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9 Sep. 1996
'The Cape' explores the daily lives of current-day NASA astronauts, astronauts in training (ASCANs) and support personnel. In the pilot, the Russians have lost radio contact with one of their nuclear-powered spy satellites. This satellite threatens the Eastern Seaboard of the United States when its orbit degrades. A Space Shuttle mission, which includes a Russian cosmonaut, is deployed to prevent the spy satellite from de-orbiting.
16 Sep. 1996
In Friends We Trust
Reggie blames himself as Barbara remains unconscious in the hospital following an accident. Zekes friend Jimmy is killed during a foolish game of duel when a cocky young pilot challenges him during training exercises. When Zeke learns that the young pilot is a friend that he served with in the Gulf, he remains silent about his involvement, honoring a debt that he believes he owes to his fellow pilot. All the while D.B. searches for the truth as to what really happened to Jimmy.
23 Sep. 1996
No Fear
The personal problems created by gaining custody of her child, begin to manifest themselves during a flight simulation, putting Caitlin's space launch in jeopardy. Once she makes it to space she experiences a collapsed lung which requires Tamara to perform emergency surgery while in orbit.
30 Sep. 1996
Just a Rumor
Bull publicly locks horns with D.B.'s father, former astronaut turned congressman, when, during a visit to NASA, it is revealed that he has plans to shut down the manned space program. Also, Reggie, having waited years for another opportunity, desperately tries to find out if there is any truth behind a rumor that has him scheduled to pilot the next shuttle mission.
7 Oct. 1996
Play Astronaut for Me
With the position of Space Station Commander up for grabs, Bull lobbies hard for the chance. Unfortunately, he is up against a media savvy opponent who has all the right connections. Reggie has been nominated to show around a colonel from the National Space Development of Japan, which proves difficult when language and cultural differences arise. Ladies' man Jack Riles is stalked by an ardent female fan who has plans to destroy his life one piece at a time before destroying him.
14 Oct. 1996
Lost in Space
As a former teacher, astronaut candidate Peter is elected to guide a group of grade students around Kennedy Space Center, prior to the launch of Space Shuttle Columbia. One of the students is an annoying young boy, named Tony, who, after being reprimanded by Peter, manages to slip away from the group to get a closer view of the launch area. The countdown is then temporarily suspended while a search is carried out to find the child.
21 Oct. 1996
Family Values
Zeke is upset by the news that his brother Curt has become involved with his ex-girlfriend. Inevitably when he meets up with Natalie he discovers that they are still attracted to one another and secretly they begin to see each other again. Jack receives a surprise from an old girlfriend - a son that he never knew he had. Joanna had kept her pregnancy secret knowing that he did not want children, but a job that will take her to Bosnia has caused her to decide that the best place for Noah is with his father Jack.
28 Oct. 1996
Buried in Peace
While on a mission to repair a corporate communications satellite, the shuttle crew encounters a Soviet spacecraft that turns out to have been a secret attempt to send a manned mission to the moon - launched, and lost, over 30 years ago - that, had it succeeded, would have reached the moon before the United States.
4 Nov. 1996
The Need to Know
After two years in space, a satellite is returned to earth and is found to have a mysterious substance on its outside surface. Tamara is called in to help in the investigation until Keith Mason and his team from Ames Research push her aside and exclude her from valuable information. Tamara has, however, reserved a sample and does her own research, enlisting D.B.'s help, and discovers that amazingly enough, the substance contains living cells. Mason finds out what she has done and takes steps to bar her completely from further involvement. For the first time Tamara ...
11 Nov. 1996
Reggie's Wild Ride
An elated Reggie has finally realised his dream and has made it into space on a routine mission of a construction EVA and scientific research. All does not go well for long, however, turning his dream into a nightmare. While Reggie and Japanese astronaut Hiro Furukawa are outside the orbiter on an extended EVA there is an accidental release of mercury sulphur gas during one of the experiments inside of the shuttle. On their return inside they find the two scientists disoriented, sweating and confused as to what has happened. Reggie must muster all of his faculties to ...
18 Nov. 1996
Burning Fuse
With many prominent politicians and military people expected, there are hectic preparations underway for the celebration at NASA to be coupled with the arrival of Space Shuttle Atlantis from its latest mission. With everything going on, the last thing that base personnel need to contend with is a bomb threat. Bull is drawn into the investigation with only a few hours to find out if there is a bomb, where it could be and to disarm it before Atlantis lands. Also, Jack and Zeke are participating in an experiment testing the design of a newer lighter space suit. Jack, in ...
25 Nov. 1996
Judgment Call
While on a Shuttle mission with Jack Riles, for the new Space Station, Astronaut Sam Blake's wife is rushed to the hospital suffering from complications in her pregnancy. Bull is prepared to scrap the mission until, unexpectedly, Kathy dies. The decision is then made not to tell Sam and to continue with the last two days of the mission, even though Sam's tiny baby daughter is fighting for her life. Riles soon learns the truth and initially refuses to go along with the deception, but relents after being ordered to. At home, Bull and Ellen work together to break the ...
30 Dec. 1996
The Accusation
After Reggie gives an inspiring talk to a group of African-American youths at a local church, he is accused of a terrible hit and run accident by a couple of white youths with whom he had previously had an unpleasant encounter. Led away from NASA in handcuffs, he fears that his long dream of making it to space may be over for good as he watches the newly appointed Head of the Astronaut Office, Bull, ready a replacement for the mission. Although this is devastating to Reggie, he is determined to clear his name and reclaim his position as Mission Commander.

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