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Why do networks DO this!?!?!

Author: vickisubrosa from Chicago, Illinois
18 August 2000

Why do networks constantly formulate these amazingly funny shows and then take them away? With Boston Common, they it moved around all the time, often to the most Godawful time slots and didn't advertise what they were doing. I was so happy to find the reruns on USA. Of course, these were cancelled eventually, too. I don't see why they would set a show up to fail. That's what they did with Boston Common. No other show has made me laugh like this one did -- if one ever does again, you can be sure it will be cancelled as well. What's strange about Boston Common is that it's by the same people who put out Will and Grace. That show is a gigantic hit. The network treats it like gold. There are even some of the same jokes and I even noticed a sweater that seemed to make it's way from Boston Common to the wardrobe of Will and Grace. Who can explain it?

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Underrated Show That Wears Well Over Time

Author: tgibbs279 ( from Lexington, Kentucky
10 February 2001

"Boston Common" was a good show, but never one of my favorites. But in the years since NBC canceled it, TV in general has gone from bad to worse, and now "Boston Common" looks fantastic compared to current shows. At least it has an original premise; when you think about it, there really haven't been that many shows set on a college campus. The cast was good, the writing was clever, and the show offered something new. I wasn't a huge fan at the time, but I now I realize that good shows are so rare, we need to hang on to them when they come along.

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Author: Pat Howard (tittlemouse) from Illinois
21 July 2000

There's an element to this show that's unexplainable. It leaves you feeling good. The writing was superb, the cast was talented, and this was one of the few '90s sitcoms that didn't constantly rely on sex for material. Great show! Thanx to USA, reruns are still on, but for how much longer?

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Clever dialogue is the best feature about it.

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
29 October 2004

Very funny and clever sit-com that only lasted for one year.

Anthony Clark was funny and convinced as the lead character. Hedy Burress is incredibly charming: her beautiness, sexiness, and talent are impossible to ignore. I'm a big fan of hers thanks of this show.

The character of Leonard was an interesting addition to the show, he was very funny. The rest of the cast also delivered good performances.

Nice cast.

The writing was very clever and that's what made the show a delight to watch. I had the chance to watch this funny show on it's re-runs on Sony Entertainment T.v. Latin American way back in 2000 but quickly stopped re-running it.

A future DVD release looks impossible but hey? we can dream about it.

Watch it if you have the chance you won't regret, this was one of the only shows which all of it's dialogues are funny.

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Hilarious comedy!

Author: Op_Prime from Ardmore, PA
11 January 2000

Boston Common was a hilarious show. How could NBC be dumb enough to cancel it? The answer they give us is bad ratings, but they wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't moved to such bad time slots. Anthony Clark is the best on the series, being the funniest of all, with Hedy Burress close behind. Thankfully, USA reruns this short lived show. Thank you USA network!

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I enjoyed this show endlessly, and I still don't know why.

Author: fingerscut from Caddy
16 August 2006

"Cute" is an accurate description for this show, and all the good and bad connotations that come with it. As seen in "Seinfeld", the comic - while no doubt is the heart and soul of the show - brings the least to the table acting-wise. Though Clark was serviceable, he wasn't anything more than "Likable and Naive" for the better part of a season and a half.

The on-going crush on the beautiful friend with a killer personality who is *shock* taken by someone with a more stable foothold on adult life is something a lot of us can connect with personally - and was tastefully done. The likability of "Joy" probably rates a 8.5 out of ten - and the show's attaching it's self to these concepts and advantages made it what it was. A cute - if a little contrived - sitcom that can be enjoyed by the light-hearted in the mood for a laugh with a nice little soul.

It "survived" on it's charm(it had plenty) and the comedy of Clark(who has some great jokes) and certainly deserved a longer run than it had. But "Classic" isn't a word that comes to mind, and did little to set it's self apart from other shows. It really pains me to give this show a 6/10, but it could have been much, much better. Childhood nostalgia will always make it a classic viewing experience for me, though.

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What happened??!!

Author: bigben-3 from Los Angeles
1 December 1999

I still can't believe why would they take this good show off-air. This is one of the funniest shows on TV. The wild, wacky, and funny cast of Randolph Harrington delivers such great performances and gave "humor" a new meaning. Boyd, Wyleen, Tasha, Joy and the rest of the cast are really funny, and are such talented comedians. I would still laugh every time I watch this show.

Thanks to USA network, I'd still reward myself a few laughs..

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A guilty pleasure

Author: MovieMilhouse21 from Phoenix
15 June 2003

This is another one of the many guilty pleasures that was on the USA network. This was one of the many shows that I used to love on the USA network. My favorite character was Leonard. He was kind of weird, but in a totally good way. I was really mad when they took this show off the air. I had a whole lineup on the USA network that I would watch on days when I was off from school and this was one of them. I am mad that the USA channel stopped playing my shows.

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again, why, why, why???

Author: chillintacos from Bangkok, Thailand
5 October 2001

this was another great show (i made a comment on 'the secret lives of men' another incredibly great show) i thought is was hilarious and laughed every time..i dunno why they cancelled it but they shouldn't have!

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Very funny show

Author: cubedwellar from Indiana
10 October 2000

Boston Common was so very funny! Anthony Clark was perfectly cast as Boyd...the man who left Virginia to win the heart of Joy. I really thought the ratings were good for the show, so I am not sure why it was cancelled. If you get a chance to see it on the USA network, do it! It will leave you laughing all day.

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