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Season 5

2 Oct. 2000
Here We Go Again
Eric rightly predicts the kids only be/get more trouble in the new school-year, yet Annie enrolls for a college course. Simon has no friends at his new school, except fat Jim, whom he lets drag him along into minor vandalism, as gang initiation. Matt grudgingly admits he was stood up at the Vegas altar by Heather and lacks the heart to ask her again. Lucy's party summer is punished by Andrew (who toured in Europe because his dad wanted to separate them) made an irreparable mistake in southern France. Although Mary only starts at a minimal wage job, she buys a credit ...
9 Oct. 2000
Matt blames his first-ever bad grade, for the crucial course organic chemistry, on everyone and collect excuses to delay studying rather then seek help. Simon is desperately lonely again after Jim's ma absurdly blamed him, but finds unhoped popularity when helping Lucy campaign for ball queen. Eric worries more about a surprise visit then the obvious reason, another attempt to make Mary see sense now she's behind with her car insurance payments.
16 Oct. 2000
Matt is far from amused suddenly to be phoned and hence paged in hospital during his orderly duty by successive relatives, which might even get him fired. Simon keeps calling, but instead of picking him up and driving him for $20 with college date Lulu, big brother semi-accidentally snaps her up himself. Eric calls in vain as with everyone he asks for a 'guys pool night', but has a blast with parish bachelorettes, so Annie shouldn't have bothered and just enjoyed her restaurant 'work date' with her child psychology professor. Lucy is off course refused relieve '...
23 Oct. 2000
Simon has another hot date, college girl Marcia, but when Matt turns up as driver, she only has eyes for the med student, although Simon gets the porch kiss. Lucy dates and agrees to go steady 'light' with Mike Pierce, whom she met in a dean's office, where he offered to help her apply to colleges, but doubts again after learning about his mental history. Their parents found none of the kids still interested in family movie night, nut discover too late sneaking off for 'intimacy' never goes unseen, this time even worse. Mary nearly gets arrested with teenage parents ...
30 Oct. 2000
High school freshman Simon desperately looks for a new image, but clothes nor hairstyle do the trick, so he ends up with an earring. Matt is puzzled when a girl he approaches in the library calls her brother's help against him as 'stalker' after hearing he once dated Heather. Mary breaks every rule and promise when babysitting for Hank by taking in Frances's baby so her 'friend' can spy on Johnny, but the Camden parents' pool night just there makes the real, for all concerned unpleasant difference when Eric blindly assumes Johnny to be an abusive adulterer, while ...
6 Nov. 2000
Irresponsible 'adult' Mary fails to realize how deep she's sinking, but both parents and siblings piece together from various sources she's about to hit rock-bottom and wants to help, but how? Eric can barely keep Annie from intervening directly before they know everything. As even Simon is near-broke and Matt can't keep up pretending he's a lawyer, the kids decide to 'borrow' enough from the twins' full piggy-banks to advance her all due debts. But creditors seeing cash convince her to 'refinance' over longer, which means even more interest.
13 Nov. 2000
The monthly day when the twins' piggybacks are enriched with §10 is ahead, so the siblings fear the game is up unless Mary manages to repay the 'loan', but now her debt is reshuffled she idly spends her days in the movie theatre. So the Camden parents soon learn the dreadful truth they already dreaded. After pondering how to help her, a family intervention proving she's still in haughty denial, the last resort is packing her off to Buffalo, to be taken in hand by the Colonel.
20 Nov. 2000
Simon lets his mate Luke set them up with the Murphy twins, who fall for his cool 'bad boy' image by association with Mary, but the vixens make the knaves join them in shoplifting and other mischief. Matt falls in love at first sight with a girl in a wedding dress, actually model Julie. Only Mike teaches Lucy how to handle gossip. Annie seeks comfort with a friend, positive thinking guru Robin, who turns out rather negative.
27 Nov. 2000
Robbie and Cheryl ask Eric to marry them because of her pregnancy. He smells a rat and learns just in time that she intended to trick Robbie, who is grateful to escape a loveless marriage and offers to stay away from Mary. Lonely Simon has joined punk Norton's schoolmates gang. Lucy, who is lightly butt-slapped, and the Camden parents, make huge scenes over inappropriate remarks from some of the knaves, treating Simon as if he 'hates women'. Matt tries to help both sides understand, but fails, yet a real incident shows Simon's truly good nature. Matt can go for ...
18 Dec. 2000
Robbie's ma lost her house and moved away without him and moving in with Cheryl also fell through, so Eric finds him studying outside, yet keeping up top marks. He promises to find a shelter and takes him home meanwhile. Despite embarrassing episodes, all the fault of Camden girls, Robbie proves himself a model house-guest. So Matt finds the couch occupied when chased from his dorm by John, who is completely besotted with Priscilla Carter. Simon keeps is foxy new date Sasha a secret until she arrives in a BMW. Lucy is passively jealous when Mike Pierce announces he ...
22 Jan. 2001
A month later, perfect house guest Robbie is getting popular with most Camdens, except Annie who childishly splits hairs about his domestic input, meant to help her but making her feel redundant, while Ginger takes care of grandpa. Matt is unwilling to stand by John when he meets the Carter parents and seeks refuge with Heather, whose boyfriend Thomas gets them off their backs by suggesting they're a sheets magnate family. Mary starts a round of panicking with a false rumor that Robbie is dating Lucy. Simon is flattered when Robbie asks his financial advice and starts...
