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This movie is amazing. Full marks.

Author: Dan from Canada
29 July 2007

This movie has two parts. I suggest you watch them both in one sitting. This is based on the famous Chinese story "Journey to the West." Joker aka reincarnation of the Monkey King(Stephen Chow) delivers a lot of laughter. He get's involved in a demon women(Jing Jing, played by Karen Mok) and makes a mistake while traveling back(500 years too far). He eventually falls in love with the Zixia(Athena Chu). From there they ensure on a crazy journey fill with laughter, and love. The first part is more of a comedy with the plot leading into the second part. The second has more to do with the adventure itself. I must say the ending was touching. Sure there is lots of laughter in the movie, but the underlying love story was good. I wen't in watching and expecting all out funny, but got much more. The movie itself is very memorable. Music wise, it's spectacular. However, in the end I was kind of left in the air. I didn't have the full details as I would like. Which leaves room for a third one(unfortunately there is none) that would show conclusive ending and giving all the details.

One the whole, this movie work's for all kinds of people. It's got comedy, romance, and fighting. One of my favorites.

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Better and more serious than part I

Author: mushu_haha from United States
15 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You need to watch Part I to understand Part II! This film is absolutely not a faithful adaptation of the original Chinese Myth, rather, it is a much more personified version of the Monkey King's story.

I've seen most of Stephen Chow's films, and this one stands above all his older films. It has a well-rounded script and much deeper characters.

Possible spoilers------------------------------------------------ Continuing from part one, chow uses the magic box to go back into time in order to save his wife from death, but the box accidentally brings him back 500 years instead of 5 min. On the spot where he last saw his wife, he meets Zixia, a goddess on the run to seek her true love.

As a token of their meeting, Zixia gives him three moles on the bottom of his foot, which completes the prophecy of Chow becoming the Monkey King again.

However, Chow is reluctant to fulfill his fate, instead, he wants to go back to the future and save his wife. Zixia takes away the magic box, and Chow is forced to follow her in order to get the box back.

From here on, he is torn between time, love, and his unavoidable fate.

End of spoilers----------------------------------------------------- There is a big gap between how he transitioned from his previous love relationship into the new one with Zixia, but beside that, this is a great film. Stephen Chow has done something different here, for there are moments of very raw, touching, and honest emotions rarely seen in most of his films.

I also highly recommend the original Cantonese Version of the film, even if it means you have to read the sub, because the best line in this film doesn't deliver in the Mandarin dub.

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One of greatest Asian movie ever

Author: kae from United States
2 October 2008

It is unfair that there is no thorough review on this masterpiece: Chinese Odyssey I-II (1994).

Someone would dare to say this is THE BEST movie ever, to me it is certainly clear that there is no other movie can compete with this in making tearing eyes of audience at the end of movie on which they really don't know whether the tears came from too much laughing or from the pathos of epic love story. As many other great cult movies this one also has difficulties to deliver its greatness to audience especially to non-Asian (due to lack of background and missing points in translated caption etc.), however this difficulties can be overcome and I strongly recommend trying this movie since it is worth your time and effort. One simple way to overcome the plot complexity and its hidden meanings is to watch repeatedly, this way will work on this movie just as it does upon the movie like 'Mulholland Drive (2001)'. These two movies belong to completely different genres but they have one thing in common that you have to watch multi-full time to get it.Let's get into the detail of Chinese Odyssey I-II, it has at least four aspects to discuss,

(1) Background story and its twist of Chinese great classic novel 'Journey to the West'; You don't need to read the book thoroughly and you can get information from internet,Or you may only need to know that the novel was written basis of the real event of a Chinese monk Xuanzang (602 – 664) who went to India to get the Buddhist bible and get it to the Chinese King in order to bring justice and peace/love in the world. The author gathered folk tales and even mingled with traditional fantasy mythology into a classic.

The content of novel includes 81 episodes of adventures while the protagonist Son WuKong (Monkey King) guides Xuanzang with two friends. This story generated many modern versions of twist such as the international big hit of Japanese Manga "Dragon Ball" The movie Chinese Odyssey I-II covers Wukong's troubled mind between earthly desires and righteous job (getting the scripture) with nice mixture of romantic love story.

(2) Peculiar sense of humor; The first thing the audience can notice on this movie may be the unusual sense of humor some times goes behind the tolerance of normal people. It is because Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer 2001, Kung Fu Hustle 2004) once you get his sense of humor you will really enjoy it, this is same for Mike Myers, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy and Jim Carrey. He is as good as these American actors for comedian and romantic hero so it is fair to say that without him this movie would be impossible, but this movie has more than just Stephen Chow.

