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My Favorite Movie Ever
legzem5 January 2013
I LOVE this movie. Yes it's low budget, yes the fashion/script/and some of the music is incredibly cheesy and laughable, but that's part of the beauty of it that people don't see. It's kind of like one of those "so-bad-it's-good" films but a lot of things about it aren't bad, they're great, which is what makes this my favorite movie ever. I LOVE the plot. It's original, it's exciting..I laugh constantly throughout this movie but when he wakes up in that first rave I always dance on my couch and you can feel the energy of how that would appear to an outsider not knowing that world existed. When Fierce Ruling Diva comes on I always tear up because I love what the rave scene was about and that was such a powerful and pretty spot on moment...and then some of the music I just cringe and laugh at how terribly cheesy it is. While the film does try to throw around too many "buzz" words like vibes and grooves constantly and it makes the script clumsy and funny, I also can't help but find it endearing because this film, unlike other rave films, actually tries to embody what the rave scene used to be about, besides music and partying. For many it was also about being a better person and being kind/caring about others. This movie is amazing on so many different levels, from different angles. Not for the average movie watcher..I think to love it you have love electronic music and have some idea of "the scene" and you have to have the ability to find humor in things that aren't meant to be funny. If you have those 2 things, then this is the greatest film you will ever see.
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An Ed Wood film for the '90s
Trace Oakley8 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw VIBRATIONS back in 1996, I described it to friends who swore I was making it up. A keyboardist (James Marshall) has his hands cut off by some thugs playing around with a backhoe. He becomes a homeless bum after his girlfriend flinches at the touch of his fake hands. Our hero then catches some zzzs in a warehouse next to a rave, and is booted out by the manager, played by Christina Applegate. She is later accosted by some thugs - not the same ones who cut off James' hands - and he comes to her rescue just as they pull a switchblade which lands squarely in the palm of one of the fake hands. This frightens the thugs, who wander off muttering that "that dude isn't real or something." Charmed by his heroics, but not his smell, Christina takes James home for a bath. She just happens to live in the same building as some techno-wizards, who create "cyberhands" for our poor disabled protagonist. Just like that he becomes the top handless techno music star in the country. The scene where he's reunited with his policeman dad is too precious, excruciating, and unbelievable to describe, as are the final moments of the film, which involve revenge against the first batch of thugs, and a cryptic nod of the head to dad that clearly signals, "those are the guys who cut off my hands." The acting is atrocious, the script is beyond ludicrous, and it's astonishing that anyone could keep a straight face while on screen.

That said, in the spirit of PLAN 9, GLEN OR GLENDA, and others of that ilk, VIBRATIONS is a lot of fun.
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Interesting idea...cheesy execution.
reverendentity24 November 2004
While the concept of Christina Applegate at a rave is in itself an intriguing idea, the plot here just doesn't do it justice. I would be tempted to watch this film again (maybe with a support network present), but primarily for three things:

--Fierce Ruling Diva (a legendary techno group from the early 90s) performs in one scene (I have to find that song...)

--the monologue delivered by the geeky rave keyboardist describing the way rave music is supposed to make you feel (accompanying himself with some really tacky music that sounds like techno the way an early 90s film score person would do it). Loaded with buzz words, this choice bit of script had me laughing until I was in pain.

--I would like to see if there was, in fact, anything else about this movie worth remembering.
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Best watched under the influence of Cheez Whiz.
plagueguy25 July 2001
This is the best film ever made about someone losing their hands, becoming a N.Y.C. wino and then an underground music sensation. It has it's toe on the pulse of the Electronica-Rave-Drum&Bass (or whatever you crazy kids are calling it this week) Scene. I've been known to watch this as many as three times in one day. If you think films like "Showgirls", "Horror Of Party Beach" or "Ishtar" are Art then this is for you.
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Good vibrations.
mylimbo17 June 2009
First you don't know what to expect with a title like this, yet alone the cover on the video case (which is different to the one that's on this site). Sci-fi thriller? Far from it. This low-budget straight-to-video fare is set-up through the industrial techno (music of course) scene and inspired for the generation X. Well it seems to think so. It's a drama/blossoming love story/redemption and revenge all rolled into one.

TJ Cray has big plans as a musician, but on his way to his first major concert he gets in an altercation with some thugs which involve his hands being served. Depression hits hard where he flees his family and friends and bums around New York City mostly drunk. Soon he's rescued by Anamkia and though hard work he discovers a way around living his music dream again.

It was a pleasant diversion in the end with a constantly throbbing, loud and upbeat soundtrack to boot. Well with the subject at hand, you would hope so. Anyhow it won't win any awards and within is a cheesy feel to it all, as at times it goes over board with the sweetness. At least the script remained snappy, quick-witted and involving even though it wasn't the best. A red-headed Christina Applegate gives an appealing performance and certainly glows. James Marshell along side is likable too. Scott Cohen adds to the fruity factor.

The story (one of those feel-good types) goes through the motions (and it flows rather well) involving the states that TJ finds himself in (angst, pity and relieve) and when the music scene opens expect a lot of sequences of DJ's doing their stuff in dance raves. This is when everything is turned around. The costume that's created for TJ is rather well-etched too.

