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Police Torture Suki Kwan
Pretty Face24 December 2003
This is a great movie, pairing Suki Kwan Sau Mei as Ann Kwan Oi-Ling and Simon Yam as the greatest robbers in Hong Kong. Suki Kwan is a very attractive and smart woman and when her special intelligence, bank robbing is easy with Simon Yam leaving no evidence for the police.

Without evidence, the police gave Suki Kwan extreme torture in an attempt to make her confess in less than 48 hours. Poor Suki Kwan. The police should be sent to jail, and Suki should be released!
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Even under pressure Suki Kwan still looks good!
Joseph P. Ulibas8 March 2004
Twist (1995) is an interesting Hong Kong police procedural film. Danny Lee gets to play cops and robbers again with his usual crew of goofy inspectors who somehow manage to get the job done (watch Untold Story and see them in action). Lee (with a bad haircut) and company set their sights on the enigmatic Simon Yam and his main squeeze Suki (Shooky) Kwan. Lee "Sir" knows he did something wrong and very illegal but has no solid case against Simon and Suki. Being that this is a Category III film, his band of brothers in blue use everything (and anything) with in reach to get what they want (the boys on N.Y.P.D. Blue and The Shield should take note!).

Strongly recommended, especially seeing Suki Kwan, she's never looked hotter!
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