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Season 2

15 Sep. 1997
Don't Take My Love Away
Wilson West has helped ingrate winer Mary trough the whole summer, yet she only grows ruder and refuses to try walking without crutches. Murder victim Chamber's widow Nora turns to Eric as last hope to arrange closure by meeting unwilling, unrepentant killer Martin in juvenile detention, which proves quite testing. Eric suddenly decides to celebrate his wedding anniversary by arranging at short notice a marital vows renewal to make up for the shaggy wedding, which only eagerly accepts without realizing it's misery for all other relatives and (their) guests. Simon ...
22 Sep. 1997
See You in September
Eric and Annie selfishly expect the kids to start the school-year on routine so they can enjoy a lazy day alone incommunicado, but ill-prepared means in trouble. Nazi-style principal Russel has plenty of collaborating staff to enforce draconian discipline for 'gang and drug offenses' according to absurd new rules non saw coming, such as Simon's cutlery earning a suspension for 'concealed weapons'. Only Mary is happy with an ex-Olympic new basketball coach Koper, who meanwhile terrorizes Matt on account of the beeper pa forget when he borrowed the good boy's jacket ...
29 Sep. 1997
I Love You
Simon can't resists reading Matt's letters and thus discovers big brother is secretly married to Heather. Eric can't resist spying on both, and thus falls into a trap. Wilson won't say 'I love you' back to Mary, who refuses to understand he'll only say that again when even more serious then with Billie's late ma. Lucy's friend, new girl at school Laurie, is extremely timid due to her verbally brutal ma, but the scolding root sits deeper.
6 Oct. 1997
Who Knew?
A 'cool' schoolmate slips Matt a joint, which he politely tucks away in his shirt-pocket but accidentally loses the marijuana at home, where dad finds it dropping from Happy's jaw. Annie stops him from accusing Matt without any proof, so they agree to probe the kids individually, and their guests, even Wilson, who contrasts brilliantly with Lucy's Goth new mate Rod. Hasty hiding the evidence causes a huge misunderstanding. Annie's confession, first to Eric, then to Matt, she once 'experimented' too, backfires. Simon, exhausted from trying to teach Ruthie laundry, is ...
13 Oct. 1997
Says Who?
Simon is surprisingly successful with pa's suggestion to show how mind-games can convince people of crazy ideas by pretending he's shrinking. When he's overheard, Matt turns the tables, only to be beaten in the end. Lucy invited to dinner classmate Shelby, curious about the rumors she suffers from bulimia. Eric lets Mrs. Bing drag him into meddling in a family affair on behalf of her friend Hinkle.
20 Oct. 1997
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
After receiving a letter he read to nobody from Heather, Matt borrows what he can from siblings (essentialy the bank of Simon) to travel all the way to Philadelphia, but it's barely enough far a flight to Indianapolis and bus to Pittsburg. Simon succumbs to peer pressure when every other classmate has a 'steady girl', only to seek a way out once he experiences Janice's bossing. He asks dumping advice from Mary, who manages to break up with Wilson over him 'pleasing her dad too much'. Grumpily single since Jimmy Moon dumped her, Lucy is eager to make mates with reputed...
3 Nov. 1997
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Simon's gentle schoolmate Stan sleeps over but has a horrid nightmare. Simon promises to keep his friend's secret but big brother Matt, who already suspected the boy's weird sister Karen 'Babydoll', spills the beans to dad, who informs the incredulous parents she's in a street gang. The girls fuzz about mall shopping, and Lucy's secretive romantic reason.
10 Nov. 1997
Do Something
Terminally sick preteen Steve suffers because his overprotective parents keep him constantly in hospital under permanent supervision. Matt gets the job, despite objections from Eric, and gives their 'wiser elders' a courageous demonstration in true altruist responsibility. Simon is selling sweets to save up for favorite comics magazine's action figure Tick. Subcontracting to Ruthie yields remarkable results comparable to the bank of Simon's excellence. Bakery company chief David Friel wants to commercialize Annie's family muffin recipe. The girls push her to accept as...
17 Nov. 1997
I Hate You
Simon discovers friendly, generous old neighbor Charlotte Kerjesz has concentration camp tattoo. Eric forbids Simon to ask her to help for a history assignment but realizes his son is right after hearing classmate Larry's father spreads holocaust denial. The Camdens are excited to meet Joanne, Matt's first girl since Heather dumped him. Considering her 'too perfect', jealous Lucy and Mary decoded flippantly to hate and ignore her. Joanne overhears them and dumps Matt over his lousy siblings, which stands even after apologies.
24 Nov. 1997
Truth or Dare
Because Mary is desperate for a first date since Wilson with his classmate Brian Heaz, who isn't interested in her, Matt pays him $20 to take her out for pizzas. It actually clicks, but after finding out about the plan the ingrate turns on both good boys. Simon uses his own coaching method to teach Ruthie swimming in the bat tub, to save her embarrassing baby class-lessons, but their parents don't trust it. Eric finds he can't fit his jeans anymore, but jogging only makes him hungry, so he pays Matt to sneak in junk-food.
12 Jan. 1998
Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
After a failed table-spread-trick before the arrival of his new magic kit, the great Simoni sadly inspires no confidence, hence can't recruit Ruthie, who absurdly wants to wear the cape even without aspiring to become a magician. Lucy eagerly accepts a fishy invitation from the 'cool girls', only to find it's a mean method to cause friction with her real friend, a fellow 'new girl'. Eric's church is in the running for weekly local TV broadcasts if next Sunday liturgy goes well, so writing his sermon is a worse obsession then ever. Jealous Mary sulks because coach ...
