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NY Philharmonic Bassist Jon Deak Empowering Kids Through Music: ‘This World Needs Rejuvenating’

  • PEOPLE.com
Sitting in an office in the David Geffen Hall — home to the New York Philharmonic — venerated bassist, composer and founder of the Very Young Composers program, Jon Deak, is discussing his recent excursion to Wyoming to observe the full splendor of the solar eclipse. He mentions that while standing in a field to watch the celestial event, his attention was momentarily shifted to a sprig of wheat, which led him to ponder the harmony and interconnectedness between the elements of nature. As the expanse suddenly got dark, with mixed shades of purple being cast across the sky, Deak says he
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Wondering What Happens at the End of La La Land? We Got You

  • BuzzSugar
In case you've been conspicuously absent from the cinematic world for the past number of weeks, allow us to tell you about La La Land. The movie musical has already garnered staggering recognition through award show nods and wins and, in our very own words, is the year's most romantic film. As a love letter of sorts to the city of Los Angeles, it's stuffed with whimsy, uplifting music, bold colors, and a knee-buckling love story. There's just one thing we need to discuss: the ending. We definitely get the cinematic conclusion we've been expecting from the start, but let's just say everything doesn't pan out like we think it will. Related:La La Land: 7 Details About Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's New Romance Allow us to set the scene. Mia (Emma Stone) has just landed the role of a lifetime. She jets off to Paris to film
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Ben Foster on ‘Hell or High Water’ and Why He Doesn’t Like Watching His Own Films

Ben Foster on ‘Hell or High Water’ and Why He Doesn’t Like Watching His Own Films
Ben Foster stars in five big-screen releases this year, including the current “Hell or High Water” and the Ron Howard movie “Inferno,” which debuts in October. Earlier this year, he starred with Gillian Anderson in “A Streetcar Named Desire” after its transfer to the New York stage from Britain’s National Theatre. Upcoming for Foster: the release of a music video he directed.

What is the biggest change in the industry since you started?

The stigma of TV has shifted dramatically. It’s really exciting; it feels like the Wild West right now. The best writers seem to be heading toward television. I’m open to anything. I think a long-term TV show is probably not for me, but doing a few years of something could be interesting.

Is “Hell or High Water” different from your other films?

I don’t usually watch my own films, but this one I’ve seen twice.
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Mike Gold: Dark Scooby & Freedom Fightin’ Fred

  • Comicmix
Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

Just when I decided that maybe DC’s “Rebirth” might possibly be worthy – yes, I know, I had the same hopes for Batman v Superman – the other shoe dropped. Back in the 1990s I perceived DC as a centipede, with (obviously) 100 shoes to drop. Now, I’m thinking millipede.

In case you haven’t heard, DC decided to “reimagine” (lord how I hate that word) the classic Hanna-Barbera characters. Sort of like what Archie Comics just did with Archie but, in this case, totally needless.

I have little if any strong attachment to the H-b characters. Even as a kid I knew cheap, shitty animation and sub-standard writing. I loved Rocky and Bullwinkle, which employed even cheaper animation, but after mildly enjoying the first season of The Flintstones I decided life was too short – I was 10 years old – and
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"Ghostbusters 3" Story Bits, Stone's Exit

One of the first and most obvious choices many fans had for the upcoming female-fronted reboot of the "Ghostbusters" franchise was that of actress Emma Stone.

Stone is used to supernatural action comedies thanks to her role in "Zombieland," while former Ghostbuster himself Bill Murray personally championed her for a role. Ultimately though Stone wasn't a part of filmmaker Paul Feig's ensemble which includes Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth.

In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal though, Stone reveals that she was offered a role but actually turned it down as she'd just come off from doing "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and wasn't prepared to make a huge commitment like that again right away:

"The script was really funny. It just didn't feel like the right time for me. A franchise is a big commitment - it's a whole thing. I
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CW Buys Mystery Dramedy 'Bone House' From Jerry Bruckheimer (Exclusive)

Jerry Bruckheimer is headed for The CW. The prolific producer has sold dramedy script Bone House to the youth-skewing network, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. From writer Sheri Elwood (Canadian series Call Me Fitz and ABC's Flash Forward), Bone House is described as an offbeat comedic family drama/mystery that centers on an estranged group of siblings who own and operate a private autopsy company. Photos: Faces of Fall 2014 Elwood will pen the script and exec produce the hourlong Warner Bros. Television entry alongside Bruckheimer via his studio-based Jerry Bruckheimer Television banner with banner president Jonathan Littman and exec vp KristieAnne Reed also on board. Bone House marks Bruckheimer's third broadcast network sale of the season. It joins ABC's comedic mystery drama Couch Detective, from Awkward's Lauren Iungerich, and Two Black Cadillacs, a

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Ben Foster in Final Talks to Play Lance Armstrong

