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15 Mar. 1996
Meet the Brodys
Doug gets a promotion after Bobut uses mind control on Doug's boss. When Snizzy recombines some DNA and unleashes a giant frog on the town, Doug realizes he's not spending enough time with his family and returns to his former job.
22 Mar. 1996
Bobut Conquers All
Bobut uses mind control to win Sally the affections of a guy she sees at the mall; the family falls prey to obnoxious, talking germs.
29 Mar. 1996
Cookie Makes Some Dough
Cookie gets a job at Doug's office, but her robot becomes a threat to their co-workers' jobs; things go awry when Snizzy concocts some anti-zit cream for Heather.
3 Aug. 1996
You Don't Have a Pet to Be Popular
Spit's pet Varch comes to live with the family and becomes amorous of the repulsed Heather, so her siblings try to teach her a lesson by making Heather believe that she killed him. Meanwhile, Bobut throws a tantrum when Sally puts him on a pudding-free diet.
10 Aug. 1996
Too Good to Be True
Snizzy invents a cloning machine, which Bobut uses to make an insipid clone of himself so he can sneak off to the Stinky Stevie toy factory. But before long, he winds up in the clutches of two obnoxious, rich children.
17 Aug. 1996
Respect Your Elders
The Elders of the Neurtron Galactic Federation pay a visit to see how future leader Bobut is being raised, and they quickly condemn Doug for the child's upbringing. Meanwhile Heather tries to impress her friends by coercing Spit into performing various gross-outs.
24 Aug. 1996
Dissected and Neglected
Cookie realizes that she once abducted Doug's boss's wife; Snizzy creates a talking, mutant offspring of her favorite candy; Sally unsuccessfully tries to teach Bobut the ABC's.
31 Aug. 1996
A Very Brody Tweeznax
Spit invents an alien holiday to get out of schoolwork, but when baby Bobut hears of it, he's hyped for a Tweeznax celebration. Meanwhile, Sally tries in vain to get a passport photo of Bobut taken.

 Season 1 

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