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Season 1

9 Sep. 1996
F/X: The Illusion
Rollie helps a woman escape a bad relationship by turning her into a man and finds himself on the run from the Feds who want him for murder.
16 Sep. 1996
Zero Hour
Terrorists have planted a car bomb somewhere in the city. Rollie and the team must convince the bomber to give up the location.
23 Sep. 1996
High Risk
Things get personal when Leo's girlfriend is taken hostage, but Rollie isn't the only one putting on a show.
1 Oct. 1996
Rollie is asked to work with a director who the team believes killed Angie's father. Things go awry and Angie looks guilty.
7 Oct. 1996
The Ring
Rollie creates a fake chop shop to catch a crook who always gets off the hook.
14 Oct. 1996
Rollie's dad Dingo is heavily in debt to a bookie and Rollie must raise the funds fast.
21 Oct. 1996
White Light
Angie finds her friend dead and all his discs and hard drive missing. He was doing a story on the Air Force and aliens, what did he find out that they didn't want published?
28 Oct. 1996
The Brotherhood
A cop buddy of Leo's is found dead of an apparent suicide. Leo knows it's a frame up and is determined to clear his friend's name.
4 Nov. 1996
French Kiss
When a stuntman is killed on set, the team becomes a target as they have the bomber on film and can identify him.
11 Nov. 1996
Eye of the Dragon
An old flame of Rollie's pops up on his movie shoot complicating matters.
18 Nov. 1996
Leo and Rollie attempt to catch an elusive and cunning sniper called the Wolf.
27 Dec. 1996
Leo seeks justice for a guy made paraplegic during a armoured car heist. The thieves got away but one went to prison and the money can't be recovered until all the thieves are together.
20 Jan. 1997
A stalker is terrifying an old actress friend of Rollie's.
25 Nov. 1996
Leo goes after the son of a diplomat who claims immunity after he runs down and kills a cop.
3 Feb. 1997
While visiting Rollie on a set, Leo is intrigued by a gemini sign tattooed on the nape of Lucinda's neck, as it reminds him a case investigated a few years ago. With the help of a former victim, Leo is willing to finally solve this case.
10 Feb. 1997
Double Image
As New York city's Mayor is announcing the donation of 20 city buses to Sarajevo, Jace Emery is striking as deal do smuggle computers to North Korea under the cover of a city bus.
17 Feb. 1997
During the presentation of a smart probe, an FBI raid is conducted and Rollie is taken into custody.
21 Apr. 1997
Get Fast
After an accident caused on a set by a drug addict stunt, Rollie decides to help Jerry Tamblin investigate on a major drug production gang.
28 Apr. 1997
Bad Influence
The day before holidays, Rollie is finishing a student movie. Forced to stay after the closing of the school, he is witness, with two students, of the hijacking of an armored truck.
5 May 1997
Angie is contacted by an old college friend of her, Yvonne Cherico, willing to meet her in town. At the meeting point, whereas Yvonne has not arrived yet, she receives a phone call in the pub. Angie decides to take it but the line is instantly shut. Everything gets worse when Angie is kidnapped.
12 May 1997
Script Doctor
Rollie gets lured in by an old acquittance to be an assistant director on a low-budget film that has more going on behind the scenes than Rollie and Angie know. Francis deals with being suspended from the force and Leo considers a new employment avenue.

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