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Season 6

24 Sep. 2001
Robbie remains inconsolable since Mary left with Wilson. The colonel figures she won't go to college but marry and be a mother for Billie, so he insists on a job, preferably in public service, but he nor Wilson are pleased she opts for the police or fire department. Lucy refuses to explain why she left the New York seminary, apparently after a break-up with Jeremy, and Robbie is parentally dissuaded as consoling company. Annie works out her pre-menopause-frustration on Eric, inspiring him to take it out deviously on model-student Simon just for a bit of knavish ...
1 Oct. 2001
Robbie amuses sneaky cookie-thief Ruthie by nicknaming her Snookie and sets straight Lucy's far less flattering interpretation. Wilson diplomatically handles Mary's absurd blaming him for her failed fire department application after she set fire to the colonel's curtains. Despite Eric's continuous meanness, Simon acts most responsibly when a kid only he, not even a teacher, defended against school bullies mentions planning to shoot them. Eric confronts the supervisor of a firm's staff where 'pranks' extend to stealing a prosthetic arm an counsels his ex Merle on ...
8 Oct. 2001
Robbie offers to pay $200 rent for the garage apartment if it ever gets finished. However the siblings all want it, so Matt is promised a switch with his room and the others whine jealously. Billy clearly pretends to be 'really' sick to make Mary stay with him and perhaps become his first mama. Lucy promised handyman Ray Rickey work on the garage apartment, but the crook fakes a fall and has a leech-lawyer waiting.
15 Oct. 2001
Robbie presents Lucy to his friend Hugh, feeling she should date again, but gets jealous enough to separate them with lies. Matt stands up against the free clinic's staff and gets Hank to overrule Dr. Kent's routine-diagnose and operate. Simon resigns, feeling incompetent as a waiter at Pete's, but gets promoted of account of his business planning skills. Cued by Billie viz. George, Wilson and Mary, who is failing in firefighter training, realize it's time they decide whether to commit to becoming a family. After endless mean Eric-abuse, Annie decides to drop her ...
22 Oct. 2001
Robbie is insecure, hiding his budding rebound-affair with Lucy. Wilson is deeply hurt when he finds fickle 'bride' Mary kissing fire department course mate Ben Kinkirk. Simon doesn't enjoy bully-mate Rick's girl abusing him as excuse to dump him. Annie experiences her flippant advice nearly wrecked pupil Christy Parks's parents' marriage, yet resists help even from Eric.
5 Nov. 2001
Robbie and Lucy gather the courage to tell everybody about their affair, only to find they all knew and don't really care. Without the thrill of sneaking, their first date makes them agree it's stillborn. Ben Kinkirk and Mary both pass the firefighters course. Their meeting on whether to celebrate with classmates messes up her reconciliation with fiancé Wilson. Next Billy's questions make Wilson decide against her plan to elope. Matt discovers Hank and Julie plan a divorce, Eric and Annie, who fear being stuck with Julie, try to find out why and if see if it can be ...
12 Nov. 2001
Wilson is amused that all the Camdens call him after Mary's sudden return home, but wants her to tell them what happened. Robbie makes clear he's no longer interested at all in her or Lucy, having found a potential bride. The siblings however are furious when their wayward sister gets the royal treatment from their mother, while their better behavior yielded nothing. It's the last straw when the garage apartment they all want is thrown in, so they squat. Annie declares a war of attrition on them. Eric cowardly keeps out and hopes his sermon on the prodigal son may ...
19 Nov. 2001
Ay Carumba
Robbie is happy with his new hot Latina girlfriend Joy Reyes and persuades her rich, devoutly Catholic father Ramon Reyes (for now) of his honorable intentions. The garage apartment squatters' resolve is self-sabotaged by their rivalry to get what shouldn't be Mary's and Ruthie's scheming. In the end return under the maternal yoke and make up (more or less forcibly) with Mary, who meanwhile repents, but Eric wisely doubts her sincerity and rectitude.
26 Nov. 2001
Robbie has spent too much time with Joy on top of his two jobs, so he demands a day off to buckle up studying. She insists 'just this one day' and Eric convinces Robbie he should at least find out if it's a special day. On his way, he finds a picks up a stray dog tagged in Arizona. It turns out to be the pet that disappeared exactly two years ago with joy's kid brother Joseph, and may now lead the police to the boy and his abductor. At home, the girls asks their parents to select ideal partners, leading to lots of speculation. Matt and Simon's attempt to pick up ...
10 Dec. 2001
Simon's big day, the start of his driving lessons, finally arrived, but Eric just forgot about it. Grandpa Jackson seduces the knave into driving him around without a license, which leads through more bad grandfatherly advice to a televised police car chase. Jealous of Joy, Matt behaves childishly toward Robbie whose gentleman's attitude ultimately gives in. Lucy hoped Jeremy called to make up, but he just wants his engagement ring back. The local fire chief isn't fooled by Mary's eagerness to transfer.
14 Jan. 2002
Robbie volunteers his own car to give Simon a driving lesson as Eric once more fails to turn up as promised. Alas, they bump into Matt's car. Wilson has moved and left instructions not to tell Mary whereto. Fireman Ben Kinkirk volunteered to pick up a rescue dog so he can visit Mary, who instantly calls him her true love again, but ends up found out. Meanwhile Lucy, who refuses to take off Jeremy's ring, is openly jealous of such a hunky suitor, Ruthie pretends not to care. Robbie's brother Ronald drops and is furious to hear his muse Lucy dated Robbie. Annie resigned...