29 Jan. 2001
One Hundred
Robbie is threatened with eviction by Eric for apparently keeping secrets about Mary. The home buzzes with rumors and secret talk, but in the end it's all just an elaborate surprise party for Eric's birthday. Johhny dropped his baby at the Camden's door after Frankie enraged him and left completely. Mike trusts Lucy enough to mind his ma one evening, but she confides in Lucy she wants Mike to sell the house, put her in a home and resume his life.
5 Feb. 2001
The Kiss
Robbie is not amused by week-long roommate Matt's jealous whining, but still helps him make up with John, who lacked the courage to tell Priscilla her 'Japanese' room remodeling disgusts both guys. Mike decides after a kiss without chemistry to trade in Lucy for Elaina Casey, while matching Lucy with Mike's friend Jeremy. Simon and Robbie prevent suddenly jealous Lucy's reactions spoiling the whole partner-switch, which thus ends well.
12 Feb. 2001
Robbie admits to the Camden tribe, but only after long guessing and the facts, that his Valentine's date was with Cheryl again, but it actually provides closure, for he still wants Mary. Jeremy impresses Lucy with a fancy dinner and more, regardless of her exes popping up everywhere. The other siblings miss out on dates, but still dislike the twins' birthday party, the childishness of which finally gets through to the parents.
19 Feb. 2001
An item found in a lost wallet starts speculations whether it's Simon's or Robbie's and how to make sure it doesn't mean their dates go too far. None of the siblings gives Mary the triumphant welcome she hoped for at her first weekend visit, so Robbie is scolded for not wildly kissing her.
26 Feb. 2001
Robbie's father Ed Palmer, a deadbeat who left the boys very young, turns up and slickly gets free board, next convinces his boy to move out and rent a room together. Eric perseveres to make Robbie realize he can't waste his future on a super-dad that never existed, as his very imperfect mother always claimed. Simon's social life clashes badly with parental essay standard demands. Matt is furious to find Ruthie lied to use him in willful disobedience. Lucy hangs out with classmate Ashley's 'cool' mother Serena, only to find a 'regular' mother is better.
16 Apr. 2001
Matt is terrified when summoned stat for a psychological session, standard for med students. After an unsatisfactory attempt to be 'coached' by therapy-experienced Mike, Matt lands with Doc, who turns out to be fraud and yet a godsend. Simon wants to break up with older, yet immature Sasha, but lets various advice how to go easy on her complicate things for him. Eric confronts a rather blunt hospital doctor about what to tell terminal patients like Harold Mann about their life expectancy and why.
23 Apr. 2001
Robbie is told last, despite Camden's advice for her to be open, that Mary has bumped into her ex Wilson, who does a course in Buffalo, and agreed to a dinner at his place. Robbie is doubly vexed as he immediately calls her after meeting a lookalike, Marie, also a basketball player, whom he asked over to get hold of her study notes. Matt meets and dates Cheryl before he realizes she's Robbie's ex. Mary also bumps into Lucy's Jeremy.
30 Apr. 2001
Robbie wonders why Matt is suddenly so friendly, ignoring it's because Matt dates his ex Cheryl, who wants him to tell Robbie but doesn't push that, while Robbie spontaneously tells he studies a course with Heather, who needs his help. Simon feels a social outcast when nicknamed 'virgin Camden' because his mother assured Sasha's blabbermouth ma he's sexually inactive, but actually schoolgirls line up to date him. Viciously jealous, Annie meanly forces Eric to give up counseling Serena, yet denies that's her doing and sticks to her guns after Ruthie commends her as ...
7 May 2001
Only Robbie refuses to sign, Eric alone not being eligible, Ruthie's petition against a popular ethics teacher Miller's rumored prejudiced dismissal. Robbie learns about the household rule you can't complain over 18 about anything vaguely political without registering as a voter. Matt is first to work out the televised petition commotion is an unsavory misunderstanding, for which the school kids are tricked into fake detention by her brother. Annie's pa recently found out and now wants her and the family to know she has an older but illegitimate sister, Lilly, from ...
14 May 2001
Robbie panics when Mary announces she's returning for the summer months, so he tells her to follow parental instructions not to date her all that time. Mike inspires Lucy how to stay with Jeremy now he's accepted to Juliard: marriage, so they get engaged. Matt is dumped by Cheryl for not telling the family about them, but that gives him the courage and more reward then he bargained for. Wilson was dumped but traveled all the way home, just when Mary's claim of sexual intimacy with Jeremy make Robbie deck Lucy's equally startled fiancé. Simon and Tim discover Deena ...
21 May 2001
Robbie gathers the courage to tell Mary openly, now her lies are exposed, their relationship is over, staying with the family his priority. Simon nurses his broken heart on account of Deenah, refusing to become 'just friends' again. Wilson bonds, while bunking, with Matt and Robby, and demands for Mary to return and go steady in New York, or break up completely. Jeremy forgives Lucy for doubting her fiancé's fidelity. Ultimately Eric helps her transfer to his New York alma mater, near Juliard. The Camden parents finally realize Serena and James are seducing them, ward...

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