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Surprisingly good
Op_Prime21 July 2000
Before I first saw this show, I expected it to be like the older series, boring and not at all funny. That's why it was a pleasant surprise. It was a lot like the 1995 movie, making this show very funny and fun to watch. It is a shame it is over.
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I loved this show
Sparky6 January 2006
I absolutely adored the 1995 film and was very excited that there was going to be an animated version. This cartoon was made by many of the same people who worked on the movie, and it showed. Now, I'm an old lady, and I grew up on the classic Harvey cartoons; but I found this version of the Casper cartoon a refreshing change. How cleverly they integrated some of the classic supporting characters! The Trio were some of my favorite characters growing up, and ordinarily I might be miffed at them being altered so drastically - but I wasn't. The new Trio are now also among my favorite animated characters of all time, alongside the old. This show aired while I was in college and I was unable to catch even half of the episodes. I wish they would re-air it, so I could actually see it. I have all 6 of the commercially-released tapes and it is nowhere near enough!
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Re-runs, please!
I've been wanting to see this show on the air again for years. Come on, kids channels. If you can show stuff as old and as over-played as The Flintstones and The Jetsons, surely you can make a slot for this fantastic series. I'm 21, and still enjoy the few episodes I have on tape (another big bummer, not enough episodes were released!).

I very much enjoyed hearing Joe Nipote, Joe Alaskey, Brad Garret and Malachi Pearson reprise their roles for this series. It really gave it that extra kick and the warmth that people felt towards the movie transfered on to the small screen.

So please bring back the '95 series! It's sorely missed.
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A great show and refreshing too
TheLittleSongbird12 June 2011
I really liked the 1995 film, especially for Cathy Moriaty and Casper himself, who is just so cute. I do love the old cartoons as well, but I think this Casper based off the 1995 film is great and a refreshing change. The animation is really quite nice, I liked the atmospheric yet colourful colours and backgrounds and the characters are well-proportioned. The music is memorable too, the story lines are fun and refreshing and the writing amuses and delights. The characters all maintain their likability, Casper is still very cute and the ghostly uncle trio are still hilarious, and it also helps that the voice work is as excellent as it is. Overall, great and refreshing, definitely worth the look, same with the 1995 movie, Casper Meets Wendy and Spirited Beginning in my opinion aren't worth bothering with. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Goofy ghost gunk
helpless_dancer29 April 2002
What was this all about? A supposed to be ghostly comedy with cool animation, uproarious hilarity, really hot props & slick gizmoes, and choice acting by big name stars. Instead we get one big monumental bore. This crap should make like an apparition and disappear.
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