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3 Jan. 1997
Fixing up Daddy
Rachel decides to look after her father and fixes him up with Sheila Kendall, the author of a book called 'First Kill All the Lawyers'. She is too successful and she suddenly finds herself being neglected.
10 Jan. 1997
The Party's Over
Bronson Alcott High gets a new principal and everybody is upset when she bans mobile phones and institutes other strict rules. Then, when Mr. Hall is sacked, Cher decides to act.
24 Jan. 1997
I'm in with the Out Crowd
The class is randomly broken up into pairs for a project on a particularly country. Cher is drawn to work on Canada with the class geek and social outcast, Felice. Cher learns a lot about friendships during the exercise.
31 Jan. 1997
All Teed Off
Murray and Sean play a round of golf with Josh and become hooked on the sport. Dee becomes upset when she realises that Murray's obsession means that she is being ignored. Cher comes up with a plan.
7 Feb. 1997
Mr. Wright
Everybody is preparing for the MTV dance party coming up but Cher is dateless, until a new boy joins the class. Cher arranges to meet in the modern dance class and they hit it off. He seems too good to be true, so what is his flaw?
14 Feb. 1997
Secrets & Lies
Valentine's Day is coming up and thoughts have turned to love. Cher blurts out a secret about one of Dee's former dates and causes some serious rifts in friendships. Amber has a secret admirer and has difficulty finding out who it is.
23 Sep. 1997
Back to School
It's the first day of junior year in school and what to wear is the prime consideration. Then the girls have to arrive at the right time. In guidance class, Cher feels confronted when she is asked to map out her life for the next 10 years.
30 Sep. 1997
Salsa, Chlorine & Tears
The gang go to a salsa club and Cher falls for the lead singer. Coincidentally, he also turns out to be the Horowitz's fill-in pool boy. But will their love be able to conquer the cultural divide?
7 Oct. 1997
Suddenly Stupid
It's science fair time and the class nerd, Felice, amazingly comes last. Cher finds that she is acting stupid to attract boys. She decides to help Felice return to her rightful place with a makeover, which has an unexpected result.
14 Oct. 1997
Sharing Cher
When Dee is unable to go to a concert Amber, who is staying at Cher's place, goes to the concert instead. Dee comes back early and finds Amber at the concert, which causes a rift between herself and Cher.
21 Oct. 1997
Chick Fight Tonight
Oddrey was expelled from her previous school and has just transfered to Bronson Alcott High. After a bad encounter, Cher tries to befriend her. However, no matter what she tries to do, Cher only seems to make matters worse.
28 Oct. 1997
Trick or Treat
It's Halloween and the Horowitz household goes all out. This year, Mel is disappointed when Cher goes to a Spielberg party to meet her current favourite Trent Cole. However, the party is not quite what they expected.
4 Nov. 1997
Homecoming Queen
Cher is nominated for homecoming queen. Despite not being a cheerleader, she still becomes a finalist. It then becomes a battle between Cher and the cheerleaders led by Mrs. Mumford.
11 Nov. 1997
Shop 'Til You Drop
Rachel and Dee take wood-shop, initially to meet boys. They feel unsuited to woodwork but a sexist attitude from the teacher makes Cher determined to succeed.
18 Nov. 1997
The Intruder
It's parent-teacher night at Bronson Alcott High and the students are demonstrating their achievements. There is an instant attraction between Mel and Cher's art teacher, and Cher is horrified at the consequences.
25 Nov. 1997
Intruder Spawn
Mel and Cher's art teacher are still going strong. When they go away for the weekend, Cher decides to have a party in their absence. Unfortunately, her 9 year-old demon son threatens to put a spanner in everybody's plans.
9 Dec. 1997
Valley of the Malls
Cher wants some extra money and decides to get an after-school job. Cher and Dee feel that they need to head to The Valley for the job. Amber, Murray and Sean kidnap Tarzana High's mascot, a Bengal tiger.
16 Dec. 1997
A Very P.C. Christmas (Holiday)
It's Christmas and Sean is in charge of the acts in the school pageant. Cher is desperate to sing a solo as a present for her father but it turns out that she is tone deaf. However, they still manage to find a place for her in the show.

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