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  • Seventh-grade is no fun. Especially for Dawn Weiner when everyone at school calls you 'Dog-Face' or 'Wiener-Dog.' Not to mention if your older brother is 'King of the Nerds' and your younger sister is a cutesy ballerina who gets you in trouble but is your parents' favorite. And that's just the beginning--her life seems to be falling apart when she faces rejection from the older guy in her brother's band that she has a crush on, her parents want to tear down her 'Special People's Club' clubhouse, and her sister is abducted....

    - Written by Tad Dibbern <DIBBERN_D@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>
  • Seventh grade Benjamin Franklin Junior High School student Dawn Wiener is a social outcast who wants to be liked. At school, she is often bullied and called Wiener Dog. The other social outcasts don't want to associate with her. Her teachers don't even seem to like her. And at home, her parents, especially her mother, favors Dawn's younger sister, the ballerina princess-like Missy, or Dawn's older brother, the nerdish Mark who at least has a focus on the goal of getting into a good college. Because of this lack of attention at home, Dawn will often use the bullying tactics used on her by others on Missy, which gets her into even more trouble with her parents. Dawn's want for social acceptance leads her quietly to foster the attention of one of her primary school bullies, Brandon McCarthy, a boy from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks who always threatens to rape her. But Dawn's focus on Brandon lessens when Mark enlists the services of older popular student Steve Rodgers for his mediocre band (in exchange for help at school). Because he doesn't shun her, Dawn works toward the goal of getting Steve to be her boyfriend.

    - Written by Huggo
  • An unattractive seventh grader struggles to cope with inattentive parents, snobbish classmates, a smart older brother, an attractive younger sister, and her own insecurities in suburban New Jersey.

    - Written by John Sacksteder <jsack@ka.net>


Dawn Wiener (Heather Matarazzo) is a shy, unattractive, unpopular 12-year-old 7th grader in a middle-class suburban community in New Jersey...

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