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Season 4

20 Sep. 1999
The Tattle Tale Heart
His wicked sisters selfishly make Matt feel 'guilty' he hasn't moved out yet, although ma still hopes to keep him home in a garage apartment. They even get Hank to find him a menial morning job in the hospital cafeteria. Simon however feels deserted by his big brother, who takes an apartment he shares with John Hamilton. The parents worry needlessly about the visiting colonel's attitude to Julie's marriage with Hank, but when the oldies find out from the kids they are cool, having gone soft after a world trip, as George's crazy hairstyle illustrates. Yet the stress ...
27 Sep. 1999
Life Is Too Beautiful
Eric is released from hospital but drives everyone crazy with his pathetic enjoyment of every imaginable 'small blessing'. Simon man feels his stepping in as in the house is undermined when Matt joins the ridicule of him shaving and is tricked by Ruthie. Simon makes a commiserating friend, fat Jim. Matt still tries to get used to his early morning job and Shana is jealous about him spending most time there and with his roommate.
4 Oct. 1999
Yak Sada
Annie and Lucy get involved in an organized protest about the treatment of women in Afghanistan. A young couple talks to Eric about sexual equality in their own marriage. Ruthie wants to play on the school's football team.
11 Oct. 1999
Come Drive with Me
Simon lets school friends convince him he should kindly handle a crazy girl who signed his first name all over a notebook but keeps sending mixed or rather contradictory signals. When his roommate gets a cool job, Matt is fed up with his menial one in the cafeteria. Kid patient Adam's attempts to help seem to backfire. The Camdens really need a new car, but when Eric is seen test-driving a sports-car and Lou sees furnishings arrive for the extra bathroom Annie helps the girls install for their 'attick suite', the board votes against his annually scheduled raise.
18 Oct. 1999
With Honors
Matt tutors silver spoon James Potter in history, refuses to help him cheat but is still in trouble when the professor smells a rat. Simon's new classmate Lee Patterson boasts his cool dad works with FBI and even NASA, but actually is an unemployed ex-con and petty marijuana dealer. Lucy regrets taking a school secretary job, is flattered when older hunk Tyler asks her for a dance, but that bubble bursts when he actually wants the password to enter the school computer.
25 Oct. 1999
Just You Wait and See
Simon sees no harm in accepting a 'non-date' with Diane until his girl Deena and her pa see them in the pool-hall. Lucy's joy to get her drivers license is spoiled by the silly picture. Cute, car-less Andrew Nayloss's proposal to pick him up for a movie cheers her up, but he expects the whole courteous, generous treatment girlfriends usually expect, plus a grilling from his dad. An apparently stray kitten seems to choose Ruthie to provide a home, but after lots of hiding the truth catches up. Matt tags along when Eric comes to hospital and takes Hank to dinner to ...
8 Nov. 1999
Simon is in absurd trouble just because his mother and the principal make a huge drama of a finger-gesture among schoolboys. Matt tries to explain, but Simon feels he's robbed of another part of his childish innocence. Matt wrestles with domestic problems among his roommates and considers moving back home on account of Eric's cardiac condition. Basketball coach Jason Cleary decides the girls' continuing grades slip warrants drastic action: a team lockout, which makes the local TV news and because of official secrecy starts a rumors circuit.
15 Nov. 1999
...And Expiation
The whole community is shocked to see Mary and half her Wildcats team meanly vandalized the school's gym. Simon and Ruthie feel guilty for not telling they overheard her planning 'something extreme', so they seek redemption in Catholic confession, a synagogue and a Buddhist temple. Matt feels guilty enough to move back in and resume his task as big brother, only to find that o longer requires his presence and return to his house-mates. Eric calls a marker on lawyer Bill Mays, he gets her in to a trial-avoiding parole office 'last chance' program.
22 Nov. 1999
Dirty Laundry
Reading about hunger put Simon off his food, in fact his gloom spreads to all Camdens. Matt is worried sick as Shana claims doing laundry at his ma's makes her realize they need to take distance, in fact on account of her disrupted family past. The parish receives a §20,000 check from elderly Sachiko Ishida, who refuses to touch it as blood money for her family's World war II internment, so Eric asks veteran Henry Muranaka's help. Cruelly, kids not only ostracize vandals captain Mary but effectively even Lucy. Ruthie demonstrates the power of passive abuse in ...
29 Nov. 1999
Who Nose?
In order to get extra credit, model pupil Simon reluctantly joins a of voluntary mural painting project. He instantly feels unwelcome, and is threatened to keep silent after witnessing them using and sniffing spray paint. He sees Pete get a nose bleed and cues dad to guess and tell him how dangerous the addiction is after Pete is hospitalized. Lies add to Simon's endurance. During community service, Mary meets and instantly falls for Robbie Palmer, a gentleman who was convicted without blame and impresses the Camden parents. Matt feels twice betrayed because Shana ...
13 Dec. 1999
Forget Me Not
Robbie fears Eric will never give him a chance when told, now his and Mary's community service goes so well they can meet, but only at home. Super hot Brad Landers finally asks Lucy on a date, but she stresses over a time-clashing girls project. Simon looked forward to the 'guys night like it used to be' Matt promised him, but his sleepover proves a testing marathon of witnessing stressing over Shana's New York dorm. Annie's step-ma arrives reporting Charles has Alzheimer, he claims it's the other way around. Schoolmate Ben's family inspires Ruthie to fear an ...