  • Vulture
Ben Foster in Final Talks to Play Lance Armstrong
Back in January, it looked like Bradley Cooper might star in a Lance Armstrong biopic. He still might! But now comes word that Ben Foster is in "final talks" to star in a different Armstrong movie, according to Deadline, this one from director Stephen Frears and writer John Hodge. (There's even a third Armstrong movie in the works, too, from Jay Roach.) Foster may seem more hardscrabble-indie tough than sinewy-disgraced-athlete tough — he is a perpetual Sundance darling — but don't ever forget how intense he was on Flash Forward.
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Daniel Radcliffe's got the Beat as Allen Ginsberg in new pic from 'Kill Your Darlings' set

Daniel Radcliffe's got the Beat as Allen Ginsberg in new pic from 'Kill Your Darlings' set
Sorry, James Franco. Your brother Dave kicked box office butt this week in 21 Jump Street, and now Daniel Radcliffe is on track to erase the memory of you as Allen Ginsberg. Per People, set photos surfaced today of the former Boy Who Lived taking on a new mantle: The Boy Who “Howl”-ed. Click through for the first image!

In Kill Your Darlings, Radcliffe plays a collegiate-age Ginsberg just as he’s meeting influential fellow Beat Generation founders Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) and Lucien Carr (Dane DeHaan). From the looks of it, Radcliffe is pitch-perfect as the tweedy Ginsberg… well,
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Sanctuary Season 4 Begins Build-Up to a ‘Huge’ Finale

  • CinemaSpy
Do these people look 'normal' to you?

Sanctuary returns to Syfy in the Us and Space in Canada in a few hours with its season four premiere ‘Tempus.’ It promises to be a drammatic opener with Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) trapped in the past and the rest of the sanctuary team trying to control abnormals in their own backyard and streaming out of Hollow Earth.

Flash forward thirteen episodes and Sanctuary fans will be anticipating what looks like being an equally epic season finale. CinemaSpy was at the shoot for that episode, ‘Sanctuary for None,’ at Vancouver’s Terminal City location (where parts of the Stargate Universe episode ‘Blockade’ were filmed) during the final days of shooting. We managed to snap a few shots of that rarest of rare sights: Sanctuary on location and at night. You can check out the little that we could give away below.

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'Supernatural' Season 7: 'Firefly's' Jewel Staite to guest star

"Supernatural" has a long history of inviting some of our favorite genre actresses to guest star -- including "Buffy's" Amber Benson, "Battlestar Galactica's" Tricia Helfer, and even Linda Blair, from "The Exorcist."

Sources confirm to Zap2it that Joss Whedon alum Jewel Staite has now joined the esteemed list. Staite is certainly a mainstay in the sci-fi/fantasy arena, having starred on Whedon's "Firefly" and "Serenity" as Kaylee and on "Stargate: Atlantis" as Dr. Jennifer Keller. (Some of us non sci-fi folks also remember her from the short-lived but totally awesome '90s series "Flash Forward" with Ben Foster.)

Staite will appear in the third episode this season, set to air Oct. 7, as a childhood friend of Sam's (Jared Padalecki) who he encounters on a hunt. The story will involve flashbacks -- there's no word yet on who will play the younger version of Staite's character, Amy, but
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Should Syfy Imagine Greater than 'Stargate Universe' and 'Caprica'?

In the period from the end of The X-Files to the last episode of Battlestar Galactica, the American cable channel Syfy (formerly Sci Fi) had the upper hand on the networks where fantasy television is concerned. Excepting its bizarre decision to add wrestling to its output, Syfy graced those years with series that attracted adoring fans. Ratings may not have been as high as those achievable by the networks — or even at levels Syfy would have liked — but the channel's top shows earned critical praise and public support.

Consider Galactica. Specials aside, the show only lasted four seasons and its relentlessly dark atmosphere outlived its appeal for some viewers. Few fans of television science fiction would argue, however, that it was not a breath of fresh air for the space opera subgenre. Then there is Stargate Atlantis. The first spin-off from Stargate Sg-1 did not last as long as its record-setting predecessor.
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The Mosaic Collective: Episode Stills from Mark Benford's Flash Forward

  • TVfanatic
What did Mark Benford see?

As the central character on this week's series premiere of FlashForward, FBI agent Mark Benford has been placed in charge of determining what the heck is going on around the world.

Why did everyone black out at the same time, see a vision of themselves on April 29, 2010 and then wake up with no idea what happened?

Benford has taken the lead on the case due to the images in his flash forward: he was alone in his office (drinking, but don't mention that to his wife), trying to piece together clues that will solve this global riddle. Below, we've compiled episode still from Mark's vision.

Click on each to get a larger look at Benford's role in what will come to be known as The Mosaic Collective...
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Survivor's streak of Thursday ratings wins ends

Survivor has consistently won its Thursday night at 8 p.m. timeslot for years, but that streak ended last night even though the show picked up viewers from its season debut. Flash Forward, the weakly written new ABC series that's a half-assed version of Lost that I seriously thought was going to be revealed to be a big prank when Seth MacFarlane showed up in a completely serious role, had 12.41 million viewers. Survivor Samoa had... keep reading » » read the full story and comment, or find the latest news about Survivor Samoa

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'The Vampire Diaries' Holds Strong in Ratings

  • BuddyTV
The CW has a lot to be proud of when it comes to The Vampire Diaries, as the show's ratings aren't dying in the face of stiff competition.  The show premiered with record numbers for the CW with 4.84 million viewers.