21 Jan. 2002
While Robbie visits his mother in Florida, Ruthie sneaks in her friend Yasmine Halawi, a Muslim girl who became the target of two bullies on the street. All Camdens feel obliged to help the Halawi family, which lived in Glenoak for years without problems, but every attempt proves hard or even counterproductive. Matt and Simon nearly beat up wrong suspects. Ruthie's private school's board votes against admitting Yasmine.
4 Feb. 2002
With Robbie still in Florida, Matt fails to warn Simon, who got paternal permission behind ma's back, for the angers of attending older boys' parties. Simon's mate Morris drives him home but hesitates to ring given spiked punch promises a killer hangover anyway. Meanwhile Lucy settles her mutual good/popular girl jealousy with Mary, but jointly attending a frat party nearly sees Lucy forced to drink.
11 Feb. 2002
Hot Pants
The next Valentine's day, Robbie prepared a surprise for Joy. Mary meanly supposes the hotel she overheard him contacting by phone means another sex trap. Joy, who assumed the butler to be away like her father really is, isn't discouraged, but bitterly claims Robbie doesn't love her truly because he refuses to risk getting intimate. Matt contacts all his 'true lovers', wondering why he never stayed hooked up. Lucy again assumes Jeremy, who is back in town and double-dating with Mike, wants her back and pretends to have a date. Mary is shocked to see Wilson moved back ...
25 Feb. 2002
I Really Do
Robbie's apparently firm happiness with Joy causes envy with his roommate. Matt is now in love with wedding plans, enough to vow his next steady date must be for keeps. Matt misses his date with a promising candidate, being commandeered for clinic duty. Yet thus he meets a fellow med student, Rabbi Richard Glass's daughter Sarah, who get doc's blessing. She insists they must meet each-other's families. Although both parents pairs plead against a mixed religions couple, the love-birds soldier on.
4 Mar. 2002
I Really Did
After a love night, Matt has got married with rabbi Glass's daughter Sarah. Robbie is mildly amused at the fuzz of all other Camdens speculating and worrying whether Matt 'was dumber than Mary with Wilson'. Only Ruthie finds out, answering when Matt calls, but is sworn to secrecy. Meanwhile Matt and Sarah go tell her parents first, but she shies away from telling the truth and pretends they just got engaged, a lie they now have to extend to the Camden home, where the 'news' only adds to the mounting stress.
15 Apr. 2002
Lip Service
Level-headed Robbie is the only one intentionally left home to baby sit the twins when the Camdens accept a first dinner invitation at humorist rabbi Glass's home. Mary beats Lucy to the punch faking illness so she can escape the event and try seducing Robbie, albeit in vain as he's loyal to Joy. Simon brings along his half-Jewish mate Morris, who fails miserably as good example for Matt and Sara as he hasn't got a clue about sabbath or other Jewish traditions. Yet Eric is the one to lose it completely when told Matt considers converting, but they all end up making up...
22 Apr. 2002
The Ring
Matt ignores at his peril Robbie and Simon's warning not to believe a girl's claim she needs no gift, especially concerning the diamond engagement ring. Eric's solution within budget, industrial imitation, is 'welcomed' even more bitter, until an heirloom is passed on. Lucy flew along to Buffalo with Mary to 'pick up her stuff', but discovers aboard she wants another shot at Ben. After provoking airport security, Lucy gets an instant crush on gallant, hot cop Kevin Kinkirk. She arranges a double-date with his brother, who turns out to be none other then Ben, who is ...
29 Apr. 2002
Letting Go
The Camden home is surprised, especially Eric, by the arrival of Mary with her lover Ben, his brother cop Kevin, now Lucy's, and her new job as flight attendant which enabled their cheap flights. Still obsessed with Matt's secret, hopefully marriage, which Robbie and Ruthie help keep, Eric neglect his counseling appointment with the elderly Tallridges couple about their adult son Jerry's 'sudden' moving out, yet just that will inspire him.
6 May 2002
The Known Soldier
Annie discovers Ruthie is writing to a Marine fighting in Afghanistan as part of a school project. The Camden family read what Ruthie has written to her pen pal about their lives and in turn learn about a Marine who so bravely has left his wife and son to fight in the war against terror. When Ruthie fails to get a response email at school and Eric hears about a helicopter going down killing two people he contacts the Colonel.
13 May 2002
Holy War: Part 1
Preparations for Matt and Sarah's wedding are being made and things aren't going the way Eric or Annie planned. Matt decides he will convert to Judaism after a discussion with Sarah's dad who convinces Matt that he can convert on the wedding day much to Eric's dismay. Annie panics when Sarah's mother tells her to expect 100 kosher guests to her backyard pot luck dinner. Ruthie and Simon begin to resent Robbie being in the house. Ruthie wants her bedroom back forcing Robbie out now that Matt will be moving out and Simon gets upset that Matt chooses Robbie to be his ...
20 May 2002
Holy War: Part 2
The Camden family gather together for Matt and Sarah's wedding. Eric and the Rabbi make amends while Ben and Kevin decide to go to Glen Oak to pursue Mary and Lucy. Ruthie and Simon sort out their issues with Robbie.

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