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Haugesund: Liv Ullmann to retire from directing

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Haugesund: Liv Ullmann to retire from directing
Norwegian actress and filmmaker announces end to directing on panel with fellow filmmakers Pernilla August and Iram Haq.

Norwegian actress and filmmaker Liv Ullmann, the two-time Oscar nominee and director of films including Cannes competition title Faithless, has announced that she doesn’t plan to direct again.

Ullmann made the announcement during a talk today at Haugesund’s Norwegian International Film Festival.

“I don’t want to direct anymore,” she said during the festival’s annual public talk, The Amanda Conversation.

“I want to use my strength to act in a film - there I can use it with a sensitive director, and write. I took that decision right now,” the 77-year-old veteran said with a smile.

As an actress, she is hoping to work with Anthony Hopkins in 2017 on an as yet unannounced film. The duo previously worked together on 1977 feature A Bridge Too Far.


This year’s Amanda Conversation was between Ullmann, whose most recent
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