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Ray Barone has a brother (Robert) who is a police officer for the NYPD. Ray Romano in real life has a brother who was a police officer for the NYPD.
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Peter Boyle claims that he was aided in getting the part of Frank Barone by events prior to his audition in New York City. He had gotten lost and couldn't find the location of the audition, so when he showed up, he was agitated and sarcastic.
According to Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton got the part of Debra because "she was the only one willing to kiss me on the lips in the auditions".
The three Barone children (Ally, Geoffrey and Michael) are actually siblings in real life (Madylin, Sawyer and Sullivan Sweeten respectively). Nineteen year old Sawyer Sweeten sadly ended his life on April 23, 2015.
Robert's habit of touching his food to his chin was inspired by Ray Romano's brother, who had the same quirky mannerism.
Each episode ends with a plate of food (never the same two dishes) being offered to the viewer. After the show's final episode, instead of food a check with "no charge" on it was set in place of the plate.
Series title, Everybody Loves Raymond (1996), leading actor, Ray Romano was completely against it, as if it was praising his character role.
In the episode Everybody Loves Raymond: Halloween Candy (1998), Peter Boyle's character gives the same speech about mortality that he gave in Taxi Driver (1976).
The choice for the actress to play Debra was narrowed down to Patricia Heaton and Jane Sibbett. CBS wanted Jane Sibbett for the part, but the producers and Ray Romano preferred Patricia Heaton.
The houses used for the establishing shots of Raymond's and his parents' homes are located on Margaret Blvd. in Merrick, NY and are actually across the street from each other.
Ray Romano and Doris Roberts were the only two cast members that acted in all 210 episodes.
In Season 2 episode 6, it is Frank and Marie's 40th wedding anniversary. In this episode it is revealed that Robert is 4 years older than Ray. In episode 10 of the same season, it is Ray's 20 year high school reunion. This means Raymond is around 38 in this season, which mean Robert is 42. This means that Robert was born 2 years before Frank and Marie got married.
Patricia Heaton became pregnant twice during the nine year run of the show. In order to hide this her screen time was limited and when she did appear in an episode she would either be filmed sitting at a table (such as in Everybody Loves Raymond: Robert's Date (1999)) or would be covered by a blanket, as in Everybody Loves Raymond: Ping Pong (1999)).
Throughout the series when Ray comes home he calls Debra a different nickname. All of these were improvised by Ray Romano. Sometimes he would have to come up with as many as fifteen names depending on how many takes were required.
Raymond is the only member of the immediate Barone family who's actually Italian in real life.
Although their married characters were supposed to be the same age, in real-life Doris Roberts was ten years older than Peter Boyle.
Although on the show Robert is supposed to be four years older than younger brother, Raymond. In reality, Ray Romano is two years older than Brad Garrett.
Patricia Heaton's father, Chuck Heaton, is a retired sportswriter - Ray Barone's profession - for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He was mentioned in one episode, where Ray was up for an award against a writer named Chuck Heaton. In the episode, Debra offers up a 'Bronx cheer' when her real-life father's name is mentioned.
Peter Boyle is the only member of the adult Barones who never won an Emmy for his performance, although he was nominated several times.
The character "Ray Barone" was ranked #10 in TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time" (20 June 2004 issue).
In real-life, Monica Horan, who plays Amy on the show, is married to Philip Rosenthal, the show's executive-producer and co-creator.
Kevin James acted 8 times in Everybody Loves Raymond (1996). In his first six appearances, during seasons one and two, his role name was "Kevin Daniels". In the final 2 appearances, during season three, he portrayed his "Doug Heffernan" character role from The King of Queens (1998). This is probably because the final appearance as "Kevin" took place in May 18th 1998, while The King of Queens (1998) did not debut until September 21st, 1998.
In the pilot the twins are referred to as Gregory and Matthew; however, throughout the rest of the seasons the twins names are Geoffrey and Michael.
Has the record for the television series to receive the most Screen Actors Guild Award nominations in a single year, with six nominations in 2004. Due to leading and supporting performance categories to be combined into one category, receiving a higher number of nominations is a bit harder.
