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Season 5

2 Oct. 2000
Italy: Part 1
For Marie's birthday, the family goes to Italy. But Ray gets a cold and becomes miserable and Robert finds the woman of his dreams. But first he has to get past her father.
2 Oct. 2000
Italy: Part 2
The show continues in Italy. Ray starts to appreciate Italy and Robert must avoid Stefania's father if he wishes to see tomorrow.
9 Oct. 2000
The Wallpaper
Marie and Frank crash their car into Ray's house.
16 Oct. 2000
Meant to Be
Robert tells Amy about Stefania because he thinks they're meant to be. Another breakup.
23 Oct. 2000
Pet Cemetery
With the untimely accidental murder of Ally's hamster Pumpernickel, she and the family decide to give the pet a proper funeral.
30 Oct. 2000
The Author
Ray tries to write a book but gets rejected. Robert makes lieutenant.
6 Nov. 2000
The Walk to the Door
At a wedding, Ray reunites with the first woman he dated. He tells the family about the time he didn't walk her to the door.
13 Nov. 2000
Young Girl
The 43-year-old Robert is dating a 22-year-old named Erica, and Marie and Debra find his new girlfriend way too young for his age. Frank invites her to his birthday party, which becomes a disaster.
20 Nov. 2000
Fighting In-Laws
Debra's parents visit for Thanksgiving and confess that they're going to marriage counseling.
27 Nov. 2000
The Sneeze
A man accidentally sneezes on Ray and he think's he's caught the man's germs.
11 Dec. 2000
Christmas Present
Ray gets Debra a really great present for Christmas so she'll agree to let him go golfing.
8 Jan. 2001
What Good Are You?
Ray starts to have second thoughts about himself after he didn't help Debra when she was choking.
29 Jan. 2001
Super Bowl
Ray decides to take Gianni to the Super Bowl with him. But the rest of the family wants to go.
5 Feb. 2001
Ray's Journal
When Marie finds the diary that Ray kept as a boy, he is embarrassed about much of the sexual content, but she is only upset over a single mean comment about her.
12 Feb. 2001
Silent Partners
Ray and Debra can't think of anything to talk about. Debra thinks they need to spend more time together.
19 Feb. 2001
The twins want to be fairies in the school play.
26 Feb. 2001
Stefania Arrives
Marie doesn't want Robert to end up alone, so she invites Stefania to America. But she comes with her father.
19 Mar. 2001
Humm Vac
Ray purchases a new state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner from an attractive door to door saleswoman and it ignites a housekeeping war between Marie and Debra. Debra is as taken with the new vacuum as Ray once she witnesses all of the wonderful things it can do. That is, until she learns why the saleswoman showed up at their door in the first place. Determined to prove to Marie that she's is just as good at "keeping house," Debra attempts to use the new vacuum to find some dirt, any dirt, in Marie's home. Of course, the results are disastrous.
9 Apr. 2001
The Canister
Marie thinks Debra has her canister, but Debra says she doesn't. But when Debra finds it in Ally's room, she gets Ray and Robert to help her sneak it back into Marie's house.
23 Apr. 2001
Net Worth
Ray invests money in a go-cart venture without telling Deborah. He says it is his money, so Deborah bills him for the job she does with the children and the house. Robert compares it to a wrongful death lawsuit - the value of life.
30 Apr. 2001
Let's Fix Robert
Marie thinks something's wrong with Robert. So she gathers all of the girls in Robert's life to come up with ways to help him.
7 May 2001
Say Uncle
Ray thinks his kids like Robert better than him.
14 May 2001
Debra finds it hard to handle her parents' divorce.
21 May 2001
Frank Paints the House
Frank, Ray, and Robert paint Ray's house. And Robert and Ray find out something new about their father.
21 May 2001
Ally's Birth
Flashback to when Ally was born.

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