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I Loved this Movie
kerrydragon5 July 2008
I disagree with the other posters who hated this movie.I was riveted to the screen all the way through.I thought it had atmosphere,especially the beautiful old apartment block,where most of the events happen.I thought the lead actor did a great job doing dual roles,one good one evil.Julie was very likable,as was her friend Lisa.I thought the special effects were fine for a movie that was not on a high budget.I was creep ed out by the landlord and his apartment with all the artifacts.His wife was equally creepy,particularly her little shack with all the candles,and talismans.I had never heard of the actors but was charmed anyways.It was filmed in Montreal and I just wonder about the history of that apartment building,and where it is in Montreal...
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Cheap and cheesy horror fun.
BA_Harrison12 August 2008
The Possession, the third film in the Witchboard series, might not be a particularly memorable film, but it is pretty entertaining stuff for the duration: there's a bit of gore, some 'Red Shoe Diaries' style soft-core sex, and some enjoyably hokey occult goings-on with a few ropey CGI effects thrown in for good measure.

David Nerman plays Brian, an unemployed broker who befriends his seemingly likable landlord Francis (Cedric Smith) only to find out (too late) that the old man is, in reality, a demon.

After trapping Brian's soul via a Ouija board, the demon assumes the poor guy's identity and attempts to impregnate his sexy wife Julie (Elizabeth Lambert). However, with a sudden change in Brian's personality, Julie begins to suspect something is wrong, and, when she finds the demon's Ouija board, she manages to contact her husband.

Discovering the awful truth, Julie tracks down Francis's ex-wife: the only person who can help her defeat the evil creature that is masquerading as her man.

Featuring a cool suicide scene (a leap from a balcony onto a conveniently placed spike), death by lepidoptera (that's a fancy word for butterflies, I believe), antler impalement, the always welcome shower murder, a nice rubbery demon at the end, and eye-candy courtesy of hottie Lambert, and sexy Donna Sarrasin, who plays her tasty friend Lisa, there's enough fun to be had to make this one worth a go.
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Not the best in the trilogy, but entertaining
ryannemetz29 July 2004
Witchboard III wouldn't have been my first pick in the series, but I still see it as a decent horror picture. No, it's not scary and the special effects are lame, but I don't know, this film still delivers in some fashion. It's about a couple that move into an apartment and the husband soon connects with their land lord and the land lord introduces the husband into the ouija board. From there, the land lord gives Brian, the husband, a ring jumps off of his balcony, just before doing so he states "see ya in the funny papers kid." Brian then pursues use of the ouija board and from there everything seemingly falls apart with his marriage life.

Not a real high body count and like I said before, the special effects aren't ones to get excited about. I kind of liked the script and acting between the husband and wife.

Now if you have not seen any of the rest of the Witchboard films, then I recommend that you start with the original, which is by far the best of the series. 5/10
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*1/2 out of 4.
brandonsites198120 August 2002
Slightly better sequel finds a man possessed by a demon after getting a ring from an elderly neighbor. His wife now must do battle with the demon in order to save her husband and to stop the demon from killing everyone in it's path. Decent special effects, some original killings, a few sexy moments make this watchable, but the film is bland and nothing special.

Rated R; Nudity, Strong Sexual Content, Violence, and Profanity.
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Decent second sequel to the Ouija board horror entry.
jonathanmckenna30 November 2004
I have not seen the first two Witchboard films, but I did enjoy this one. It's about a business man who is given a Ouija board as part of a will benefaction unbeknownst to him that it grants him ill-will as well as lucky venture tips. I thought the premise was interesting enough, and the sanguinary death scenes were inventive and thrilling (head wound punctures, death by butterfly pins, deer antlers, and the obligatory shower death scene). The negative points: It had it's tedious moments, 2. Too much of the story was downplayed by the interminable sex scenes. But other than than it was a fairly suspenseful horror flick that's worth checking out. The Devil's true manifestation F/X is baronial as well. It could of had more scary moments though.
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a moment or two of the worst acting around. Hilarious!
jude allen23 September 2005
Watch this film, based merely on the following: In the scene after the husband comes back to life, he takes his wife to dinner. He tells her how much her loves her, and how he almost lost her back there, but thats never going to happen again. A seriously emotional scene. Crying, laughter, talk of a little family....but one thing. These people are TV actors. They got those rolls for his glistening black porn do, and her not minding to expose a little flesh, here or there. Which leads me on to my next point, The Sex Scene.