Filming of the series finale was delayed twice when Patricia Heaton and then Doris Roberts were ill and couldn't speak well on the filming days.
In Everybody Loves Raymond: Halloween Candy (1998) Frank, (Peter Boyle's character is dressed as Frankenstein's monster). Boyle also played, more famously, a wacky version of this very same character in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein (1974).
Almost all the seasons contain a flashback episode.
In the pilot episode, Everybody Loves Raymond: Pilot (1996) Matthew and Gregory were named after Ray Romano's twin sons in reality. Matthew was portrayed by Drew Ferreira and Gregory, was portrayed by Justin Ferreira. After the debut, the identical twin brothers' character names were known as Michael Barone & Geoffrey Barone & portrayed by identical twin brothers. Michael Barone was portrayed by Sullivan Sweeten & Geoffrey Barone was portrayed by Sawyer Sweeten.
Maggie Wheeler, who has a recurring character as Linda on the show, was considered for the part of Debra.
Robert's birthday is April 6. He was told that this was his real birthday after finding out his parents had to get married. They told him his birthday was in June. This all was revealed in the episode Good Girl.
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Peter Boyle is the only regular cast member to be nominated for an acting Emmy during the show's run but never win. Doris Roberts won four times, Brad Garret won three times, Patricia Heaton won twice, and Ray Romano won once. Boyle's only win was for a guest appearance in The X-Files (1993) episode The X-Files: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose (1995)
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Jon Manfrellotti (Gianni) had his first guest appearance on the show as a cable guy in Everybody Loves Raymond: The Game (1997).
Although Robert sometimes refers to himself as a member of the NYPD he is often seen performing his police duties in Nassau County on Long Island where the Barones live.
The name of Raymond's sports column is "More Than a Game".
Ray's real brother is actually much shorter than Ray, unlike his brother on the show.
Sometimes when Frank is exasperated or upset he can be heard saying "Jeez Alou!". This is a reference to former Major League baseball Jesus Alou who played in the 1960s and 70s.
The show is set in the town of Lynbrook, New York, as revealed in the episode Everybody Loves Raymond: Sex Talk (1999).
Robert and Amy broke up 4 times during the course of the series.
In Marie and Frank's kitchen, there is a large wooden fork and spoon hanging by the door. In the first season, the fork and spoon are there, but they are much larger, by a few feet in length.
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Ray's full name is Raymond Albert Barone.
Frank Barone's favorite movie was Patton (1970).
Debra's favorite book is "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.
In the episode Everybody Loves Raymond: Robert's Wedding (2003), Robert's full name is revealed as Robert Charles Barone, while Amy's full name was Amy Louise McDougal.
Debra's full name is Debra Louise Barone while Ray's full name is Raymond Albert Barone.
The paintings hanging above the Barone's bed and on the living-room wall below the stair are reproductions of landscapes by the impressionist artist Barbara Fountain.
Both Doris Roberts and Peter Boyle have appeared on the Series Cagney and Lacey.
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Shares a universe with Becker and King of Queens (both 1998).
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Episode, Everybody Loves Raymond: Who Am I? (2002)'s original air date, Monday, October 14th, 2002, was also the fourth anniversary of Brad Garrett's fatherhood, that occurred on Wednesday, October 14th, 1998.
Raymond Barone considers Peggy (the cookie lady) as his archenemy.
Doris Roberts, who played mother to Ray Romano, and Robert Culp, who played father to Patricia Heaton, both guest starred in season 2 (1994-95) of "Walker, Texas Ranger" (1993-2001).
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The large fork and spoon on the kitchen wall at Frank and Marie's house switch places throughout the series
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The garage door windows on the Barone home changes design several times in each episode
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In the first few seasons Ray and Debra's house was missing the large window by the front door as shown in the episode "The Wallpaper" later that changed and a large window was added
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When one of the cast members would take a drink out of the fridge at Ray and Debra's it was usually a ginger ale!
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

In the episode "Mia famigila", frank says his fathers name was Alberto. But in the episode "boys therapy", he says his fathers name is joe.
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