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Season 1

13 Sep. 1996
Debra doesn't want Raymond's family to barge in unannounced from across the street on her birthday, so it's up to Raymond to gently break the news to them.
20 Sep. 1996
I Love You
Ray can't say "I love you" to Debra, and he traces the source of his problem back to his parents.
27 Sep. 1996
I Wish I Were Gus
Ray has to deliver the eulogy at his Uncle Gus's funeral, but he spends more time at the funeral trying to settle a dispute between Marie and her sister.
4 Oct. 1996
Standard Deviation
The results of an I.Q. Ray and Debra take for Robert's police training create a lot of tension, but Robert may have the last laugh on both of them.
11 Oct. 1996
Look Don't Touch
Debra gets upset with Ray after he sticks his foot in his mouth regarding a sexy new waitress at Nemos.
18 Oct. 1996
Frank, the Writer
Frank believes that he has become a professional writer after a joke he submitted gets published in "Reader's Digest."
28 Oct. 1996
Your Place or Mine?
Marie stays at Raymond and Debra's house after she gets in a fight with Frank. Meanwhile, Frank has the time of his life by himself at home, and Raymond starts getting used to having his mom spoil him again.
1 Nov. 1996
Debra's parents invite all of the Barones to a night out at a fancy French restaurant. While they're there, Raymond makes an inappropriate comment that gets him in trouble with both families.
8 Nov. 1996
Win, Lose or Draw
Raymond loses $2300 to Frank in a poker game, and Frank refuses Marie's demands to give the money back.
22 Nov. 1996
Turkey or Fish
Debra tries to start her own tradition by hosting a Thanksgiving fish dinner for both families, but Marie threatens to ruin everything by coming with turkey.
13 Dec. 1996
Captain Nemo
Robert is named captain of the Nemo's basketball team, and Raymond is jealous. But when Robert becomes a tyrant, the team turns on him. Robert quits the team, and Raymond becomes captain, which causes tension at home.
20 Dec. 1996
The Ball
Ray is so shattered when he discovers that the autographed Mickey Mantle baseball his father gave him as a child is a fake, that he wants to tell Ally that there is no Santa Claus.
3 Jan. 1997
Debra's Sick
Raymond misses an interview with Terry Bradshaw about ghostwriting his book because he has to take Ally and Michael to the pediatrician. Debra is sick at home, and Marie comes over to take care of her.
17 Jan. 1997
Who's Handsome?
Robert goes out on a first date with Debra's friend Amy, and Raymond suddenly become insecure about his looks when everybody starts saying that Robert is more handsome than him.
31 Jan. 1997
The Car
Debra finds out that the reason why Raymond made them buy Frank and Marie's old car is because he doesn't want to get rid of the car that he used to get lucky in.
7 Feb. 1997
Raymond tries to replace Debra's engagement ring behind her back after he finds out that it's counterfeit. But why is Debra so upset when she discovers that Raymond has made the switch?
21 Feb. 1997
The Game
With the cable signal out for the evening, Raymond, Debra, Marie, Frank and Robert decide to play a game of Scruples to pass the time, only to get into a fight about honesty.
28 Feb. 1997
Recovering Pessimist
Debra confronts Raymond about his pessimism after he takes no joy in winning the Sportswriter of the Year award.
3 Mar. 1997
The Dog
Ray wants to keep a lovable bulldog he found in the neighborhood, but at Debra's request he reluctantly gives the dog away to Robert. However, after he has already given him away, the dog's rightful owner shows up to claim him.
10 Mar. 1997
Raymond's neighbors come over to voice their numerous complaints about his parents, and Frank and Marie walk in on them. Raymond now feels humiliated and guilty of betraying his parents.
17 Mar. 1997
Fascinatin' Debra
A radio psychologist comes to interview Debra for a book, but she winds up being more interested in Raymond and his family. Therefore, Debra comes to the conclusion that she is too boring.
7 Apr. 1997
Why Are We Here?
Flashback to when Ray and Debra first moved across the street from Marie and Frank.

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