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11 Jan. 1999
Ping Pong
When Ray finds out that Frank used to let him win at Ping Pong as a kid, he challenges Frank to a rematch.
18 Jan. 1999
Pants on Fire
Ray tells the story of how he used to throw parties as a teenager when Marie and Frank were gone. Marie goes berserk.
1 Feb. 1999
Robert's Date
Judy takes Robert out dancing. Everyone else thinks they're dating.
8 Feb. 1999
Frank's Tribute
Ray and Robert make a tribute to Frank for his "Man of the Month" party at the lodge.
15 Feb. 1999
Cruising with Marie
When Frank breaks his leg, Ray replaces him on a cruise with Marie.
22 Feb. 1999
Ray Home Alone
When Debra and the kids go away for the weekend, Ray's afraid to stay alone.
1 Mar. 1999
Big Shots
Ray and Robert think they're big shots because of their jobs.
15 Mar. 1999
Move Over
Debra hogs the bed at night.
5 Apr. 1999
The Getaway
Ray and Debra go away to a bed-and-breakfast.
26 Apr. 1999
Working Girl
Debra gets a job as a copywriter.
3 May 1999
Be Nice
Ray and Debra try to be nice to each other.
10 May 1999
Dancing with Debra
Robert and Debra go out dancing for fun. But Ray thinks it's something more.
17 May 1999
Robert Moves Back
When Robert and Amy have sex, they forget to close the curtains and are seen by everyone. When Robert finds out, he hides out at Ray's.
24 May 1999
How They Met
Flashback to how Ray and Debra met.
20 Sep. 1999
Boob Job
Debra is unhappy by Ray's excited reaction to a friend's bigger breasts at a PTA meeting. Thinking Ray would like her better if she had bigger boobs as well, she decides to stuff a pair of socks in her bra to see if he'll be surprised.
27 Sep. 1999
The Can Opener
Ray and Debra have a fight over a can opener.
4 Oct. 1999
You Bet
Frank uses Ray to win bets on sports.
11 Oct. 1999
Sex Talk
Marie and Frank talk about their sex life.
18 Oct. 1999
The Will
If Ray and Debra both pass away, they want Bernie and Linda to adopt the kids.
25 Oct. 1999
The Sister
Debra's sister Jennifer visits and announces her intention to become a nun.
8 Nov. 1999
Cousin Gerard
Ray's annoying cousin Gerard is hired by Marie to help him write his book. Ray's entire family starts to see that Ray has many of the same annoying traits as Gerard. Ray decides to work on Gerard while trying to make himself feel better.
15 Nov. 1999
Debra's Workout
Debra's has been very amorous and Ray wonders why. He later learns that her desire occurs after her work out. So Ray goes to the gym to see the guy and joins the class and wrecks it.
22 Nov. 1999
No Thanks
Debra tries a new approach to Maries negative attitude.
29 Nov. 1999
Left Back
Ray and Debra decide to have the twins stay back in Kindergarden for another year.
13 Dec. 1999
The Christmas Picture
Ray decides to take a family picture for Marie's Christmas present. But she didn't want Debra's family to be in it.

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