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5 Jan. 1997
Proud Dick
Dick quits his job at the university and Harry loses his memory.
12 Jan. 1997
Romeo & Juliet & Dick
Dick directs a school play Tommy wants to be in, but makes him the prop guy.
2 Feb. 1997
Guilty as Dick
Dick sprains his ankle while he's doing Mary a favor and she feels guilty.
16 Feb. 1997
A Dick on One Knee
Sally meets Michel, a cute French guy who asks her to marry him.
9 Mar. 1997
Same Old Song and Dick
Dick feels his relationship with Mary is in a rut.
16 Mar. 1997
I Brake for Dick
Dick has run over a chipmunk and he starts to ban everything that's made of animals.
23 Mar. 1997
Dick Behaving Badly
Harry teaches Dick how to become a real man so he won't be whipped by Mary anymore.
13 Apr. 1997
With Dick's help, Mary gets the opportunity to get in with Rutherford's high society.
27 Apr. 1997
Sensitive Dick
Dick has to take sensitivity classes and Harry's fling Vicki is back.
4 May 1997
Will Work for Dick
When an offended Nina quits as Dick's secretary, he gives Harry the job.
11 May 1997
Fifteen Minutes of Dick
Sally stands up to Mark Hamill who unknowingly has taken the Solomons place in a restaurant and becomes a local hero.
11 May 1997
Dick and the Single Girl
A smart and shy librarian at school is attracted to Dick.
18 May 1997
A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 1
Dick experiences his first nightmare and the Solomons think he's gone mad.
18 May 1997
A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 2
Dick and Sally are sober again and are informed they are all going back to the home planet for emergency maintenance.
24 Sep. 1997
Fun with Dick and Janet: Part 1
Sally, Harry & Tommy return, along with a wife for Dick selected by the Big Giant Head, Jane, his niece.
24 Sep. 1997
Fun with Dick and Janet: Part 2
Dick proposes. Mary disposes.
8 Oct. 1997
Tricky Dick
Out of frustration over their break-up, Dick and Mary start a series of very childish practical jokes.
15 Oct. 1997
Dick accompanies Mary on a trip to her parents, who still think Mary and Dick are a couple.
29 Oct. 1997
Scaredy Dick
Dick has to get a medical check up but doesn't want to go because he's scared.
5 Nov. 1997
Moby Dick
Dick has gained quite some weight since the break-up with Mary.
12 Nov. 1997
Eleven Angry Men and One Dick
Dick has jury duty. Sally meets dark and intriguing Seth.
19 Nov. 1997
A Friend in Dick
Dick has to find somebody to take to a dance performance and realizes he doesn't have any friends.
3 Dec. 1997
Seven Deadly Clips
With the seven deadly sins as a guide, the Solomons reflect on their adventures on earth so far.
3 Dec. 1997
Tom, Dick and Mary
Sally finds a job while Tommy and Dick are competing over Mary.
17 Dec. 1997
Jailhouse Dick
Dick takes care of a felon because he feels he can make an honest man out of him.

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