(3) State of martial art; From the typical Hong Kong martial art style, well known by legendary Woo-ping Yuen (who worked in Matrix and Kill Bill series), you can enjoy fantastic fighting scenes in this movie. Woo-ping Yuen has worked with actors; Jet Li, Stephen Chow and director Hark Tsui (if you don't like Stephen Chow's style it will be worth to check 'Chinese Ghost Story (1987), and The Legend of Zu (2001)). By the way the director covering martial art of this movie is the other legend Xiaodong Cheng.

(4) East-West culture confliction (Christianity vs. Buddhism); One of the reasons that those great Chinese movies such as 'Chinese Ghost Story (1987)', 'The Legend of Zu (2001)' and 'Chinese Odyssey I-II (1994)' don't get right reputation in western world is they have basis of reincarnation which is from Buddhistic or generic eastern idea. As for me I regularly attend church and follow guidance of Jusus, but I have no problem with reincarnation idea in movies. Many American movies also have imposed reincarnation idea such as in 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968), The Big Chill (1983) and The 13th Floor (1999).

(snake legs) : The plot of Chinese Odyssey I-II is very complicated which is different from normal Hollywood movies, I recommend to watch two parts (I and II) straight..

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The best movie ever!

Author: dongcai from United States
18 August 2012

Yes, it's not just the best movie ever from Stephen Chow but the best movie ever!

You have to watch the first part before fully appreciate all the trivial details in the second part. If we consider the first part as the usual comedy product of Stephen Chow, then surprisingly the second part not only continued the comedy routine but every funny element eventually turn into something much deeper, richer and tragical, which made this movie absolutely cult icon in the next decade in China.

The story is based on the classic Chinese Novel 'Xi You Ji', in which the rebel Monkey was tamed by the Budder and helped a Monk to go to India. Stephen Chow's contemporary adoption of the story is one of his trademarks by mixing the modern elements with the ancient context. It not only added the funny material into the movie, but also the irony and insanity on top of it which younger generation is so addicted to.

At the beginning this movie looks just like another Stephen Chow's typical box office hit but with the stories go on, audience started to feel increasing sadness and later on realised the unavoidable tragical ending.

It's a tough movie for Westerners to understand and appreciate because it requires quite bit Chinese culture knowledge and lots of loss in translation but I would still encourage everyone to give it a go simply for it's such a wonderful and creative movie.

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One of the best movies made by Stephen Chow

Author: anhhungnoob from Viet Nam
8 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After 7 years, I still have a feeling like my first time watched this movie. A sense of humour, a little bit confused in the storyline, but above all, this is one of the best Chinese movies which I have ever seen.

What makes it great is the script, which becomes very complicated unless you watch the first part. Chow succeed in creating a very beautiful love story from its origin - Journey to the West. I really like the way how actors and actresses perform in this movie, they are so amazing. Xuanzang can incarnate from a very talkative to a very serious master, another example is the part when all the characters do the interchange of souls, very funny and more chaostic at that time. Finally, the most touching moment is when Sun Wu Kong has to split his hand from Zixia's, as the headband tighten his head because he had the feeling of love with her and that was forbidden by Guanyin, very emotional. One remarkable quotation from Zhi zunbao - Sun wukong:"Once true love was placed before me, but I didn't cherish it. After I lost it, I regretted it. This is the most painful thing in the world. ... If heaven could give me another chance, I would say to that girl three words, 'I love you.' If I had to place a time limit on this love, I hope it would be 10,000 years." Seriously, I still interest in the movie, and feel regret whenever I finish. A very cult film that deserves 9 out of 10.

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Dufus Flying Whimsy Great Sage

Author: chaos-rampant from Greece
21 October 2015

What an insane thing this is! The story of cinema has been written from a predominantly Western point of view this first hundred years. Were it to be evenly told somehow, this would be in a short list of cult classics you have to see, for sheer bonkers imagination.

It's rooted in a Chinese classic about the Buddhist monk who brought back the first scriptures from India but that's just the springboard that supplies the context and characters of legend, it has as much actual history as the Pythons' Holy Grail does about medieval times.

Everything at first takes place in some remote outpost where a mysterious woman walks into the company of a petty thief and his gang. That night characters are revealed to be Devils, the woman changes into a giant spider. Immortals and supernatural beings show up through both films. The "hero" is a scoundrel who gets beaten all the time and set on fire, in that marvelous way Hong Kong has of mocking cool.

There's time travel and a story about being incarnated as the "Monkey King" of legend, meanwhile the famed Buddhist monk is shown to nag everyone with legalistic obtuseness. Illusory magic puts characters in each other's bodies. Half of it makes no sense at all but strangely it somehow does. A Bull King with his army comes stomping into the scene. Now and then it erupts in flying wuxia, remarkable gliding and leaping through colored smoke. A battle takes place inside someone's body, slashing through arteries!

It's all as crazy as anything the Pythons and Abrahams/Zucker did, as devilish as Army of Darkness. It's drawing from its own Chinese folk tradition of course about ghosts, immortals and magical belief. It begins with Guanyin, this is the boddhisatva of compassion in Buddhism, facing off with Monkey because Monkey can't stand the monk's nagging and wants out from the mission.