A decently charming time-waster that's truly grounded in its matter.
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Scott Cohen Stands Out in this film.
AMcElvain9 September 2000
Scott Cohen plays the exuberant and goofy Simeon with great energy and abandon. His character was totally believable as a creative and funky rave musician. He had all the best lines, and he was the only one who actually looked like he was playing his instrument because his fingers were at least in the correct zone of the keyboard for the music that was playing. But only one brilliant performance (and a lot of funky hats) can't carry the whole film. Christina Applegate was less than her spunky self here. And the guy in the lead role blew an awesome opportunity to show us his range of going from successful to drunken bum in the street and beyond. He was almost not even there, and that's too bad. (See, I can't even remember his name!) But overall, the story was an uplifting one, and carried with it a good anti-drug message. Perhaps a younger person than me should review this: I was done with rave-type parties about 17 years ago...
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When a Married with Children star gives the best performance in the film, you know there's something not right about the film.
BlueFormicaHalo5 September 1999
All I can say to "Vibrations," a schlocky, justifiably little-seen, 1995 cyber/techno romance, is YUCK. Former "Twin Peaks" star James Marshall (and although I am very pro-Peaks stars, he is one that I can do without) plays an aspiring musician who gets in an accident removing both his hands. He then goes to the street and becomes your average homeless bum. One night he finds a nice abandoned storing garage, which turns into a rave as he awakens. There he meets Christina Applegate, giving the only decent performance throughout this whole movie. She plays Anamika, an owner of the rave, and she soon falls for Marshall in a sappy, corny romance. The biggest problem here is the supporting cast (most notably Appegate's excruciatingly annoying roommates), and there is nothing, nothing at all, that can save "Vibrations" from being anything but bottom-of-the-barrel crap.

Yuck. Zero Stars out of Four.
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Do you know anything about TECHNO??
ben-eck10 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
James Marshall (our erstwhile hero) slumps into a chair in a black-lit, glow in the dark bedroom. For a second, this could be something in 'Flatliners'. But no. What transpires is far more frightening. Scott Cohen (Max Medina from the Gilmore Girls playing basically the same character but with 808 State instead of Proust, plus a backwards cap) leaps behind a keyboard. A synth sax solo follows. A glissando. "Do you know anything about techno" asks Max. James Marshall stares back, dead eyed. "See, the idea is to get the vibe going". Dead eyes. "Then you maintain the vibe with a transducing bass" (sic). Dead eyes. "We're primal, heading for cosmic". Dead eyes. "And just when you think we're in galactic ecstasy... We go... ACIIIEEEEDDDD!". In walks Christina Applegate. "This is hardcore nutronic mutilation!!" exclaims Max Medina. Yet still, dead eyes. "We're going on a psychotically calibrated, electronically executed, digitally compressed, pus excreting, journey to sonic grooviness!". Finally, those dead eyes light up! James Marshall smiles. He is no longer a drunk deadbeat with no hands. He's a sober hard worker with robot hands and in just a moment he's going to snog Christina Applegate. Things are looking up. That's worth a grin, right?

Or perhaps he's just excited about the pus.

This film is a utopian vision of all we have lost as a society. They serve mango juice at free parties, for goodness sake. You could afford a spacious NYC apartment just by working in 'marketing' (read: sellotaping fluorescent posters to lampposts and selling t-shirts at parties). If you were behind on your rent you could just sexually abuse your landlady. Wholewheat bread was apparently a novelty. You could wear a white t shirt with a black leather waistcoat and look moderately cool. I wish I was about 15 years older. And the music is actually really good, throughout. Really.

There's a moment when they all sit around eating dinner discussing their generation. "We're generation x" says Appleby, "the generation with no name". "Yes" says Max Medina "there's nothing left to invent, no frontiers left to cross. The boomers did all that, we just get to enjoy it". "Actually" says the geeky character (whom they just call 'geek' all the way through) "there is one frontier left. Cyberspace. The space inside a computer. It's the last great unknown". Man. He had his revenge alright.
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sk8erlamb1321 June 2003
this is one of the worst movies i have ever seen. i love christina applegate. she's my favorite actress in the whole world, but she's the only reason i didn't turn this off in the first five minutes. it's so corny, it's not even funny. i reccomend only watching it if you are a big christina fan. i give this a 2 out of 10.
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Awesome music :0)
princessbride9030 August 2004
Okay as the other people have commented, the movie was somewhat corny but, the music was awesome! If you like techno and club music then you have to buy the soundtrack to this one.

The plot was good, just a low budget film......what low budget films are usually high ranked? haha

I bought the movie because I saw the preview on another movie I owned and thought it was worth a try. I have watched it numerous times and it isn't that bad. It will make you want to dance though (club scenes) :)

Techno rules

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mattkratz1 May 2001
This movie ranks somewhere between average and i-seen-this-formula-before-somewhere-somehow. An aspiring musician (he plays the keyboard) loses his hands in a brutal assault, and becomes so dejected he eventually finds himself on the streets. He is found by a local nightclub owner who gives him a new lease on life.

This was average at best. I sort of liked it, and I'm an easy grader. You might give it a look if you're interested.

** 1/2 out of ****
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