24 Jan. 2000
All by Myself
Matt spends the night with Shana in between packing for New York, but on the couch and it only makes the farewell harder. Simon is depressed because Deenah bugs him about color-matched outfits, his sisters about pointless phone-calls. Lucy is unfair to movie-date Brad Landers and better kisser Andrew Nayloss. The house is a mess as marital walkover Eric let Annie get away with taking a weekend off alone, which she can't enjoy missing everyone, while he fails to keep any promises.
31 Jan. 2000
Who Do You Trust?
Robbie and Mary get to go to the movies on a double-date with his brother Rick and Lucy, but that unwilling couple ends up cheating on their partners, while Robbie has another secret. Simon and Nigel buy cigarettes illegally for a school project, yet Eric waits even while they ponder about smoking 'just one'. Matt is a wreck after Shana fails to call once, worse when she does too cheerfully, but his very despair attracts both girl neighbors his house-mate invited.
7 Feb. 2000
New parishioners Carver's son Bobby has a condition, allegedly ADD, but former Tourette's-patient Louis Shea, MD recognizes that's the problem. Only pa Bill Carver can't cope with the diagnosis on account of the family past. Simon sticks up for Bobby against the bully jocks captain, while Mary makes an absurd drama of a remark Simon didn't even realize. Matt is in a stage where he refuses to take calls from Shana, the next bodes even more trouble for their long-distance relationship.
14 Feb. 2000
Loves Me, Loves Me Not
The parents insist on spoiling the kids' Valentine's day by celebrating the baby twins' birthday and demanding presents. Robbie gets permission afterward to drive Mary to the coffeehouse where his parents met. Matt puts off telling Shana, who actually is already on kissing terms with an NYU dorm-mate, his ex Heather transferred to his college until Mary spills the beans. Simon's first passionate kiss caused a love-bite, which Deena meanly insists to return, causing disastrous discovery. Matt sees Robbie with 'his brother's date', sees trough it but isn't believed ...
21 Feb. 2000
Say a Little Prayer for Me
Eric's reading of an anonymous letter, the juvenile author of which he later shamelessly tracks down, asking for prayer, the power of which he praises blindly, starts an epidemic of selfish praying. Matt and his roommate want female companionship, but Raven of mixed exotic extraction only complicates their lives. Simon hopes to mend with Deena's family, Mary to undo the break-up with Robbie she caused. Lucy secretly wants Andrew but only if he loves her, and gets to meet his namesake in church.
28 Feb. 2000
Twelve Angry People
Rev. Camden is called to serve as a juror on a murder trial. Once the deliberations start, he's surprised to discover that even though the defendant is obviously guilty, all the other jurors are voting "not guilty" -- some because of past racial discrimination they or their family members have suffered in the judicial system. One by one Rev. Camden works to convince them to rise above their bitterness and distrust of the system so they can do the right thing in this case. (It flips "Twelve Angry Men" on its head and was inspired by the Los Angeles Rampart police ...
10 Apr. 2000
Hoop Dreams
Simon and Lucy talk about their parents lives. When Eric and Annie overhear them, they are hurt by the discussion. Mary has dreams of being a basketball star and a talent scout contacts her.
1 May 2000
Talk to Me
After Eric is approached by a mystery girl he can't identify, who won't tell her problem, the Camden parental paranoia extends to preventive preying, so the kids assume one of them must be in trouble. After Lucy launches the theory her siblings may invent colorful friends to 'test' their own fib stories, pointless palavers abound. Simon proves his funny classmate Luke is real, Mary is keeping an outsider's secret. Hank blames Matt for his marital crisis just for accidentally giving jealous aunt Julie the impression Hank shares a secret with Matt, who thus gets a ...
8 May 2000
Liar, Liar
Eric is very proud when newspaper reporter Sam Robbins offers to cover his reverend's family. Despite warnings from the kids, the parents force all to collaborate, and but they end up betraying all the dirty laundry they warned their siblings not to betray. Matt meanwhile thinks that new orderly Elisabeth admires him, but in fact she only spreads malicious lies.
15 May 2000
Love Stinks: Part 1
Robbie Palmer is finally back and convinces Mary he's a better man, but gets no credit from Eric and his spiteful ex Cheryl promises to paint a grim picture of him. Simon's Deenah cowardly avoids breaking up honestly. Lucy dates Robbie's step-brother Ronnie, meanly discarding Andrew Nayloss, who won't just take that. Matt must choose between Heather and Shana, who is back from New York for a summer job, but so is her enterprising NYUC date Brett. The parents plan to dissuade Mary from skipping college by charging her board, but her answer is worse then they could fear...
22 May 2000
Love Stinks: Part 2
Robbie beat the Camden parents at their board blackmail game by offering Mary free use of his college room, yet in time the lovers agree their precipitous wedding plan just isn't smart. Matt needs forever to find the courage to break up with Shana, then sees from their divested state she already went further with persistent Brett then he plans with Heather. Simon discovers Deenah staged a break-up because she must move because of pa's new job, so he asks Eric to help, but the root cause is an impending divorce. Just seeing Andrew dating another girl makes Lucy jealous...

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