How revealing to watch it with a Marvel comparison in mind (who have many of the same stuff, mythic beings, gods and demigods) where everything has to be laboriously explained. Everything here just springs from air, shapeshifts in and out of illusion. Characters come and go with no obligation to some overarching purpose, or feels like it. Self is malleable, a matter of illusory disguise, a foolish invention the story gives rise to; so proper in a Buddhist context.

Another context sees the women in control, the men as dufuses. Men and women change bodies, changing the social dynamics. Self being illusory, anyone can be anything, a devil of vast powers turn into just a girl in love. Yet the central tenet in the story is the pining for deep love.

I could barely make sense of it but what I could hold onto is sweet and layered. The hero travels through time to save his loved one, until he loses himself. But it seems that was someone he started to love out of duty to a story he made up, because he said he was who she was waiting for, Monkey. Being lost, he meets another girl who is his true love and "turns him" into that person. There's body swapping at this point and she becomes possibly a Pigheaded henchman. His being torn between dutiful and true love is surreally transmuted in a scene with dual marriages supposed to take place.

By the end we have veered off into a cosmic showdown where the sun is tethered close and burns everything up. And then we return to normative reality. The "Monkey King" has to resume his place dutifully in the journey of fantastic mythadventure while his mortal self stays behind with the love of his life. Parting illusory from real.

This is taking whimsical nonsense as your dharma teacher.

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It's not a movie but a legend

Author: enriquepan from Kunming, China
26 February 2006

When I first time watch this movie,I am a elementary school student still... ... If you thought it is very absurd,Cannot understand,That is the normal reaction. When I watched for the first time, similarly thought there are some plot which I did not understand (at that time I was ten years old).

This a kind of non- conventional humor, if you wanna understood this story completely ,you should have know something about the "Xi You Ji",(It was awfully translated by someone to Mokey,Mokey King etc )if not, you'd better carefully see this movie, then, you will like it.

In Zhong Guo, the 80's births people have the special sentiment to this movie, the classical dialogue were known very well by each who birth on 80's. Afterwards, appeared many movie which take "Xi You Ji" story as the background , or imitates the style of this movie directly , but they all are unable to surmount it.

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It's way way up there.

Author: clarencebondtam
20 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This got to be Chow's best film imo if not darn close to it. It sure is one of mine. The second part is definitely better than the first. Regarding, the 2nd vs the 1st, some people are confused perhaps because the users had were using poor subtitles. Others thought the theme of love was not expressed effectively because they didn't understand the film and were confused. Well duh, what do you expect? To downplay Chow's core and main intention is to directly hurl an insult to Chow's face, not that he's only contributor to the two films. The first film merely paints the background to the forthcoming matter, name *spoiler* that he inevitably loves Zixia more than to Jingjing even to his own surprise and against his will because of destiny.

Anyhow, this film makes me laugh and cry after 10 years. Yes, you should watch in the original language of Cantonese because that's Chow's voice and mother language of comedy for crying out loud. Get proper subtitles/versions. The original videos had them and they surely can't be that bad. I'm a Chinese born Canadian and my Chinese wasn't that good when I was young and I followed the English subtitles and I still understood the films.

The music is spectacular. It makes my heart yearn for something I cannot describe. Love. Regret. Destiny. Reincarnation. Wuxia. Comedy. Light heartedness in touching matters.

I can only say go watch it. If you don't understand it, get proper guidance.

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Author: Breeze Sky from United States
17 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It might be a good idea to have some basic knowledge on the background, just so you don't get confused about which character is which.

To me this movie is not just a comedy, it's a fairy tale of love stories. Especially when ZiXia yelled " everything on this mountain belongs to me!including you." when she first appeared, it just somehow shocked me. After a third time watching this, it still didn't fail to make me laugh and of course the ending just broke my heart when ZiXia told Monkey King " My lover is a great hero. One day he will be riding a colorful clouds to marry me. I was right for the first part,but not the ending..."

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Insane sequel that matches the first in entertainment!

Author: George Clarke from United Kingdom
2 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*SPOILER alert!!

Instantly continuing from the moment part 1 finished, part 2 begins at a slower pace with some light comedy, drama and romance before continuing with the insane fantasy that started with part 1.

Once in gear, we are pleasured with armies of little monkeys fighting against armies of bulls, Chow's human character finally realising that he is the Monkey King, and a heart breaking moment between him and the women in his life, all before they head off West to begin their journey.

Chow was thinking about returning to his role as the Monkey King, so I only hope that it continues with the story these 2 epic movies started and the brilliant Journey To The West: Conquering Demons gives him that urge to do so again!

Aim for the beautiful box set I have, that includes both movies (digitally re-mastered) and a gorgeous hard back book full of colour stills – you'll not find a better version.

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