I swear to God you see a full on Beaver slash Ball shot at one point. Its so unexpected and sweet. These moments I tell you are golden, of course only if you have a sense of humor, of course.
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Oh man, they should've donated this movie's budget to charity!
efblaauw14 March 2000
I just watched Witchbord III, and man was it boring. There is one good scene in (in wich francis kills himself), it just kinda surprised me. Some of the camera movements are in a sort of Raimi style and I thought they were a bit interesting but overall it's worthless. The story starts off promising (not original but fun) but then kills itself with the ususal corny crappy-horror movie stuff. I spend about $7,50 on this movie and I guess that covers the nice packaging and the celluloid, so I shouldn't have expected more. An 8 on the suck-meter.
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"She isn't the only fertile b*tch on Earth." Really, really bad.
Paul Andrews15 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Witchboard III: The Possession tells the tale of an unemployed stockbroker named Brian (David Nerman) & his wife Julie (Elizabeth Lambert as Locky Lambert) who have to move into a small apartment as they effectively go broke. Brian meets the landlord Francis Redman (Cedric Smith) who shows Brian his Ouija board & tells him that they have been used for centuries & are in fact not just a way to speak to the spirits but they also act as a portal to other worlds & can be used to summon evil spirits. Francis asks a spirit about the stock-market on the answer of which he would have made a huge amount of money, shortly after Francis throws himself of a balcony & onto some spiked railings below. Brian senses his opportunity & steals the Ouija board & tries himself to contact the spirits for a little insider trading so he can make a bit of cash, unfortunately things don't go according to plan as Brian becomes involved with a particularly nasty loan-shark & if that wasn't enough an evil spirit from the Ouija board possesses Brian in an attempt to mate with a woman & spread his evil seed throughout the world...

This Canadian American co-production was directed by Peter Svatek & is yet another terrible straight-to-video sequel & is the last Witchboard film to date. The script by Kevin Tenney & Jon Ezrine is bad, very bad. First I found the entire thing excruciatingly dull, now I can't quite put my finger exactly on why I thought this but I definitely did. Maybe it's the fact that it is incredibly slow to get going, it's not really until after a full hour that Witchboard III: The Possession turns into something even slightly resembling a horror film. Maybe it's the fact that the entire film appears to be set in the same apartment. Maybe it's the fact that there's no logical reason for anything on screen to be happening, why doesn't Mr. Demon dude just go out & find a woman to have sex with, or just rape someone why does it have to be Julie? Maybe it's the lack of any decent menacing villain? Maybe it's the slow pacing, the tediousness of it all, the stupidness of it, the boring character's & dialogue or maybe, just maybe it's down in part to all of these things. Whatever way I approach Witchboard III: The Possession it's lousy, from whichever angle I look at it from it remains 90 minutes worth of total crap, it's as simple & straight forward as that. Even die hard horror fans may have a hard time defending this one.

Director Svatek doesn't do anything to improve the already limited entertainment value, Witchboard III: The Possession has no style, class or visual flair. The CGI special effects are absolutely terrible, there's no atmosphere, there's no tension, no scares & it never really felt like a horror film for most of it's duration. Forget about any gore, there's a couple of impalings, someone is killed by their mounted Butterfly collection (it's as dumb as it sounds) & the best moment in the whole film when someone is sliced in half by pane of broken shower cubicle glass.

With a supposed budget of about $2,000,000 Witchboard III: The Possession is dull, bland & flat to watch with some truly terrible CGI effects. Are you sure this cost 2 big ones? It's competently made but competent in a dull unexciting way, it was filmed in Quebec in Canada. The acting left something to be desired to say the least.

