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The first season was the best season.

Author: (Heather Sayas) from CA, U.S.A
22 February 2000

Sinbad was obviously canceled due to the low audience on it's second season. After the character of Maeve left, the producers made the show darker, sexier and that lead them to an unevitable cancelation.

I want to remember AoS on it's first season, when Sinbad and his crew were fighting to find Dim Dim and save the world in the meantime, the wonderful chemistry between Zen Gesner and Jacqueline Collen was one of the reasons everybody fell in love with Maeve and Sinbad.

I not even watched Season 2, I was very sad when I knew about Jacqeline Collen's departure, but I said to myself "Hey Sinbad is not going to change because of her lost, in fact he's going to fight harder ro find Dim-Dim and get her back" Unfortuntaley I was wrong and I stopped watching the show at the fourth episode of Season 2, when I realized that they were making a fool of me.Let's face it you can't replace a sweet independent sorceress like Maeve with a juvenile criminal like Bryn (no offence to Bryn fans, I just dont like her)

Ed Nahla admitted himself that Season 1 was the best AoS season ever since he said that they used to be the best viewed new show, but their ratings fell in Season two and after losing one of their sponsors All American TV canceled "Adventures of Sinbad" for good, burning every hope of getting our S1 Sinbad back or maybe the posibility of Maeve's return.

I'll never forget "Adventures of Sinbad" (Season 1) it became into a classic for me, it was my favorite show and I still watch my AoS tapes from time to time.

Still all the Nomads like myself will never forget this wonderful show, cause it might had ended but the Nomad still sails around the web of the Sinbad community.

See you around

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embarrassingly I loved this show.

Author: princess919 from United Kingdom
31 July 2006

I used to watch this show with my little brother on Saturday mornings before I left for work, I loved the first season!!! Sinbad was as usual white but he was attractive and made me laugh, his brother was equally funny and I loved seeing the two of them and the way they would tease each other. Maeve was independent and I really think the show suffered without her, her replacement Bryn was likable but somehow I just really missed the chemistry Maeve and Sinbad had.

All the other characters were funny (and the only reason I watched the second series in full) and fit in well with the rest of the cast and the story lines.

I loved the awful affects which made it so fun to watch, it was just like an old Sinbad movie. I would love season one on DVD as it is funny but mindless TV that is good to watch after a long day at work but I wouldn't bother with season two as i would find my self skipping all the scenes with Bryn in them (horrible to write but true).

Watch it but realise that it is tongue in cheek.

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One of my favorites

Author: maxvaughn from Arizona, USA/Hull, England
28 January 2003

This is one of those shows that you love, but the only people you tell are your best friends. It was funny, adventurous, exciting, and had terrific cast. It was sad when Maeve left the show, because everything went downhill from there. One thing I loved was the way the special effects resembled the old Sinbad movies. This was a highly underated TV program. If it ever comes on in syndication, I suggest everyone watch at least one episode (preferably from season one).

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Plays cheesy now but at the time it seemed good

Author: Tim Hayes from Perth, Ontario, Canada
28 March 2006

That little summary pretty much describes this series. While it was on TV, Sinbad seemed like a great little show. There was swashbuckling, action, humour, and creatures. Sure the FX were a little bad, but they were really still in their infancy then as far as TV shows go. Even the Hercules The Legendary Journeys effects seemed great then but are very poor now. I still enjoyed the show. It was great too how Sinbad grew up as the show progressed. I just wish there had been a third season to tie up some of the loose ends. Even a TV movie would have been great. Hopefully, the DVD release of season one will prompt others to go back and experience the nostalgia of a Saturday afternoon watching Sinbad.

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Sinbad-promising start, ignoble end

Author: dominic_66 from The Land of Ports in Oregon
15 April 2001

I used to watch this show every Saturday along with Xena and Hercules. It was obviously produced by Ed Naha et al. to take advantage of the successes of Sam Raimi's better funded ventures. Comparisons are inevitable and unfortunately the production values of this show leaves one with the impression that it was the poor cousin to the other two. Still, it made the most of what it had and I thought the episodes were entertaining. Gripes: Major characters not very well fleshed out, some continuity issues, chemistry b/n the major characters - what chemistry?? Other people talk about this relationship with Maeve and Sinbad but other than some eye contact, there wasn't much to go on. I guess the show just didn't "come together" like the Raimi shows did. Second season suffered from loss of Jacqueline Collen (Maeve) and, as mentioned elsewhere, a turn towards the "dark side". Reasons why I watched it - interesting stories, cool fight scenes, 3D animation, gratuitous up the skirt shots of Bryn and Maeve. Other than that last point the show was well suited for children and young adolescents who are more forgiving of the gripes that I mentioned. Too bad it was killed when one of the production companies got cold feet, I'm sure it would have lasted at least another season or two.

