayne and Garth would say, not worthy.

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Not even Demona could save her own dismal episode of this spin-off.

Author: catscratchr
16 October 2002

While this spin-off gave me something to look forward to watching each week(that is, when my local station bothered with even airing it!), it lacks the magic and power of the original series. "The Journey" was especially disappointing as a follow-up to the breathtaking "Hunter's Moon" trilogy at the end of season two.

While the series had it's moments("Dying of the Light", "For It May Come True" and "Angels in the Night" are tolerable and even likeable, esp. "For It May Come True" the scene where Goliath chokes on his orange juice!), it pretty much turned into a cookie- cutter Saturday morning 'toon with none of the charm or originality of the first two seasons.

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Not as good as the first 'Gargoyles' show was!

Author: Christopher Smith
10 May 2001

I guess ABC was really desperate for a hit Saturday morning cartoon because while GARGOYLES: THE GOLIATH CHRONICLES is entertaining enough, it is not nearly as good as the 1994 TV show GARGOYLES. The first show was full of fantastic action, adventure, and humor. This one is just kind of more of the same except only half as enjoyable. It would've been nice if ABC would have kept this show on longer. Sure, it wasn't the best cartoon ever, but it gave me something fun to watch. I heard Disney is thinking about doing a GARGOYLES movie which I look forward to.

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Not as good as the original show.

Author: JG2001
14 November 1999

The original Gargoyles show was good because it showed Disney was willing to let its animation grow up a little. "The Goliath Chronicles" wrecked that by putting the show on Saturday morning, skimming on the animation budget and childrenizing the feel of the show. It just wasn't as good and didn't even last a season. It would be best to ignore this.

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the actors did a great job bringing their characters emotions to life

Author: Demelza Watt ( from New Zealand
19 March 1999

I really like The Goliath Chronicles because of the different story lines in the show. I think the actors did a great job bringing their characters emotions to life. I laughed and cried while watching the various episodes and I hope that they continue to make good television shows like this. To me the show is fun for the kids as well as for the grown ups.

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Haven't seen it, would like to.

Author: ClintJCL ( from Washington, D.C.
22 January 2000

I have met many people in person who have loved the Gargoyles series, and I have showed all 65 episodes to many friends and all have loved it. I seem to universally hear that these episodes aren't as good, but as a big fan of the first 3 seasons (episodes 1-65, whereas the Goliath Chronicles 1-13 are really 66-78), I must say that I WANT MORE nonetheless.

I'm surprised by the Gargoyles (1999) entry in IMDB. It makes me wonder if there aren't more Gargoyles episodes in production. If anyone has any information, please contact me. I'd also want to talk to anyone with all of The Goliath Chronicle episodes on tape!

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Lame spin-off of a brilliant TV series

Author: Kai-18 from Avalon
11 November 1999

This show ruined Gargoyles for me. The voice actors are still good but without Greg Wiseman (he didn't supervise the show) the hole story just fell apart. Xanatos as a good guy? Lame. He was supposed to be king bad-ass and now he's just lame. And the Quarry men are just rip-offs of the Purity '99 movement from Alien Nation or the Friends of Humanity from X-Men. Avoid it if you like Gargoyles.

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How The Mighty Have Fallen

Author: CrassActionHero from United States
15 July 2006

After two thrilling seasons of "Gargoyles", the show gets a new premise and a new look. Now we enter Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles. I loved the original series and was looking forward to this series and holy cow does this stink! The compelling and interesting story lines, gone. The stylish animation, gone. All the fun and thrills, gone. Now we are stuck with a series that is a shadow of it's former self. The series is strictly custom made for kids and all of the teenage and adult fans of the original series will despise this with all fiber of their being. Not ONE episode of this tripe was even the least bit interesting at all. It was no wonder this lasted one season.

The Last Word: Avoid. Stick to the original epic series instead.

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Continuing a masterpiece...

Author: thrix ( from Sweden
22 April 2003

The Goliath chronicles are, in my opinion, a good follow-up to the before two seasons. Although the animation is not as good as it was, I believe the story is still a tight and immensively creative one. "For it may come true" is just outstanding!

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