Witchboard III: The Possession was a load of crap in my opinion, maybe I've just seen too many of these unoriginal & uninspired horror films but the feelings I got from this one weren't good. Not recommended & probably one to avoid. The other films in this series are Witchboard (1986) & Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway (1994) neither of which I have seen although I'd put money on at least one of them being better than this, unsurprisingly a part 4 has never been made... yet.
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On par with the first two.
capkronos18 February 2000
Do NOT listen to the other two reviews listed here, WITCHBOARD III is a quality horror film--entertaining, well-acted and with good low-budget cinematography, make-up and even some pretty good morphing FX thrown in for good measure. I do agree however that it isn't very scary and it's terribly underpopulated.

My score: 6 out of 10.
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A terrible ending to a popular trilogy.
insomniac_rod26 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
By any means the original WITCHBOARD is a masterpiece or a "great!" horror movie, no, but at least it's a likeable and entertaining horror movie from the early 80's and probably the best about the Ouija board.

"The Possession" on the other hand, is one of the worst horror movies I've seen and now I see why the Witchboard franchise stopped after this mess.

SPOILERS Brian (David Nerman) is having a terrible time on his life; he lost his job , and had to sell his house and car in order to pay for debts and other financial matters. He's depressed and he can't do anything to solve his midlife crisis. His wife Julie (Locky Lambert) supports him on everything and still loves him even if he can't provide her with the kind of stuff she was used to. Now that's a good wife. Anyways, David is desperate to find a solution to his problems and takes advice from his old neighbor and plays the Ouija. His neighbor has a lot of money and properties and credits "a friend" for his wealthiness. David does the same thing and soon he's getting his financial problems solve, but in exchange his soul gets trapped in a mirror from his house and the Devil possesses his body. His neighbor, before dying of cancer gives David his ring as an amulet for good luck (not knowing that the ring contains evil forces).

Soon after David and Julie return to their normal life, strange things happen to them and the people that surrounds them. David is obsessed with the idea of having a son but after he tries to cheat with Julie's best friend in front of her! Julie tells him she's not having a baby with him.

Julie has a nightmare where she is pregnant and gets the feeling she's having the son of the Devil. David's soul (trapped in a mirror) makes contact with Julie and tells her that his body is possessed by the Devil who wants to get her pregnant in order to give birth to his son.

Innocent people die and now Julie is the only person that can save David's soul and interrumpt the birth of the Devil's son. The ring David is wearing will play a key element in order to defeat the Devil.

BEST THINGS ABOUT THE MOVIE. A hot sex scene where Locky Lambert turns on the audience and seems to be enjoying it. She was the best thing about this movie. She's beautiful, very sexy, and she's a decent actress. Her love scenes were great.

THE BAD THINGS ABOUT IT. "Witchboard III: The Possession" is very boring, the events happen slowly and there isn't emotion or even a single attempt to scare the audience. The F/X are the cheapest you can get. Watch the final scene where the Devil appears and you'll laugh off your socks, it's the worst I've seen talking about the effects area. Also there's a scene where Julie spins in the air and you can say it's the worst f/x you've seen in a long time. Terrible visuals, awful score, and a direction that makes the movie look like a boring soap opera. The best thing about the whole movie is Locky Lambert's looks. So you can imagine how BAD the movie is when the best thing about it is it's pretty lead actress.

Be warned this is a terrible horror movie and just shows that the genre was on decadence at the mid 90's. Watch it only if you are a truly die hard fan of cheap horror movies please, it has barely nothing to do with the original "Witchboard". Don't waste your time.

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Don't bother!
allan_the_poet25 October 2003
The one line that is most memorable in this retarded film was when our protagonist meets an odd old man who is standing on the edge of the window in his apartment. The old guy looks at our hero, smiles, then says, "See you in the funnies, kid." After which he proceeds to jump headlong down a dozen stories. This movie was so bad my friends and I couldn't even finish watching it. The first Witchboard is a horror classic but this sequel is as bad a movie that any mortal can possibly make.
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callanvass23 December 2003
watchable movie is kinda silly but the good acting and decent direction make up for it it is also kinda stylish it very cool camera angles the lighting could have been better and the ending was only so so so i am kinda mixed with this one still it's worth watching **1/2 out of 5
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Ouija board, ouija board
Mr_Ectoplasma30 December 2016
"Witchboard: The Possession" is the third installment in the "Witchboard" series. This film focuses on a stockbroker who is in dire financial straits. Introduced to an ancient Ouija board by his landlord, he consults the board to help him gain wealth. Of course, bad things happen, like him unwittingly trading his soul and attempting to murder his girlfriend and the like.