The second episode saw a slight dip once it was in competition with new episodes of NBC comedies, Survivor and Bones, but the second episode still earned 3.78 million viewers.  The real test was the third episode.  Would the numbers continue to drop, especially since the series premiere of Flash Forward on ABC was the time  slot's top show with more than 12 million viewers?
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'Flash Forward' Showrunners Explain the Idea Behind Show

  • BuddyTV
Since Flash Forward just premiered, we've already got plenty of questions for it.  What made the phenomenon occur?  How can it be solved?  Can people actually change their futures now that they know about them?  While the writers can't exactly spoil the series for you, they can give us a little background on how it came about.

MTV talked to showrunners Brannon Braga and David Goyer about Flash Forward, and found out how exactly the series was born.  Believe it or not, the idea of a global event inducing fear in everyone came from the 9/11 attack.
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ABC Looks Into Pilots For Hopscotch And Friends With Benefits

  • Collider.com
Sometimes it feels like I open ABC’s home page, and there’s a new show there to greet me, or more often than not, two. Well, now there are two new shows, and they’re not “Defying Gravity” or “Flash Forward.” Variety reports that ABC is toying around with pilots for Jerry Bruckheimer’s drama “Hopscotch” and David Dobkins (”Wedding Crashers”) comedy “Friends With Benefits.” More on the two shows and the various names attached to them after the jump.

First, “v.” Bruckheimer’s “high-concept police procedural” is being penned by Chris Levinson, best known for his work on “Charmed” and various iterations of “Law and Order.” I happen to have a lot of faith in Levinson’s ability to craft a smart, edgy story, I’m just not sure I can get behind another cop drama. ABC wouldn’t have greenlit it if there wasn’t some interesting catch,
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Flash Forward Review: Series Premiere

Sixty minutes after Flash Forward premiered on ABC, the jury is still out on what kind of show this is going to be. The premise sounds more clever than compelling: Everyone across the globe blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds, experiencing a vision of their lives six months in the future. But at times, the pilot teases the kind of brain-straining drama that reaches into Lost territory.
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FlashForward’s Intriguing Launch on ABC

  • Screen Rant
A specific, untold 2 minutes and 17 seconds has been taunting future audiences for months now. Tonight, we were finally served up not only a satisfyingly short back story but a ton of future knowledge to come in ABC’s new series FlashForward. The Screen Rant team is in the first row to offer you a review of what is arguably one of 2009’s most anticipated Fall television openings.

The FlashForward series opener, penned by comic book movie writer David Goyer and Star Trek journeyman Brannon Braga, begins with a proverbial smorgasbord of perspective. There were familiar faces: Joseph Fiennes, John Cho (the new Sulu) and Sonya Walger (Penny from Lost).

A quiet, common suburb where a family is parting for the day.

A pier featuring a man that’s lost all hope and can only see one quick, decisive path out.

A church, where a father laments the loss of his
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Flash Forward: Preview of Premiere "No More Good Days"

  • BuddyTV
While I wanted to go forward in time a few days back just to catch the premiere of Flash Forward earlier than most, I couldn't.  It's a good thing the premiere of the highly anticipated ABC series has come.  Tonight, we get the episode "No More Good Days," and the title itself is bracing us for conflicts we'd never expect.

A normal day in Los Angeles turns distressing when the whole population of the world just blacks out all at once.  We meet FBI agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) with his partner Demetri Noh (John Cho) in a car chase being monitored by their boss Stanford Wedeck (Courtney B. Vance).  Then there's Mark's wife, Dr. Olivia Benford (Sonya Wagner) right in the middle of surgery with her colleague Dr. Bryce Varley (Zachary Knighton) weighing a decision that would change his life.
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Synopsis for nazi zombie sequel Outpost II: Black Sun

Ao reported on the sequel to Outpost, which had great production design but a weak script, back in April, and now, Styd has released some plot details. Steve Barker will again be directing and has again co-wrote the script with Rae Brunton. I'm really not excited, but here it is:

The year is 1945, the closing stages of WW2, and a German scientist by the name of Klausener is working on a frightening new technology the power to create an immortal Nazi army.

Flash forward to present day, and a Nato task force is hurriedly deployed to Eastern Europe, where a sinister enemy appears to be mercilessly killing everything in its path. But this is no ordinary foe.

Only Helena, a gutsy investigator on the trail of notorious war-criminal Klausener, accepts the reality of what they are facing a battalion of Nazi Storm-Troopers, a veritable zombie army on the march.

With the help of Wallace,
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