19 Jan. 1998
Rush to Judgment
Simon get sort of addicted to golf, which causes trouble for him, Ruthie and various glass within their hitting reach. Matt and Lucy are fed up with Mary's adoration for coach Koper, whom they mistrust and dislike because of his condescending attitude towards English pupil Matt, who nevertheless does well on a James Joyce book-report. Mary sides with him when the siblings cry wolf over a hug, but when she suddenly changes her tune after a shoulder massage, even the principal turns on Koper without any proof or actual incident. Eric hounds Lou, who insists the expenses...
26 Jan. 1998
Stuck in the Middle with You
Simon and Ruthie's hope to keep the pair of 'pet' lizards a classmate of her offered for free are frustrated. Jimmy Moon has dumped his girl, so Lucy hopes to get him back at last, but 'biker' Rod decides it's time to make his move too. Matt and Mary coach different suitors, while Simon takes betting scores. Eric's group session for couples who married the last year starts bored, but soon unleashes frustrations with all of them. He brings Annie along as 'good example', but her surprise-visiting pa's offer to have them buried alongside him causes frictions in their own...
2 Feb. 1998
Red Tape
Matt is as surprised about the sudden stream of calls from girls as his sisters about the cause, a dating ad in the school paper he knew nothing about, yet the editor refuses to retract it. Simon and Ruthie try out a pet products credit-card sent on dog Happy's name. Eric abuses a health crisis of tax official Smith, who is near retirement, to make him rectify an erroneous tax debt transfer.
9 Feb. 1998
Even bright teacher's pet Simon is terrified by new bully science teacher Hunter to the point of faking illness to avoid a private meeting with her about his solar system model, which actually is part of a superb presentation. Softie Matt already turned down dates to the party after Mary's return to the basketball team, yet she bitches at everyone, even hunky jock ex Richard, who ends up making her day.
26 Feb. 1998
It Takes a Village
The reverends get their spouses to handle the annual two-families-day so they can go play pool. In fact Morgan arranges finally to meet his wife's ex Kevin, who turns out to be a happily remarried Vietnam vet in a wheelchair. As Eric expected, all kids want to do things without any parents, so only the youngest are dragged to a cartoon movie by the moms. Simon is excited about his first 'making out' party, yet terrified when it's time to step into the closet and probably kiss. Scott is 14 but looks 18 and tutors Lucy maths just so he can successfully treat Mary to a ...
2 Mar. 1998
Nothing Endures But Change
After Simon's school project volcano is carelessly ruined by brainless Ruthie, it's time for him to move to his own room. He's less happy with the isolated attic he's supposed to go to, but Matt agrees to move there and hand over his room, eager to 'move' to an out of state college anyway. Wilson calls Mary, but only to babysit Billy while he takes his date to her prom. Despite home advice, Mary performs miserably, yet Wilson returns early, having decided he only wants a girl who tells he family about Billy. Lucy desperately recruits enough big sibling support to get ...
6 Apr. 1998
My Kinda Guy
French exchange student Guillaume 'Guy' need a host family stat, so Eric volunteers his, without consulting anyone. Only the teenage daughters approve, given the French's lover reputation. That's also why Matt worries and volunteers as chaperone, only to find his date Michelle prefers Paris memories to 'plain' Matt's company. It's worst for Simon, who has to move back with Ruthie so long and gets tempted by her, yet blamed alone, to smoking the cigarettes they 'find' in Guy's luggage. Yet Guy is the first to lose his patience with all those 'stupid Americans'.
13 Apr. 1998
Time to Leave the Nest
Little Sarah James is found wandering on the streets. Warmly welcoming Simon wins her confidence while Eric and a cop friend search and find her pa, Joe, an unrepentant lush and decide a more stable educator is required. Matt meanwhile tiptoes, realizing ma makes a last ditch stand to talk him out of 'moving out' to a Tennessee college, and rudely intruding pest Ruthie first diverts, then scares off his older date Mollie.
27 Apr. 1998
Like a Harlot
Matt is set up on a blind date for the prom, and finds out she is considered the school tramp. Mary and Lucy have dates for the prom but it turns out disastrous.
4 May 1998
Matt is edgy, telling only his sibling he found an out of state summer job so he'll leave home in days, not months. Simon finds a brilliant trick to train happy for a TV pet food commercial, but there's a stage-fright complication. Mary rudely scolds Matt, unlike Wilson who leaves diplomatically, for getting physical at home, but her doctor notifies she's pregnant. Lucy cruelly keeps suitors Jimmy and Rod, who both chose Eric as career day model, dangling, but Wilson, who appreciates her help with Billie, arranges a date with Kenny, whom she may really want.
11 May 1998
...And Girlfriends
Matt worries now he's about to leave home, as self-absorbed, phone-glued Mary hasn't even got a clue what's happening with their younger siblings, nor is any use for either. Simon is heart-broken when Happy's original family head Jack Martin turns up and returns with a lawyer to claim the dog back. Eric considers his parents's surprise visit awkward and pointless as Matt won't be around to hold his valedictorian speech. The colonel however takes charge of an operation dog rescue inspired by Jimmy and Rod. Those two also undo Lucy's idiotic dumping of Kenny for being '...

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