The "Witchboard" series isn't exactly known for being highbrow horror—the original film, after all, did star Tawny Kitaen—but the first two films were at least halfway decent late-eighties supernatural horror schlock. This installment is probably the most "nineties" thing you will ever see, from the sets to the hairstyles and even the special effects and corny music. It literally looks like a 1993 episode of "Beverly Hills 90210" that was taken over by a horror production. In the middle of the film, there is a ridiculous sex scene that was either attempting to crib "Don't Look Now" or a Cinemax softcore porno—I'm not sure which.

So, yes, this film is one-hundred percent cheese. The real question: Is it fun, though? Well, sort of. The narrative is as predictable as you'd expect it to be, except this one has a weird bent with the landlord and the ancient board; the motivations for the protagonist's use of the board is also different from the previous films, where it happened to be women innocently playing around with a board they came across. In this film, its use is deliberate and calculated. The film has some elaborate death scenes and corny special effects, and has a dramatic conclusion that is anemic but still amusing. The two leads give sometimes-good, sometimes-hammy performances; their main function seems to be to look attractive, and they do achieve that (Locky Lambert is beautiful, and David Nerman is hunky as all get-out).

Overall, "Witchboard: The Possession" is a relatively unremarkable film; it looks and feels like a bad nineties made-for-television movie, and is bankrupt of surprises. As a piece of nineties trash celluloid though, it's a fun movie to kick back with and leave your inhibitions at the door. 5/10.
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Another bad movie within the series.
Boba_Fett11387 May 2011
Third time is the charm? I don't think so. The first two movies within the series were already quite bad and dull movies but this movie is definitely still the worst one out of the bunch.

It's funny how all of the sequels are basically only sequels in name. None of the movies really have something to do with each other and all they have in common is that it features an Ouija board in them. But in this movie the Ouija board doesn't even play a central role, like it did in the first two movies. Guess this movie tries to be more of an horror by featuring evil characters and demons but it's all something we all have seen before.

No, you really can't call this movie renewing or original in any way. It's not really a movie lots of time and effort got spend on and is more one within the franchise that tries to cash in some more. The first two movies were quite successful at the box office (mostly because they were incredibly cheap movies to make) but I just can't imaging this movie doing as well. It's a real formulaic and run of the mill movie.

The story...you could call it bad and uninteresting but to me it just more comes across as so utterly pointless all. This is a completely redundant movie, you can real easily do without.

When it comes down to style and visual look, I really hate '90's movies. I hate the clothes, I hate the haircuts, I hate the music and I hate just the overall look and directing approach of '90's movies. The cheaper movies always have a sort of made for TV look over them, as does this movie.

No, sir this third movie just ain't much good either!


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Not Scary, But Entertaining.
movies2u28 November 2002
Witchboard III: The Possession was an okay movie, but it wasn't exactly scary. The acting was okay, and the directing wasn't bad. I don't understand why these Witchboard movies aren't looked at enough. People look at the case for them in the video stores, and go "Oh, look, it's Witchboard! What a stupid movie! Who would wanna see that?!" They just pass these not so hyped movies. Sometimes they pass a good ones, so check some out, and get a new variety. Don't pass by those not so hyped films. Some are actually good. I give Witchboard III: The Possession an 8 out of 10.
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Generally dull
Tito-826 April 1999
This third "Witchboard" installment is a notch below the other two, and they weren't anything great, either. This entry just wasn't able to keep me interested for very long, and like all horror films, this isn't scary, either. There was just something about the story that quickly bored me, and therefore I spent much of my time watching the clock during this film. That's not to say that this is a bad film, but SURELY you can find something better than this the next time that you're in the mood to watch a movie.
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