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Season 9

13 Sep. 2004
Dropping Trou
It's a big day for the Camden's as the twins start kindergarten. Lucy is pregnant but does not want to get maternity clothes yet. Simon and Georgia may be having sex. Ruthie gets in trouble at school.
20 Sep. 2004
The Best Laid Plans
A pregnant Lucy & Kevin learn they are going to have a girl. Simon tells his parents he is having sex with Georgia and is on probation at college. Eric decides to set up an abstinence pledge group at church, and Ruthie signs it.
27 Sep. 2004
Song of Lucy
Lucy is promoted to Associate Pastor at the church and faces the task of writing her first sermon. Simon starts going to a therapist and realizes he has been suppressing his guilt of a previous car accident. Ruthie wants to go on a date.
4 Oct. 2004
Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do
Simon is still an emotional mess, but is ready to return to school when he meets Justin Smith, the brother of the boy he accidentally ran over. He finds he's finally off drugs and even grateful that the trauma repaired his family rift; closure becomes possible before he moves to college. Harry is determined to let the Camden parents tell Ruthy it's over. He decides to find a family of his own by marrying a girl in the Social Services home they're both desperate to get out of. Both Kevin and Martin play the protective big brothers. There's also a bird which fell out of...
11 Oct. 2004
The presidential election approaching. Martin is too vocal in his opinions and Ruthie realizes she does not have any. Annie and Eric might be on different sides of the political ticket. Lucy and Kevin have not registered to vote.
18 Oct. 2004
Lucy and Kevin see a new doctor for their pregnancy and they have different opinions of her, Lucy loving her and Kevin not so much. Ruthy becomes interested in Martin's friend and starts wearing makeup and acting older. Charlie, the new father of Leanne's baby, is having a hard time and wants out of parenthood, so Eric enlists the help of an old, dear family friend.
25 Oct. 2004
Regret to Inform
When Martin and Mac go play darts in the pool hall with Kevin, he naughtily leaves without telling they are being mistaken for new police rookies, so notorious Venus picks up physically mature Martin, who gives her a ride home on request -even stranding Mac- but stays aloof until they discover both their fathers are Marines on war theater missions. Lucy makes sure dad finds out so Kevin starts calling round for Venus's phone number, which starts the rumor he's two-timing Lucy, who stupidly takes it seriously even from an amused petty criminal Kevin just arrested, ...
1 Nov. 2004
Why Not Me?
Simon calls Lucy and Kevin to borrow money. They turn to Eric for advice. Simon has been told to leave the dorm after breaking rules by having his girlfriend spend the night in his room.
15 Nov. 2004
With Thanksgiving approaching, everyone seems to be planning something different. Lucy wants to host the big meal, Simon wants to stay at college, Mary is staying in Puerto Rico, and the others also have different plans. Annie is upset.
22 Nov. 2004
Shortly before Thanksgiving, the parents are still not home with the twins, who also are difficult now Eric has a cold and Annie somehow already blames him for ruining the family Thanksgiving again. Simon has brought his pregnant fiancée Georgia Huffington home, but she refuses to tell anyone else before they tell his parents. Later she tells him she lied not to lose him. Pregenant Lucy takes advantage of her condition and is moody, driving Kevin (who desperately tries to dress for a drug undercover job), and Matt, mad. Martin canceled camping because of the weather. ...
29 Dec. 2004
Waynes World
Lucy is home from the hospital but is irritable, confined to bed rest. Kevin tells her to finish her studies. Martin is having problems at school and Ruthie learns his father's tour of duty is extended. Wayne Newton makes an appearance.
24 Jan. 2005
Paper or Plastic?
Matt takes Lucy shopping so that she is out of the house. Annie prepares for the baby shower while she is gone. At the store, Lucy goes into labor. Matt & Lucy are stuck in an elevator. Lucy gives birth to a girl.
31 Jan. 2005
The Fine Art of Parenting
Lucy, Kevin, and Savannah move back to her parent's home where there is one mother too many. Annie tries to impart her mothering skills on Lucy, who has different ideas for parenting. Ruthie sees an opportunity to get a favor from Martin.
7 Feb. 2005
First Date
Ruthie is going on her first date, and everyone else is more worked up than she is.
14 Feb. 2005
Red Socks
The cast shows their singing skills as the express their feelings about Valentine's Day. Simon starts dating another gal. The twins celebrate their birthday.
21 Feb. 2005
Brotherly Love
Kevin meets the previous owner of his new home who seems to miss the memories of his former residence. Simon asks Matt to give him a prescription for birth control pills for his girlfriend.
28 Feb. 2005
Tangled Web We Weaved
The Camden kids panic about their cover-lie for "Simon's" (actually covering for fickle, unfaithful Mary's) secret after Annie phones with Carlos; she doesn't learn it yet, but decides to surprise-visit Mary in New York excited about the fictitious baby; the following family calls only weave the web of deception and misunderstandings ever tighter, even gold-honest Kevin gets ragged in; even when Eric's overhears an unclosed line, he keeps it secret for Annie but visits Simon, also on false pretenses. After dragging it out of Ruthie, Martin wisely abstains from ...
25 Apr. 2005
Honor Thy Mother
Ben Kinkirk practically invites himself to stay with brother Kevin to see Lucy and their baby, knowing absent Martin's apartment is available that weekend, and tests the ground about him dating Mary again now she has left Carlos. Annie has the morbid obsession everyone should attend -fine for most Camden house-mates- a 'birthday party' for her late mother Jenny. This means barring Ruthie from seeing Vincent again, yet she's eager enough to visit him despite Lucy's warning while flower-shopping together. Ruthie returns in tears and tantrum, as if violated, in fact the ...
9 May 2005
Lucy seems to only have time for Savannah, and Kevin feels left out. Vincent's new girlfriend is a snob who looks for ways to insult others. Zoe confides in Ruthie that their family does not have enough money for food. The twins are sick.
9 May 2005
Leaps of Faith
When Simon visits home to write a paper, the twins are just happy, the sisters speculate what trouble he's in; dad guesses his Bible reading is a pact with God for a clear bill on his venereal disease test. Zoe convinces Martin to join her watching a meteor shower for an astronomy assignment, but he leaves his cell phone afraid to tell Eric as it's at night, and thus misses a persistent caller- from Iraq. Lucy wants to return to parish work, but Kevin refuses to dump their baby on her ma, even prefers doing night-shifts or becoming a home dad. Ruthy's ex Peter ...
16 May 2005
Mi Familia: Part 1
Cecilia's dad George Smith tells Eric that he and his wife Gwen are looking for a foster-son, about 10 years old, to fill the now empty-feeling home, with the hope of adopting. The enthusiastic reverend immediately thinks of orphanage boy Danny Davies, who proves charming and eager. Danny expects to that his sisters will be adopted too. It's only fair that Eric helps put that straight, which proves even more complicated then it sounds. Carlos tells Matt he's leaving New York for his dad's firm in Puerto Rico because 'mother' Mary makes no marital effort at all, having...
23 May 2005
Mi Familia: Part 2
Simon brings for a stay at home his still sex-starved girl-friend Rose. She proves a spoiled brat, while ma hypocritically goes Victorian about kissing, let alone bedroom arrangements, Kevin fears they consider marriage- hell, she does! Social services, Eric and the prospective foster/adoptive Smith parents are stuck as long as the Davies siblings' mother refuses to wave her maternal rights just to keep them institutionalized, but the good kids resent testifying what a bad mother the addict is. Vincent's lies to break up with Ruthie make her believe Martin considers ...

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