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Season 1

16 Jan. 1996
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Marty moves into the room above the McManus' garage after Doris learns of his affair. The team, with help from Linda, try to help him win her back.
30 Jan. 1996
A Match Made at Seven
Linda wants to fix up her divorced friend, Barb, with one of the guys. Barb likes Vince, who barely notices her; but it's Herb that likes Barb although she doesn't reciprocate prompting Linda to throw a party to give the matchmaking another chance.
6 Feb. 1996
For Art's Sake
Matt is accepted to art school and Herb, who has no children of his own, offers to help Vince with the tuition since he doesn't qualify for financial aid. Linda has lunch with Doris and meets her new boyfriend.
24 Jul. 1996
To Be There or Not to Be There
Phoebe has the lead in Hamlet but Linda is unable to attend because of an exam.
31 Jul. 1996
Two of a Kind
The Coach finds his soul mate. The team tries to help Marty avoid the process server with his divorce papers.
7 Aug. 1996
Home Alone
Tom feels he's losing his ability to communicate with Phoebe, so they go to the movies together but things don't go as planned when some of Phoebe's friends are there. Meanwhile, Linda catches up with Doris' news and the unattached members of the team do poetry reading at a coffeehouse.
Valentine's Day Massacre
Tom forgets Valentine's Day while Linda goes all out with a special dinner. Tom tries to send the team away so he and Linda can have a couples evening, but then doesn't have the heart.
The Loop
Linda confides in her friend, Dana, that Tom is awkward in bed when trying to set the mood but the tidbit said in confidence gets out. Herb has a new dog and Coach gets addicted to video golf.
It's Must Have Been Gridlock
Although Tom and his mentor, Ernie, work together on a successful city planning job, Tom gets a promotion at Ernie's expense which doesn't sit well with Tom. Marty makes friends with Doris' new boyfriend and Hugh puts Coach on a strict diet because of high cholesterol.

 Season 1 

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