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1 Mar. 1998
When a Child Is Born
Just a few days away from giving birth, Niamh seems to be handling the situation far better than Ambrose is. And at the church a sweating statue has everyone, except for Father Clifford, believing in miracles.
8 Mar. 1998
Changing Times
Sparing Niamh the trouble of sleepless nights, Ambrose is looking after baby Kieran during the wee hours of the morning. The town is divided over Brian's decision to develop through the natural forest and Peter and Assumpta must both make big decisions.
15 Mar. 1998
Stardust in Your Eyes
With Peter and Assumpta gone, everyone is rushed off their feet. Father MacAnally must serve both Cilldargan and BallyK, Niamh struggles to retain even the regulars at the pub while nurturing baby Kieran. And on top of it all, Brian Quigley is relying on everyone to welcome some Korean visitors who may be able to land him a solid business deal.
22 Mar. 1998
The Fortune in Men's Eyes
Times are hard in BallyK, Brian is on the verge of bankruptcy, Niamh is still juggling the bar and Kieran, and Donal and Liam are out of a job. Then Brian takes a rather sudden and surprising interest in Ambrose's mother, Imelda.
29 Mar. 1998
I Know When I'm Not Wanted
Both Peter and Assumpta return, Peter from his vacation and Assumpta from London where she tied the knot with her old college boyfriend Leo. In an effort to liven things up in the bar, Father Clifford organizes a bar tournament against Cilldargin.
5 Apr. 1998
Personal Call
Father Mac suffers from a small heart attack and takes a few days to rest, leaving Peter to hold up the fort in BallyKay and Cilldargin. Brian's financial situation worsens and Niamh signs herself on as his business partner.
12 Apr. 1998
Lost Sheep
Siobhan is stunned when she discovers she is pregnant and is confused as to what to do. Meanwhile, many are shocked when a young woman comes to Ballykissangel looking for her elder sister and Assumpta's marriage takes a turn for the worse.
19 Apr. 1998
The Waiting Game
The whole town gets very anxious as they wait for the anonymous lottery winner in Ballykissangel to claim their prize. Ambrose goes undercover at a pub in Cilldargan.
26 Apr. 1998
Pack up Your Troubles
Brian Quigley starts up a paint ball camp while Padraig and Kevin receive an unexpected family member. Assumpta returns to Ballykissangel as a single woman and Siobhan and Brendan learn of the baby's gender.
3 May 1998
The Reckoning
Peter finally admits his true feelings for Assumpta while the town participates in a Far East cooking competition and Brian Quigleys sure to make a business out of it.
4 May 1998
Amongst Friends
Ballykissangel is in mourning after the recent tragedy when a journalist stumbles into the town searching for a story. Peter must come to a decision about what he must do as a priest and the choices he must make for himself.
20 Sep. 1998
All Bar One
As Fitzgerald's goes up for auction, many new strangers arrive in town, some more welcome than others. And the town is anticipating their new priest, a former monk.
27 Sep. 1998
He Healeth the Sick
While Eamon tries to rid his farm of invading foxes, Father Aidan begins working miracles on the sick. Father MacAnally however is skeptical as to the legality of these miracles.
4 Oct. 1998
Bread and Water
Siobhan prepares for a water birth, Father Aidan has financial troubles, Sean Dillon's daughter arrives in Bally K and Niamh continues to move into her new home.
11 Oct. 1998
Par for the Course
A roaming stranger wanders around Ballykissangel as Siobhan and Brendan argue over their daughter's christening. Brian persuades a friend of Orla's to partner with him in buying a golf course.
18 Oct. 1998
The Odd Couple
Donal's new companion, a black bear, is roaming around the village wrecking havoc while Kevin secretly starts working with Sean.
23 Oct. 1998
The town is virtually deserted as everyone heads to the annual horse race where Doctor Ryan is in danger of losing to Danny's Razor. Meanwhile, back in town, Ambrose tackles a Cilldargan drug dealer he once arrested.
1 Nov. 1998
It's a Family Affair
At the grand opening of Brian's golf course, Micky comes face to face with an enemy from the past. Then, Danny steals back his horse from Sean and his injury gets worse.
8 Nov. 1998
Rock Bottom
Padraig's life falls apart at the seams causing his drinking to get even worse. A fertility statue is uncovered on Sean's farm and Fitzgerald's gets satellite T.V.
15 Nov. 1998
As Stars Look Down
An old friend of Father MacAnally's returns to Ballykissangel for a visit with news of a promotion to the Vatican. In the meantime, Emma and Danny get stranded together when the heavy rain sets in.
22 Nov. 1998
Births, Deaths and Marriages
While Siobhan and Brendan prepare for their simple and secret wedding, Emma goes around the village digging up her family's past. Then Eamon has an accident and Niamh and Ambrose feel that their marriage has lost its meaning.
29 Nov. 1998
It's a Man's Life
The tension between Niamh and Ambrose continues and Niamh leaves Ambrose for the day. Donal and Liam look for extra cash in golf balls that have been lost in the river and Kathleen gets an unexpected visit from an old sweetheart.
6 Dec. 1998
The Final Frontier
A massive storm sweeps over Ballykissangel and has everyone running for cover. Niamh confronts her feelings for Sean and Ambrose confronts his marriage with Niamh.

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