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Two Good Seasons

Author: kszonew from USA
4 April 2007

"The Adventures of Sinbad" was a short lived, but entertaining action and adventure show from an era of television that appears to have been lost to the world here in 2007. It was like "Hercules" and "Xena" in some ways, no matter how light or dark it was. But it also had its own charm and was its own show. It ran for two seasons. The first was lighter. The second took a slightly darker turn, as did the show's title character, but he wasn't arrogant, self-centered, or evil like some people claim. He had seen a less than perfect world and lost a friend(s). Had the show had a third season, things would have balanced themselves out. Give both seasons a chance. They are both special and have their share of good and bad episodes. Even heroes have issues to work out, which is part of what makes them and their stories legendary and human.

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Campy series, somewhat fun, some good memories.

Author: Blueghost from The San Francisco Bay Area
18 July 2005

Yeah, I admit it; when this series aired I used to catch it on my lunch break every so often. It's really a kids adventure show, and not meant to be anything more than that. Shot in, I believe, South Africa, the show had a kind of campy appeal to it. Every time Sinbad and crew arrived at a "new" village, it was actually the same old village they'd built for the show, only shot at a different angle.

As usual Sinbads "Arab" origins are veiled by Anglo actors due to demographics... oh well. Myself, I think the show would've done just as well with a culturally authentic cast. It is after all a show for kids, and kids are pretty forgiving when it comes to perceptions. But that's neither here nor there.

The CGI and other effects were what they were, and the plots were pretty basic. The acting, for what the show was, was passable. I found it to be good mindless fun as I chowed down a salad in front of the tube.

If it ever comes to DVD, and by that I mean a good quality transfer and not some knockoff, then I'll buy a copy.

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Changing Times

Author: Gabrielle from Seattle, WA
13 August 1999

The Adventures of Sinbad aired for two seasons. Both were excellent. The first season was unique and family friendly, the second season was less so.

The darker changes came about, partially due to trying to un-Disney-fy it, mostly due to the change of producing companies who wanted something "sexier", more like Xena and Hercules. The problem was fans didn't want another Xena or Hercules type show. Some liked the new changes, others didn't, many of those others left. However, AoS still got hyped (word of mouth) as being a friendly family show, because that's (mostly) what it was first season and that's what people expected it to be during the second season, which it really wasn't, though it did keep most of its audience.

Last thoughts: It was well casted and well acted. The chemistry of the cast on-screen was *great* and their easy nature carried across to the audience. The good guys were good, the bad guys were also good. The special effects only got better as the series went on.

I found the show to be a rare and unique treasure among all the shows out there, but more importantly it was even more so within its own genre.

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Very good family type adventure show

Author: Joanna W Green ( from Texas
19 February 1999

I have been a fan of this show since I first saw it. Good old fashioned serial type plots. Great cast that had a good blending. It is a shame the show was canceled. Some people are trying to get it back though.

I thought the show was on par with Hercules and Xena with effects, plots, and great actors.

I will miss it from my Saturday afternoon lineup.

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4 October 1999

This terrific fantasy adventure only ran for two seasons but should have run for five years or more if there was any justice out in TV land.Although created as an attempt to enjoy the success of the "HERCULES" and "XENA" shows it never caught on in the same way.It did not have the depth of characterisation that those great shows have but in its fantasy and action elements,"SINBAD" compared favourably to both.Zen Gesner,an actor who must surely be on the verge of major stardom any time soon made a superb Sinbad,as good as Kerwin Mathews in "THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD" and is obviously an accomplished swordsman.The rest of the cast were excellent too without exception although Mariah Shirley as Bryn in the second season far outshone the weak Jacqueline Collen as Maeve in the first. The second series was better than the first and much darker in content,often resembling Hammer movies.This show was evidently a labour of love for producer Ed Naha and this is obvious throughout and nearly every episode in season 2 pulsated with almost non stop action.The fight sequences in particular were amazingly well choreographed,although,unlike Hercules,Sinbad seemed to have no qualms about killing every villain and henchman who stood in his way.No angst ridden soul searcher was he.This great little show was lined up for a third season but was effectively killed off when a major sponsor(British unsurprisingly)pulled out at the last moment.It is sad that a brilliant action show like this should die when it had so much going for it.Hopefully there might one day be a TV movie reunion for these pleasing characters.

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