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Season 2

18 Sep. 1997
Requiem for a Cop
After Leo is killed during an undercover operation Rollie and Angie are helping on, Rollie tries to find out who did it and try to get around an Internal Affairs officer impeding his efforts.
29 Sep. 1997
Angie gets trapped in a bank during a botched mod shakedown and to further complicate things: Detective Sanchez's ex husband is one of the men.
6 Oct. 1997
Shooting Mickey
Angie, and then Rollie reluctantly, get involved in making a documentary with a director focusing on a mob boss, but the director has more in mind than merely filming said boss.
25 Sep. 1997
Unfinished Business
An accountant on the run from the mob offers the man who ordered Leo McCarthy's murder in exchange for faking his death. When Gatti learns of it, he goes undercover without permission, imperiling his life.
13 Oct. 1997
Deep Cover
Victor Loubar is back from the dead and seeking a deadly biological agent to kill untold numbers of people. With the help of Rollie and Angie, agent Elena Serrano returns to try and stop Loubar.
20 Oct. 1997
House of Horrors
The set of a haunted house film appears to be cursed and the target the female lead of the film Rollie has the hots for.
27 Oct. 1997
High Roller
After Sanchez says she has promised the widow of a Scotland Yard detective who is murdered after being thrown from a plane she would solve the murder, Rollie helps Angie, Sanchez and an actress go under cover on the flying casino to close the case.
3 Nov. 1997
An old Australian aboriginal friend comes to Rollie seeking help with stolen sacred stones
16 Nov. 1997
Spanish Harlem
Detective Sanchez's ex husband is targeted for death and hiding for his life as she and Rollie try to find him.
17 Nov. 1997
Rollie and Angie fool an delusional imprisoned man who murdered a politician in 1979, into thinking it's still 1979 so they can uncover what really happened then and who was involved.
2 Feb. 1998
Detective Sanchez attempts to hide a witness with Rollie and Angie on a set, from a deadly biker gang bent on killing her.
9 Feb. 1998
Ricky Delacruz, a mass murder, avoids prison time and goes after Rollie for almost putting him there. Rollie and Mira set about trying to put him away for good, but a crooked lawyer causes problems.
16 Feb. 1998
Terrorists plot to use extremely deadly nerve gas on a Federal building and frame a militia group for it.
23 Feb. 1998
An arsonist is burning down buildings using jet fuel and making it look like accidents, leaving Rollie to figure it out once a film set burns down and he is implicated.
7 Apr. 1998
Evil Eye
After the daughter of the director Rollie and Angie are working for is kidnapped and held for ransom, the two must try and work on the fears of the only man who can lead them to her before she's dead.
11 May 1998
The discovery of a missing dead body on set leads to a cryogenics lab and an owner who has plans for Angie.
18 May 1998
Rollie goes undercover as a high-priced jewel thief to help the police department capture an elusive and technologically sophisticated jewel thief simply known as Sebastian.
25 May 1998
Red Storm
Victor Louba is back again, seeking revenge on the F/X team and more, but this time taking it too far for one of them...

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